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Reviews L (323):
L.Minygwal - E'er
La Confianza - Epochenjaeger
La-Ventura - A New Beginning
Laaz Rockit - Cities Gonna Burn (Re-Release)
Laaz Rockit - No Stranger To Danger (Re-Release)
Labyrinth - Labyrinth
Lachrymose - Carpe Noctum
Lacrimas Profundere - Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts
Lacrimas Profundere - Songs For The Last View
Lacrimosa - Schattenspiel (2-CD)
Lacrimosa - Sehnsucht
Lacuna Coil - Comalies
Lacuna Coil - Karmacode
Ladwig - Here We Stand
Lady Beast - Lady Beast
Lady Beast - The Vulture's Amulet
Laeta Mors - Perpetual Decay 233
Laetitia In Holocaust - The Tortoise Boat
Lafrontera - Humanace
Lahannya - Shotgun Reality
Lahannya - Welcome To The Underground
Laid - Please Insert!
Lake Of Tears - Black Brick Road
Lake Of Tears - Illwill
Lake Of Tears - Moons And Mushrooms
Lakehurst - Close Your Eyes
Lamb Of God - Walk With Me In Hell (DVD)
Lamb Of God - Wrath
Laments Of Silence - Restart Your Mind
Lamera - Mechanically Separated
Lamps Of Delta - Interregnum Express
Lana Lane - 10th Anniversary Concert (DVD)
Lana Lane - El Dorado Hotel
Lana Lane - Red Planet Boulevard
Lana Lane - Return To Japan
Lana Lane - Storybook: Tales From Europe And Japan (DVD)
Lance King - ReProgram
Lance Lopez - Handmade Music
Lance Lopez - The Killer Guitar From Texas (DVD)
Land Of Mordor - Still Awake... (EP)
Land Of Tales - Land Of Tales
Landmine Marathon - Rusted Eyes Awake (Re-Release)
Landmine Marathon - Sovereign Descent
Lanfear - Another Golden Rage
Lanfear - X To The Power Of Ten
Laniena Mentis - Turn Into A Man
Lantern - Dimensions
Larceny - Larceny
Larceny - My Fall
Last Autumn's Dream - II
Last Grain In The Hourglass - Following The River, Finding The Sea (EP)
Last Grain In The Hourglass - Now I Am Become Death, The Destroyer Of Worlds (EP)
Last Hope - Peacemaker
Last Mistake - Living Again
Last Moon's Dawn - Episodes Of The Dawn (Demo)
Last One Dying - Anthems Of The Lost
Last One Dying - The Hour Of Lead
Last Rites - Mind Prison
Last Tribe - The Uncrowned
Last Tribe - Witch Dance
Last Wail - The Tale Of Endless Night
Last Warning (Aut) - Face 2 Face
Last Warning (It) - Throughout Time
Latent Anxiety - Reaction
Laudanum - Drei Nägel Und Zwei Balken
Lauren Harris - Calm Before The Storm
Laut - Wasser (EP)
Lautstürmer - Depopulator
Law Found Guilt - Asphalt And Concrete (EP)
Lawgiver - Lawgiver
Lay Down Rotten - Gospel Of The Wretched
Lay Down Rotten - Mask Of Malice
Lay Down Rotten - Reconquering The Pit
Layment - Declaration
Layment - Of Gods & Goats
Layment - Traces
Lazarus A.D. - Black Rivers Flow
Lazarus A.D. - The Onslaught
Le Grand Guignol - The Great Maddening
Le Mans - Rebel Action
Le Reverie - Truth And Lies (EP)
Leaf - Circle Of Ways
Leandra - Metamorphine
Leash Eye - Hard Truckin' Rock
Leash Eye - V.I.D.I
Leathürbitch - Shattered Vanity
Leaves' Eyes - Into Your Light
Leaves' Eyes - Legend Land (MCD)
Leaves' Eyes - Lovelorn
Leaves' Eyes - Meredead
Leaves' Eyes - Njord
Lechery - In Fire
Lechery - Violator
Lee Harvey And The Oswalds - Still Confused But On A Higher Level
Lee Harvey And The Oswalds - Three Bullets In The Mainstream
Lee Harvey And The Oswalds - Tombola
Lee's Request - Aggressive Past
Left Spine Down - Fighting For Voltage
Legacy - Legacy
Legacy Of Hate - Unmitigated Evil
Legal Crime - Enfiled (EP)
Legen Beltza - Need To Suffer
Legenda Aurea - Ellipsis
Legenda Aurea - Sedna
Legion - Tempest
Legion (USA) - War Beast
Legion Of Fate - Time To Harvest
Legion Of The Damned - Descent Into Chaos
Legion Of The Damned - Malevolent Rapture - In Memory Of...
Legion Of The Damned - Ravenous Plague
Leichenwetter - Klage
Leichenwetter - Legende
Lelahell - Al Intihar (EP)
Lemmy - Damage Case (The Anthology)
Lena's Baedream - Self Attack And All The Following Facts
Lengsel - The Kiss, The Hope
Leprous - The Congregation
Let Us Prey - Virtues Of The Vicious
Lethargy - Purification
Letzte Instanz - Das Weisse Lied
Letzte Instanz - Die Weiße Reise (2-DVD/CD)
Letzte Instanz - Ins Licht
Letzte Instanz - Wir Sind Gold
Level-C - Level-C
Leverage - Blind Fire
Leverage - Circus Colossus
Leviathan - The Aeons Torn - Beyond The Gates Of Imagination Pt. 2
Lex Rhino - With A Little Help From Lucifer
Liberty N'Justice - Light It Up
Liberty N'Justice - Soundtrack Of A Soul
Lick And A Promise - Come Together In The Morning
Life Of Agony - 20 Years Strong River Runs Red: Live In Brussels
Lifeless - Beyond The Threshold Of Death (Re-Release)
Lifeless - Godconstruct
Lifelover - Sjukdom
Lifend - Devihate
Lifend - Inner Scars
Liferide - Liferide (MCD)
Ligeia - Bad News
Light This City - Stormchaser
Lightless Moor - The Poem - Crying My Grief To A Feeble Dawn
Lightning - Filthy Human Beings
Likheim - Alt Skal Svinne Hen...
Lilith Laying Down - Nether Regions
Lillian Axe - Sad Day On Planet Earth
Lillian Axe - Waters Rising
Lillian Axe - XI: The Days Before Tomorrow
Lilyum - Nothing Is Mine
Limbogott - One Minute Violence
Limbonic Art - Legacy Of Evil
Limbonic Art - The Ultimate Death Worship
Limos - Tales Of The White Eye
Limp Bizkit - Results May Vary
Linea 77 - Available For Propaganda
Linear Sphere - Reality Dysfunction
Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
Lion Twin - Nashville
Lionheart - The Will To Survive (Re-Release)
Lionsheart - Abyss
Lionville - II
Lion's Share - Dark Hours
Lion's Share - Emotional Coma
Liquid Graveyard - On Evil Days
Liquid Graveyard - The Fifth Time I Died
Liquid Horizon - Revolutions
Liquid Horizon - The Script Of Life
Liquid Horizon - Urban Legends
Liquid Trio Experiment - Spontaneous Combustion
Liquido - Float (Re-Release)
Lita Ford - Wicked Wonderland
Litmus - Planetfall
Little Albert - Swamp King
Little Caesar - American Dream
Liv Kristine - Skintight
Liv Kristine - Vervain
Livarkahil - Signs Of Decay
Live By The Sword - The Glorious Dead
Livid Halcyon - Winterlove
Lividity - To Desecrate And Defile
Living Corpse - Metaphysical Collapse
Lizzies - Good Luck
Lizzy Borden - Appointment With Death
Llvme - Fogeira De Suenos
Llynch - We Are Our Ghosts
Loaded - Dark Days
Loadstar - Calls From The Outer Space
Loch Vostok - Dystopium
Loch Vostok - From These Waters
Loch Vostok - Reveal No Secrets
Loch Vostok - V - The Doctrine Decoded
Lockup - Violent Reprisal
Loco - Seelenreiter
Loits - Must Album
Loits - Vere Kutse Kohustab
Lokurah - When The End Comes
Lonely Kamel - Blues For The Dead
Lonely Kamel - Dust Devil
Lonewolf - Cult Of Steel
Long Distance Calling - Avoid The Light
Long Distance Calling - Satellite Bay
Long Walk Home - Youism
Longing For Dawn - A Treacherous Ascension
Looking 4 A Name - Tetragram
Loonataraxis - This Boy Is A Crying Shame
Loonataraxis - Up Here
Loosavanna - RazzleDazzleDoubleTrouble
Loosavanna - What About (Single)
Loraine - Neoliar
Lord Agheros - As A Sin
Lord Agheros - Hymn
Lord Agheros - Of Beauty And Sadness
Lord Belial - Nocturnal Beast
Lord Belial - Rapture
Lord Belial - Revelation: The 7th Seal
Lord Belial - The Black Curse
Lord Belial - The Seal Of Belial
Lord Of The Grave - Green Vapour
Lord Of The Lost - Fears
Lord Vigo - We Shall Overcome
Lord Volture - Beast Of Thunder
Lord Volture - Never Cry Wolf
Lordi - Deadache
Lordi - Get Heavy
Lordi - Killection
Lordi - Market Square Massacre (DVD)
Lordi - The Arockalypse
Lordi - The Arockalypse - Nach Dem Grand Prix
Lordi - The Monsterican Dream
Lordi - To Beast Or Not To Beast
Lordi - Would You Love A Monsterman
Lords Of Black - Alchemy Of Souls
Lords Of Black - Alchemy Of Souls - Part II
Loreena McKennitt - A Midwinter Night's Dream
Los Angeles - Los Angeles
Los Bastardos Finlandeses - Day Of The Dead
Los Fuocos - Revolution
Los Los - Macarena (Single)
Los Los - Vamos A La Playa (Single)
Los Los - Viva Los Los
Los Sin Nombre - Blind Leading Blind
Los Suaves - Si Yo Fuera Dios
Losing Sun - Inertia
Losingall - Broken Bones
Losingall - Clean Sweep (EP)
Lost Dreams - Blinded By Rage
Lost Dreams - End Of Time
Lost Dreams - Exhale
Lost Dreams - Tormented Souls
Lost Dreams - Wage Of Disgrace
Lost Dreams - Where Gods Creation Ends
Lost Eden - Cycle Repeats
Lost God - Savage Souls (Demo)
Lost In Tears - Dialogue With Mirror And God
Lost In Tears - To No Avail
Lost Legion - Death Or Glory
Lost Life - Odium (The Downfall Of Bleeding Hearts)
Lost Life - Wrecked Human Deathcult
Lost Soul - Chaostream
Lost Soul - Immerse In Infinity
Lost Souls In Desert - Rise
Lost Souls In Desert - Vicious Circle
Lost Vital Spark - Leviathan
Lost Weekend - New Religion
Lost World Order - Marauders
Lostprophets - Start Something
Loudblast - Planet Pandemonium
Loudness - Racing
Loui Vetton - postreggaeprecore
Love Buzz - A Sign On My Skin
LoveHateHero - America Underwater
Lovex - Anyone Anymore (Single)
Lovex - Divine Insanity
Lovex - Guardian Angel (Single)
Lowdown - Antidote
Lowdown - Unknown
Lower Definition - The Greatest Of All Lost Arts
Lower Hell - Asphyxia
Lower Hell - Hellevator
Loxodrome - No Destiny
Loxodrome - State Of The Union Speech
Loz Tinitoz - Herzsucht
Lucid Dreaming - The Chronicles Pt. I
Lucifer Star Machine - Devil's Breath
Lucifer Star Machine - Satanic Age
Luciferion - The Apostate
Luctus - Jauciant Pabaiga Arti
Luen-Ta - Ghost Area
Lujuria - El Poder Del Deseo
Lullacry - Crucify My Heart
Lullacry - Vol. 4
Lullacry - Where Angels Fear
Luna Field - Diva
Lunacy - N.I.N.E.
Lunar Shadow - Wish To Leave
Lunarsphere - Aurora Borealis (EP)
Lunatic Age - August - The Month Of Misfortune
Lunatica - Fables & Dreams
Lunatica - New Shores
Lunatica - The Edge Of Infinity
Lurid Trace - Final Progression
Lurid Trace - We Are The Hollow (EP)
Lutemkrat - The Last Survivor
Lychgate - Also Sprach Futura (EP)
Lyfthrasyr - The Engineered Flesh
Lyfthrasyr - The Recent Foresight
Lynch - Window Of Your Soul (EP)
Lynch Mob - Smoke & Mirrors
Lynyrd Skynyrd - God & Guns
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Live At Rockpalast (DVD)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Then And Now
Lyriel - Leverage
Lyriel - Paranoid Circus
Lyzanxia - Mindcrimes
Lääz Rockit - Left For Dead
Lääz Rockit - Nothing$ $acred (Re-Release)
Lääz Rockit - Taste Of Rebellion & Live Untold (CD/DVD, Re-Release)
Lönndom - Fälen FrÃ¥n Norr (Re-Release)
Lönndom - Viddernas Tolv Kapitel
L'Ame Immortelle - Auf Deinen Schwingen
L'Ame Immortelle - Dein Herz (EP)
L'Ame Immortelle - Fallen Angel
L'Ame Immortelle - Nur Du (Single)
L'Arc En Ciel - Live In Paris (2-DVD)

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