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Reviews B (563):
B-Stinged Butterfly - B-Stinged Butterfly
B-Stinged Butterfly - Monster In Mir
B.G.T. - Brutal Glöckel Terror
Baalphegor - Post Earthquake Age
Babylon Bombs - Babylon's Burning
Babylon Mystery Orchestra - Axis Of Evil
Babylon Mystery Orchestra - The Godless, The Godforsaken And The God Damned
Babylon Mystery Orchestra - The Great Apostasy: A Conspiracy Of Satanic Christianity
Babylon Whores - Death Of The West
Babyruth - Hi Fi Lo Rock N Roll
Bacio Di Tosca - Hälfte Des Lebens
Backfire - In Harm's Way
Backstage Heroes - Too Rude To Be Cool
Backyard Babies - People Like People Like People Like Us
Backyard Babies - Them XX
Backyard Babies - Tinnitus Plus Live In Paris
Bad Brains - Build A Nation
Bad Habit - Above And Beyond
Bad Habit - Atmosphere
Bad Habit - Hear - Say
Bad Habit - Timeless
Bad Machine - Motörfreakout
Bad Things - Age Of Wisdom
Badmouth - Badmouth
Bai Bang - Are You Ready
Bai Bang - Best Of
Bai Bang - Livin' My Dream
Bal Sagoth - The Chthonic Chronicles
Bal-Sagoth - Atlantis Ascendant (Re-Release)
Bal-Sagoth - The Chtonic Chronicles (Re-Release)
Bal-Sagoth - The Power Cosmic (Re-Release)
Balance - Equilibrium
Baltimoore - Quick Fix
Baltimoore - Ultimate Tribute
Balzac - Paradox (CD/DVD)
Bane - Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness
Bane Of Bedlam - Monument Of Horror
Bang Tango - Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt
Bangalore Choir - Cadence
Bangalore Choir - Metaphor
Bann - Eschatologia
Banner Of Wrath - Through A Decade Of Wrath
Baphomet's Blood - Metal Damnation
Barathrum - Anno Aspera 2003 Years After The Bastard's Birth
Barback - A Contre Courant
Barbara Black - Love, Death & Flies
Barbarian - Heavy Metal Resurrection
Barbarian (ITA) - Faith Extinguisher
Barbarian Prophecies - XIII
Barfuß Auf Muschelscherben - Weil Sonst Stille Droht
Barilari - Barilari
Baroness - The Blue Record
Barons Ball - Push
Barons Ball - Roadkill
Barreleyes - Virus (EP)
Barren Earth - Curse Of The Red River
Basement - Circle Of Pain
Bassinvaders - Hellbassbeaters
Bastard - Aftermath
Bastard Priest - Under The Hammer Of Destruction
BAT - Primitive Age (EP)
Bat Racers - Big Cash (EP)
Batlord - Music To Be Buried To
Battalion - Only The Dead Have Seen the End Of War
Battalion - Welcome To The Warzone
Battalion - Winter Campaign
Battalion (CH) - Underdogs
Battle Beast - Steel
Battlecreek - Wake The Plague
Battlelore - Evernight
Battlelore - The Last Alliance
Battleroar - Age Of Chaos
Battleroar - To Death And Beyond
Battlesword - Towards The Unknown
Ba'al - Confusion Of Tongues
BDL - Retribution
Beangrowers - Dance Dance Baby
Beardfish - Destined Solitaire
Beardfish - Sleeping In Traffic: Part One
Beardfish - Sleeping In Traffic: Part Two
Beast - Dead Or Alive
Beatallica - Masterful Mystery Tour
Beati Mortui - Let The Funeral Begin (2-CD)
Beatrik - Requiem Of December
Bed Of A Nun - Waiting For A Visit
Beecher - This Elegy, His Autopsy
Beehler - Messages To The Dead
Beelzefuzz - Beelzefuzz
Before The Dawn - 4:17 Am
Before The Dawn - Deadlight
Before The Dawn - My Darkness
Before The Dawn - Soundscape Of Silence
Before The Dawn - The Ghost
Before The Fall - Antibody
Before The Fall - From Mutism To Riddance
Beggars & Thieves - We Are The Brokenhearted
Beggar's Bride - Boulevard Of Broken Hearts
Beggar's Bride - Rockin' The Pumpkin
Behemoth - At The Arena Ov Aion - Live Apostasy
Behemoth - Conjuration
Behemoth - Demigod
Behemoth - Demonica
Behemoth - Demonica (2-CD, Re-Release)
Behemoth - Ezkaton (MCD)
Behemoth - Live Eschaton - The Art Of Rebellion
Behemoth - The Apostasy
Behemoth - Zos Kia Cultus / Here And Beyond
Behexen - My Soul For His Glory
Behind The Scenery - Retroviseur
Beinhaus - Das Wort Muss Eine Waffe Sein
Beissert - The Pusher
Bejelit - You Die And I...
Belching Beet - Out Of Sight
Belenos - Chemins De Souffrance
Belenos - Errances Oniriques
Belenos - Yen Sonn Gardis
Believe - World Is Round
Believer - Gabriel
Bellgrave - Evil Mood
Bellgrave - Kindertotenlieder
Bellgrave - My Soul Is My Gun
Beloved Enemy - Thank You For The Pain
Beltez - Tod: Part 1
Ben Jackson Group - All Over You
Benea Reach - Alleviat
Benea Reach - Monument Bineothan
Benea Reach - Possession
Benediction - Grind Bastard (Re-Release)
Benediction - Killing Music (Re-Release)
Benediction - Organised Chaos (Re-Release)
Benediction - Subconscious Terror/The Grand Leveler (Re-Release, 2-CD)
Benediction - Transcend The Rubicon/The Dreams You Dread (Re-Release, 2-CD)
Benedictum - Obey
Benedictum - Seasons Of Tragedy
Benedictum - Uncreation
Bent Not Broken - Same Planet Different World
Bent Not Broken - To Whom It May Concern
Bergsvriden - Gastkramad
Berkowitz - Five Thousand Years To Hate
Berkowitz - Sent To Dominate
Berliner Bombenchor - With Greetings From Hell
Bert Heerink - Better Yet...
Besatt - Tempus Apocalypsis
Beseech - My Darkness, Darkness
Beth Hart - 37 Days
Bethlehem - Mein Weg
Betontod - Antirockstars
Betontod - Entschuldigung Für Nichts
Betontod - Entschuldigung Für Nichts (Single)
Betontod - Traum Von Freiheit
Betontod - Vamos!
Betontod - Viva Punk - Mit Vollgas Durch Die Hölle (2CD/DVD)
Betraying The Martyrs - Breathe In Life
Between The Buried And Me - Alaska
Betzefer - Entertain Your Force Of Habit
Betzefer - The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land
Bewitched - Spiritual Warfare
Beyond Fallen - Mindfire
Beyond Fear - Beyond Fear
Beyond Mortality - Infected Life
Beyond Surface - Destination's End
Beyond The Black - Heart Of The Hurricane
Beyond The Black - Horizonts
Beyond The Flesh - What The Mind Perceives
Beyond The Hate - Darkest Tmes
Beyond The Labyrinth - Castles In The Sand
Beyond The Labyrinth - Chapter III - Stories
Beyond The Sixth Seal - The Resurrection Of Everything Tough
Beyond The Void - Gloom Is A Trip For Two
Beyond The Vortex - One
Beyond Twilight - Section X
Beyrevra - Echoes: Vanished Lore Of Fire
Be'lakor - Of Breath And Bone
Bible Of The Devil - Freedom Metal
Bible Of The Devil - The Diabolical Procession
Bibleblack - The Black Swan Epilogue
Big Ball - Hotter Than Hell
Big Balls Cowgirl - Go For The Lead (EP)
Big Big Train - English Electric Pt. II
Big Boy - Ponygirl
Big Iron - Falling Down
Big John Bates - Bangtown
Big Robot - Aquafit
Bigelf - Into The Maelstrom
Bill Cutler - Crossing The Line
Billion Dollar Babies - Chemical God
Billion Dollar Babies - Die For Diamonds
Billy Cross - Life Is Good
Billy Idol - Devil's Playground
Billy Idol - Happy Holidays
Biohazard - Means To An End
Biohazard - Reborn In Defiance
Biohazard - State Of The World Address
Bionic Angel - Masquerade
Bionic Brit - Schlicht Und Ergreifend
Bipolar Sluts - Out 4 Dinner
Birdflesh - Mongo Musicale
Birds And Buildings - Bantam To Behemoth
Birth A. D. - I Blame You
Bishop Of Hexen - The Death Masquerade
Bison B.C. - Quiet Earth
Biss - Biss
Biss - Face Off
Biss - X-Tension
Bitch Queens - Female Shotgun
Bitchfire - Bitchfire
Bitterness - Autumn's Fall
Black & Damned - Heavenly Creatures
Black Abyss - Angels Wear Black
Black Abyss - Possessed
Black Anvil - Triumvirate
Black Beast - Arctic Darkness
Black Bull - Rock All Night
Black Crucifixion - Faustian Dream
Black Crucifixion - Hope Of Retaliation
Black Crucifixion - Promethean Gift (EP, Re-Release)
Black Crucifixion - The Fallen One Of Flames / Satanic Zeitgeist (2-CD)
Black Currant - This Could Be A Symphony (EP)
Black Death Cult - DevilÂ's Paradise
Black Elegy - deconstruct: reconstruct (EP)
Black Elegy - Pathway
Black Flame - Imperivm
Black Friday 29 - Black Friday 2009
Black Friday 29 - The Escape (Re-Release)
Black Hawk - Straight To Hell
Black Hawk - The End Of The World
Black Label Society - Kings Of Damnation Era 98-04
Black Label Society - Mafia
Black Label Society - Order Of The Black
Black Lotus - Harvest Of Seasons
Black Majesty - In Your Honour
Black Majesty - Silent Company
Black Messiah - Of Myths And Legends
Black Messiah - The Final Journey
Black Messiah - The First War Of The World
Black Messiah - Walls Of Vanaheim
Black Messiah - Walls Of Vanaheim
Black Oath - Ov Qliphoth And Darkness
Black Oath - The Third Aeon
Black Rain - Black Rain
Black Rainbows - Carmina Diabolo
Black Reign - Sovereign
Black River - Black 'N Roll
Black Sabbath - 13
Black Sonic - 7 Deadly Sins
Black Space Riders - Amoretum Vol. 1
Black Space Riders - Black Space Riders
Black Space Riders - Light Is The New Black
Black Spiders - This Savage Land
Black Stone Cherry - Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
Black Stone Cherry - Black Stone Cherry
Black Stone Cherry - Folklore And Superstition
Black Succubi - Black Succubi
Black Sun Aeon - Darkness Walks Beside Me
Black Sun Aeon - Routa (2-CD)
Black TarPoon - The Thad EP
Black Thoughts Bleeding - Stomachion
Black Thoughts Bleeding - Tragedy Of Evolution (EP)
Black Thunder - Not Enough Graves (MCD)
Black Tide - Post Mortem
Black Tractor - The Wonders Of The Invisible World
Black Trip - Goin' Under
Black Water Rising - Pissed And Driven
Black Wülf - Mind Traveler
Black 'N Blue - Hell Yeah!
Blackberry Smoke - Holding All The Roses
Blackbird - Of Heroes and Enemies
Blackburn - Sonic Images
Blackest Dawn - Soulgrinder
Blackest Dawn - We Are Legions
Blackfield - NYC (Re-Release)
Blackfinger - Blackfinger
Blackhearth - The Wrath Of God
Blackie And The Rodeo Kings - Let's Frolic
Blacklands - A New Dawn
Blacklist Union - Til Death Do Us Part
BlackmoreÂ's Night - Secret Voyage
BlackmoreÂ's Night - The Village Lanterne (Special Edition)
BlackmoreÂ's Night - To The Moon And Back - 20 Years And Beyond (2-CD)
BlackmoreÂ's Night - Winter Carols (Re-Release, 2-CD)
Blackness - Dawn Of The New Sun
Blackout - Evil Game (Re-Release)
Blackshine - Lifeblood
BlackShore - Legion
BlackShore - Railway To BlackShore
BlackShore - Terror
Blackthorn - The Rotten Ways Of Human Misery (Re-Release)
Blackwater - Founded On The Shambles
Blackwinds - Flesh Inferno
Blake - Starbringer
Blame - Goes To Hollywood
Blanc Faces - Blanc Faces
Blank Promise - Breaking The Heart Without Breaking The Body
Blaze Bayley - Promise And Terror
Blaze Bayley - The Man Who Would Not Die
Blaze Bayley - The Night That Will Not Die (2-CD/2-DVD)
Blazing Clash - Blazing Clash (Princess Of Rock) (Demo)
Bleed The Sky - Murder The Dance
Bleeding - Behind Transparent Walls
Bleeding Through - Bleeding Through
Blind - Blind (EP)
Blind Alley - Infinity Ends
Blind Effects - Heartland Sound Formation
Blind Ego - Mirror
Blind Ego - Numb
Blind Fury - Out Of Reach (Re-Release)
Blind Guardian - A Night At The Opera
Blind Guardian - A Traveler's Guide To Space And Time (15-CD-Boxset)
Blind Guardian - A Twist In The Myth
Blind Guardian - A Twist In The Myth
Blind Guardian - Imaginations Through The Looking Glass (2-DVD)
Blind Guardian - Live!
Blind Guardian - Memories Of A Time To Come - Best Of (2-CD)
Blind Petition - Bloody Reunion
Blindead - Affliction XXIX II MXMVI
Blindead - Autoscopia: Murder In Phazes
Blinded Colony - Divine
Blinded Rain - Destination Unknown
Blindgänger - Antrieb
Blinding Zoe - Enigmatic Trips
Bliss - 3 Seconds Before * 21 Grams After
Blitzkrieg - Theatre Of The Damned
Blockheads - This World Is Dead
Blodhemn - H7
Blodhemn - Holmengraa
Blodsrit - Diktat Deliberi
Blodsrit - Ocularis Infernum
Blodt├Şrst - Ferd
Blood - Christbait (Re-Release)
Blood Edition - Cutting The Director
Blood For Blood - Serenity
Blood For Blood - Wasted Youth Brew
Blood Mortized - The Key To A Black Heart
Blood Of God - The Devil's Rising (Demo)
Blood Of Kingu - De Occulta Philosophia
Blood Of The Wolf - II: Campaign Of Extermination
Blood Red Throne - Souls Of Damnation
Blood Region - Tales From The Backwoods
Blood Revolt - Indoctrine
Blood Runs Deep - Into The Void
Blood Stain Child - Epsilon
Blood Stain Child - Idolator
Blood Stain Child - Mozaiq
Blood Stronghold - Spectres Of Bloodshed
Blood Thirsty Demons - Let The War Begin (Re-Release)
Blood Thirsty Demons - Misanthropy
Blood Tsunami - For Faen
Blood Tsunami - Grand Feast Of Vultures
Blood Tsunami - Thrash Metal
Bloodattack - Rotten Leaders
Bloodbath - Bloodbath Over Bloodstock (DVD)
Bloodbath - Grand Morbid Funeral
Bloodbath - Nightmares Made Flesh
Bloodbath - Resurrection Through Carnage
Bloodbath - The Wacken Carnage (CD/DVD)
Bloodbound - Book Of The Dead
Bloodbound - Tabula Rasa
Bloodgut - Nekrologikum Evangelikum Pt. 1: Zombie Reign 2666 A.D.
Bloodlights - Simple Pleasures
Bloodline Severed - Visions Revealed
Bloodlined Calligraphy - Ypsilanti
Bloodshed - Skullcrusher
Bloodshot Dawn - Bloodshot Dawn
Bloodshot Eyes - Dead Corpse
Bloodspot - By The Horns
Bloodspot - Embrace The End
Bloodspot - The Demon EP
Bloodstained Ground - A Poem Of Misery
Bloodthorn - Genocide
Bloodwork - Promo 2007
Bloodwork - Ultima Ratio
Bloodwritten - Thrasin' Fury
Bloody Hammers - Bloody Hammers
Bloody Hammers - Spiritual Relics
Bloody Hammers - Under Satan's Sun
Bloody Herald - Like A Bloody Herald Remains
Blotch - Chewed To Bits By Flying Rodents
Blow Job - One Shot Left
Bludgeon - Crucified Live
Blue Öyster Cult - Cult Classic
Blue Öyster Cult - Heaven Forbid (Re-Release)
Blue Öyster Cult - The Symbol Remains
Blue October - Approaching Normal
Blues Polish - Nasty Angels' Paradise
Blut Aus Nord - 777 - Sect(s)
Blut Aus Nord - 777 - The Desanctification
Blut Aus Nord - Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue With The Stars
Blut Aus Nord - Mort
Blut Aus Nord - Odinist: The Destruction Of Reason By Illumination
Blut Aus Nord - The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion (Re-Release)
Blutmond - ... Of Sorrow, Pain & Anger
Blutnebel - Niedergang
Blutnebel - Seelenasche
Blutvial - I Speak Of The Devil
Bl[a]dflowerz - Dark Love Poem
Boarders - The World Hates Me
Bob Catley - Immortal
Bob Catley - Spirit Of Man
Bobaflex - Primitive Epic
Bodai 39 Crew - Demo 2002
Bodyfarm - Malevolence
Bohemyst - Cern A Smrt
Boil - Axiom
Boland - In My Corner (Demo-EP)
Bolt Thrower - Honour Valour Pride
Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal
Bombs Of Hades - Phantom Bell (EP)
Bombstrike - Born Into This
Bon Jovi - Greatest Hits
Bon Jovi - Have A Nice Day
Bon Jovi - Lost Highway
Bon Jovi - New Jersey (Re-Release)
Bon Jovi - The Story Of My Life (DVD)
Bonafide - Are You Listening?
Bonafide - Bonafide
Bone Gnawer - Feast Of Flesh
Bonfire - Double-X Vision
Bonfire - Legends (2-CD)
Bonfire - One Acoustic Night (DVD)
Bonfire - The Räuber
Bonjour Tristesse - Par Un Souire 2015
Bonrud - Bonrud
Booda - Booda
Boomerang - Sounds Of Sirens
Boon - The Almighty Love
Boothill Regulators - Degradation Of The West
Booze Control - Heavy Metal (Re-Release)
Borknagar - Empiricism
Borknagar - Epic
Borknagar - Origin
Borknagar - Universal
Born From Pain - In Love With The End
Born From Pain - Survival
Born From Pain - War
Born Of Fire - Dead Winter Sun
Born Of Sin - Imperfect Breed Of Humanity
Born To Lose - The Dreams Of Kids
Bornholm - March For Glory And Revenge
Bosco - Herzblut
Bowel Function - Luxury Of A Doubt
BowToMe - Killer
BoysVoice - Serenity
Brain Dead - In The Deep Of Vortex
Brain Drill - Apocalyptic Feasting
Brain Drill - Quantum Catastrophe
Brainbogs - Marvin
Braindeadz - Born From Damnation
Braindeadz - Hang'em Highschool
Brainstorm - Downburst
Brainstorm - Just Highs No Lows - 12 Years Of Persistence
Brainstorm - Liquid Monster
Brainstorm - Memorial Roots
Brainstorm - Metus Mortis
Brainstorm - Midnight Ghost
Brainstorm - Soul Temptation
Bran Barr - Sidh
Brand New Sin - Recipe For Disaster
Brand New Sin - Tequila
Branded Women - Velvet Hours / Stolen Moments
Brave - Lost In Retrospect (Best Of)
Brazen Abbot - A Decade Of Brazen Abbot
BRDigung - In Goldenen Ketten
BRDigung - Kein Kompromiss
BRDigung - Tot Aber Lebendig
BRDigung - Zeig Dich
BRDigung - Zwischen Engeln & Teufeln
Breakdust - Mutilated Earth
Breakpoint - None To Sell
Breathing Dust - Marching With Empty Faces (EP)
Breed - Breed
Breed Of Scorn - Antitype
Breed77 - Insects
Breschdleng - Breschdleng (EP)
Brett Walker - Spirit Junky
Brewtality - Thrashed
Bride - Tsar Bomba
Brides Of Destruction - Runaway Brides
Bridge To Solace - House Of The Dying Sun
Brilliant Coldness - Poisoned Reality
Brimstone Butterfly - Normality Killed The Cat
Brocken Moon - Das Märchen Vom Schnee
Brocken Moon - Hoffnungslos
Broken Arrow - Abyss Of Darkness
Broken Edge - Obey And Conform!
Broken Hearted - Broken Hearted
Broken Marble - Stabbing My Heart
Broken Melody - If You Want To Fly (EP)
Brother Firetribe - Diamond In The Firepit
Brother Firetribe - False Metal
Brother Firetribe - Heart Full Of Fire
Brother Hawk - Big Medicine
Browbeat - Audioviolence
Bruce Dickinson - Anthology (DVD)
Bruce Dickinson - Balls To Picasso
Bruce Dickinson - Tyranny Of Souls
Bruce Kulick - BK3
Bruce Turgon - Outside Looking In
Brunorock - Live On Fire
Brunorock - War Maniacs
Brutal Truth - End Time
Brutal Truth - Evolution Through Revolution
Brutal Unrest - Nemesis
Brute Forcz - Out For Blood
Brymir - Breathe Fire To The Sun
Buckcherry - 15/Black Butterfly
Buckcherry - All Night Long
Bucket & Co. - Guitars, Beers & Tears
Buckets N Joints - Safe By Release (EP) / Disappear (Single)
Buddy Whittington - Six String Svengali
Bug Girl - Rock N' Roll Hell
BugGiRL - Blood, Sweat & Beers (EP)
BugGiRL - Dirt In The Skirt
Building Chaos - Promo 2009
Built 4 Speed - Minor Part 2
Buio Omega - Pandemonium Unleashed
Bulldog Courage - From Heartache To Hatred
Bulldozer - Alive... In Poland
Bullet - Bite The Bullet
Bullet - Heading For The Top
Bullet - Highway Pirates
Bullet For My Valentine - All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me) (Single)
Bullet For My Valentine - Hand Of Blood
Bullet For My Valentine - Hand Of Blood - Live At Brixton (EP)
Bullet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire
Bullet For My Valentine - Tears Don't Fall (Single)
Bullet For My Valentine - The Poison
Bullet For My Valentine - The Poison - Live At Brixton January 28th 2006 (DVD)
Bullethole - Incarceration
Bullets And Octane - Laughing In The Face Of Failure
Burden Of Grief - Death End Road
Burden Of Grief - Destination Dystopia
Burden Of Grief - Eye Of The Storm
Burden Of Grief - Fields Of Salvation
Burden Of Grief - Follow The Flames
Burden Of Grief - Haunting Requiems (Re-Release)
Burden Of Grief - Unchained
Burden Of Life - The Vanity Syndrome
Burial Hordes - Devotion To Unholy Creed
Burial Remains - Trinity Of Deception
Burial Vault - Ekpyrosis (Periodic Destruction)
Buried Inside - Spoils Of Failure
Burn The Ocean - Come Clean
Burning Black - Fight To Dream
Burning Fallus - The Working Class Rock
Burning Motors - Crumble
Burning Point - Burned Down The Enemy
Burning Point - Empyre
Burning Shadows - Gather, Darkness!
Burning Skies - Greed.Filth.Abuse.Corruption
Burning Witches - Burning Witches
Burnt By The Sun - Heart Of Darkness
Burnt Out Wreck - Swallow
Burst - Lazarus Bird
Burst My Marrow - Last Remains Of Shelter (The Fear-Infection)
Bury Me Deep - Nearly Down
Bury My Sins - Today's Black Death
Butcher - Welcome To The Night
Buzz Dees - Icke
Buzzoven - Sore (Re-Release)
By Any Means - Built On Respect
By Blood Alone - Seas Of Blood
Byfist - Preserving The Past: The Collection
Byfrost - Of Death

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