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Reviews G (346):
G.L.A.S. - 18
Gae Bolga - Violent MetalStorm
Gaia Epicus - Damnation
Gaia Epicus - Satrap
Gaia Epicus - Victory
Galadriel - World Under World
Galar - De Gjenlevende
Galar - Skogskvad
Galar - Til Alle Heimsens Endar
Galaxy Safari - Star Of The Masqerade
Galaxy Safari - Time For You To Leave
Gallery - Welcome To Europe (Maxi)
Gallhammer - Ill Innocence
Gallhammer - Ruin Of A Church (DVD)
Gallhammer - The Dawn Of...
Gallileous - Ego Sum Censore Deuum
Gallowbraid - Ashen Eidolon (EP)
Gallows End - Nemesis Divine
Gallows Pole - Revolution
Galskap - Kleriker Des Wahnsinns
Gama Bomb - The Terror Tapes
Gamma Ray - 30 Years Live Anniversary
Gamma Ray - Hell Yeah! The Awesome Foursome Live In Montreal
Gamma Ray - Land Of The Free Part II
Gamma Ray - Majestic
Gamma Ray - No World Order
Gamma Ray - To The Metal!
Gang Loco - No Better Tomorrow
Gary Hughes - Once And Future King (Part I + II)
Gary Hughes - Veritas
Gatecrusher - Words On Empty Drafts
Gates Of Ishtar - A Bloodred Path
Geff - Land Of The Free
Gehenna - Unravel
Gehennah - Metal Police
Gehennah - Too Loud To Live, Too Drunk To Die
Geist (Bielefeld) - Galeere
Geist (Köln) - Feuerengel
Geist (Köln) - Für Alle Zeit
Gemini Five - Babylon Rockets
General Chaos - Calamity Circus
General Stratocuster And The Marshals - Double Trouble
General Surgery - A Collection Of Depravation
General Surgery - Corpus In Extremis
General Surgery - Left Hand Pathology
General Surgery - Necrology (Re-Release)
Genius - Episode 2: In Search Of The Little Prince
Genius - Episode 3: The Final Surprise
Gentility - Wir Haben Der Welt Noch Was Zu Sagen
Gentlemen's Blues Club - GBC Volume 3: Red White And Blue!
George Thorogood And The Destroyers - 30th Anniversary Tour: Live
Gernotshagen - Weltenbrand
GF93 - The Bloody Bastard Remixes
Ghost Machinery - Haunting Remains
Ghost Riders - Five
Giant - Promise Land
Gigantor - G7
Gillmore - Rigor Mortis Of Soul (EP)
Ginger Red - Hard As A Rock
Girlschool - Believe
Girlschool - Demolition Re-Release / Hit And Run Re-Release / Screaming Blue Murder Re-Release
Girlschool - Hit And Run (Revisited)
Girlschool - Legacy
Girlz In Trouble - Girlz In Trouble
Girugämesh - Crazy-Crazy-Crazy (2-DVD)
Girugämesh - Now
Giuntini Project - III - Three
Gladenfold - From Dusk To Eternity
Glamour - The Mood
Glamour Of The Kill - The Summoning
Glass Casket - A Desperate Man's Diary
Glass Casket - We Are Gathered Here Today
Glass Hammer - Culture Of Ascent
Glass Hammer - The Inconsolable Secret
Glenn Hughes - First Underground Nuclear Kitchen
Glenn Hughes - Live In Australia
Glenn Hughes - Music For The Divine
Glenn Hughes - Soul Mover
Glenn Hughes - Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels
Glenn Hughes - Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels (DVD)
Glittertind - Blane For Blane
Glittertind - Djevelsvart
Glittertind - Landkjenning
Gloria Morti - Anthems Of Annihilation
Gloria Morti - Eryx
Glorior Belli - Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls
Glorior Belli - Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes)
Glow - Ordinary Girl
Glowing Elephant - Radioactive Creampieces
Glowsun - The Sundering
Gluecifer - Farewell To The Kings Of Rock (DVD)
Goat Of Mendes - A Book Of Shadows
Goat Of Mendes - Consort Of The Dying God
Goat The Head - Doppelgangers
Goat The Head - Simian Supremacy
Goatfather - Monster Truck
Goats Rising - Necrogoaticon
Goats Rising - Rise Of The Monkeygoat (EP)
Goatwhore - A Haunting Curse
Goatwhore - Blood For The Master
Goatwhore - Carving Out The Eyes Of God
Gob Squad - Watch The Cripple Dance
God Among Insects - World Wide Death
God Dethroned - Passiondale
God Dethroned - The Toxic Touch
God Dethroned - Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross
God Forbid - Gone Forever
God Forbid - IV: Constitution Of Treason
God Lives Underwater - Up Off The Floor
God Seed - I Begin
God Syndrome - Controverse
God.Fear.None - Envy
Goddess Of Desire - Awaken Pagan Gods
Goddess Shiva - Goddess Shiva
Godgory - Way Beyond (Re-Release)
GodHateCode - Aeons
Gods Of Emptiness - Consumption Is Freedom?
Godsized - Heavy Lies The Crown
Godslave - 10/10
Godslave - Out Of The Ashes (EP)
Godslave - Positive Aggressive
Godslave - Reborn Again
Godslave - Whatever We Want! A Tribute To Status Quo (EP)
Godsplague - Triumph
God's Army A.D. - God's Army A.D.
God's Bow - What's Beyond The Suns
God's Second Son - Planta 4°
Gojira - From Mars To Sirius
Gojira - Terra Incognita (Re-Release)
Gojira - The Link (Remixed)
Gojira - The Link Alive (DVD)
Gojira - The Way Of All Flesh
Gold Für Eisen - Heimat
Golden Reef - Mockery Moaning
Goldsmith - Of Sound And Fury
Goldust - Destroyer | Borderlines
Goldust - Noir (7
Golem - Dreamweaver (Re-Release)
Golem - Eternity - The Weeping Horizons / The 2nd Moon (2-CD)
Golem (IT) - Black Era
Gomd - Middle Of The End (EP)
Gone In April - We Are But Human
Gone Till Winter - Gone Till Winter (MCD)
Gonoreas - Apocalypse
Goodbye June - Nor The Wild Music Flow
Gorath - Apokalypsis (Unveiling The Age That Is Not To Come)
Gorath - Misotheism
Gorath - MXCII
Gorath - The Chronicles Of Khiliasmos
Goreaphobia - Apocalyptic Necromancy
Goreaphobia - Mortal Repulsion
Gorefest - False/Erase (Re-Release)
Gorefest - La Muerte
Gorefest - La Muerte (Re-Release)
Gorefest - Mindloss & Demos (Re-Release)
Gorefest - Rise To Ruin
Gorefest - Soul Survivor / Chapter 13 - The Ultimate Collection (Re-Release)
Goregast - Desechos Humanos
Goregäng - Neon Graves
Gorerotted - A New Dawn For The Dead
Gorerotted - Only Tools And Corpses
Goresoerd - Goremarket Mid-Prices
Goretrust - Last Revolution
Gorgon - Titanomachy
Gorgons Eyes - Inglorious Birth
Gorgoroth - Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam
Gorgoroth - Black Mass Krakow 2004 (DVD)
Gorgoroth - Instinctus Bestialis
Gorgoroth - Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt
Gorgoroth - True Norwegian Black Metal - Live In Grieghallen
Gorgot - Schmerzkiller
Gorilla - Rock Our Souls
Gorilla Monsoon - Damage King
Gorilla Monsoon - Extermination Hammer
Gorilla Monsoon - Firegod - Feeding The Beast
Goro - Goro
Gorod - Process Of A New Decline
Gory Blister - Art Bleeds
Gory Blister - Earth-Sick
Gory Blister - Graveyard Of Angels
Gothika - Zeitgeist
Gothminister - Anima Inferna
Gothminister - Gothic Electronic Anthems
Gothminister - Happiness In Darkness
Gothminister - Pandemonium II: The Battle Of The Underworlds
Gothminister - Utopia
Gotthard - Domino Effect
Gotthard - Lipservice
Gotus - Gotus
GPS - Window To The Soul
Grabfinsternis - Wahn (Demo)
Grabnebelfürsten - Schwarz Gegen Weiß
Grabunhold - Heldentod
Grace.Will.Fall - Second Album
Grady - Y.U. So Shady?
Grafjammer - De Zoute Kwel
Grafvitnir - Keys To The Mysteries Beyond
Grai - Mlada
Grailknights - Calling The Choir
Grailknights - Return To Castle Grailskull
Grand Design - Time Elevation
Grand Illusion - Brand New World
Grand Illusion - Ordinary Just Won't Do
Grand Magus - Hammer Of The North
Grand Massive - Grand Massive (MCD)
Grand Rezerva - Badlands (Single)
Grand Sermon - Massive Domain
Grande Royale - Carry On
Grandexit - The Dead Justifies The Means
Granit - Granit
Grantig - Medizin
Grantig - Medizin
Grantig - So Muss Es Sein
Grantig - So Muss Es Sein
Gravdal - Torturmantra
Grave - As Rapture Comes
Grave - Back From The Grave
Grave - Burial Ground
Grave - Dominion VIII
Grave - Fiendish Regression
Grave Digger - Ballad Of Mary (EP)
Grave Digger - Ballads Of A Hangman
Grave Digger - Clash Of The Gods
Grave Digger - Exhumation - The Early Years
Grave Digger - Home At Last (EP)
Grave Digger - Liberty Or Death
Grave Digger - Return Of The Reaper
Grave Digger - Rheingold
Grave Digger - Symbol Of Eternity
Grave Digger - Symphony Of Death
Grave Digger - The Clans Will Rise Again
Grave Digger - The Last Supper
Grave Digger - Yesterday (EP)
Grave Miasma - Abyss Of Wrathful Deities
Grave Robber - Inner Sanctum
Gravehill - Rites Of The Pentagram/Metal Of Death
Graves Of Valor - Salarian Gate
Graveworm - (N)Utopia
Graveworm - (N)utopia (Re-Release)
Graveworm - Ascending Hate
Graveworm - Collateral Defect
Graveworm - Diabolical Figures
Graveworm - Engraved In Black
Graveworm - Engraved In Black (Re-Release)
Graveyard - One With The Dead
Graveyard - The Altar Of Sculpted Skulls (MCD)
Graveyard - The Sea Grave
Graveyard Shifters - High Heels & Broken Bones
Grayscale - When The Ghosts Are Gone
Great White - 30 Years - Live from the Sunset Strip
Great White - Back To The Rhythm
Great White - Elation
Great White - Rising
Greed - Burn It Down...
Green Carnation - Acoustic Verses
Green Carnation - Alive And Well... In Krakow (Re-Release)
Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown
Green Day - Nobody Likes You (Buch)
Green Frog Feet - Score
Greg Howe - Sound Proof
Gregory Lynn Hall - Heaven To Earth
Greifenkeil - Symbol
Greifenstein - Von Inneren Welten
Grendel - A Change Through Destruction
Grenouer - Blood On The Face
Grenouer - Lifelong Days
Grey - The First Shade Of...
Grey (DE) - Whooneedsyou
Grey Season - Invidia
Grey Waters - Below The Ever Setting Sun (EP)
Greylevel - Opus One
Greystone Canyon - Iron & Oak
Greystone Canyon - While The Wheels Still Turn
Grief Of War - Worship
Grievers - Reflecting Evil
Grieving Age - In Aloof Lantern, Thy Bequeathed A Wailer Quietus
Griffen - Linked In Eternity (Demo)
Griffin - Lifeforce
Griffin L.O.G. - Breathe Into Me (2-CD)
Griffin L.O.G. - The Sting Of Life
Griffin L.O.G. - Viva La Inquisicon
Griftegard - Psalm Bok (MCD)
Grimblade - Crimson Angel (EP)
Grimblade - Scenes From A Lifeless Time (EP)
Grimblade - Trapped In The Dark
Grimfist - 10 Steps To Hell
Grimfist - Ghouls Of Grandeur
Grimlord - Blood Runneth Over
Grimlord - Dolce Vita Sath-an as
Grimm - Kalt Wie Dein Herz
Grimmark - Grimmark
Grimmstine - Grimmstine
Grimner - Urfader
Grimness - Promo 2005
Grimness 69 - Illheaven Hells
Grimskunk - Fires Under The Road
Grimskunk - Skunkadelic (2-CD)
Grind Inc. - Lynch And Dissect
Grind Inc. - Sudden State Of Hate
Grind_O - Destroyer/Creator
Grinister - Unleashed
Grisâtre - L'idee De Dieu
Grom'Otoric - No Change Without Revolution
Groovenics - Groovenics
Groovin' Heart - Mystic Gate (Demo)
Groovycide - The You And Whose Army
Grorr - The Unknown Citizens
Groteskh - Unconsciousness
Ground Control - Dragged
Ground Of Ruin - Cloaked In Doctrine
Gruenewald - II
Gruesome Stuff Relish - Sempiternal Death Grind
Gruntruck - Inside Yours/Push (Re-Release, 2-CD)
Gräfenstein - Skull Baptism
Grönholm - Silent Out Loud
Guano Apes - Lost (T)apes
Guardian - First Watch (20th AnniversaryEdition)
Guardians Of Time - Machines Of Mental Design
Guerra Total - Cthulhu Zombies & Anti-Cosmic Black Goats
Guest Of Shally - Pathethic Enemy
Guilles De Rais - Is This How You Envisioned Your Life?
Guillotine - Blood Money
Guitarshop Asshole - The Cheapest Pick
Gun Barrel - Bombard Your Soul
Gun Barrel - Brace For Impact
Gun Barrel - Damage Dancer
Gunfire 76 - Casualities & Tragedies
Guns Of Glory - Strafing Run
Guns Of Moropolis - Heavy Metal Killed Your Mama
Guns Of Moropolis - In Dynamite We Trust
GunsÂ'nÂ'Roses - Chinese Democracy
Gunslinger - Earthquake In E-Minor
Gurd - Bang!
Gurd - Fake
Gutbucket - Gutbucket
Gutter Sirens - Memory Analysis
Gwar - Blood Bath And Beyond! (DVD)
Gwar - Lust In Space
Gwydion - Gwydion
Gwydion - Horn Triskelion
Gwydion - Ynis Mön
Gwyllion - The Edge Of All I Know
Gynger Lynn - Baby's Gone Bad
Gypsy Chief Goliath - Citizens Of Nowhere
Gypsy Chief Goliath - New Machines Of The Night
Gypsy Rose - Another World

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