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Reviews R (380):
R.E.D. - Benevolent Paternalism Demo 2003
R.E.T. - The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel
Raa Hoor Khuit - Passage Through Sephiors
Rabenholz - Akt I - Auf Welken Schwingen
Rabenschrey - Exzessivus
Racer Cafe - Racer Cafe (EP)
Radiance - ...And The Night Comes Down
Rage - From The Cradle To The Stage: 20th Anniversary (2-CD, 2-DVD)
Ragnarok - Malediction
Ragnaröek - Eiskalt
Ragnarök - Blackdoor Miracle
Ragnarök - In Nomine Satanas
Railway - Climax (Re-Release)
Railway - Finally Back - The Very Best Of 20 Years
Railway - II
Railway - Railway (Re-Release)
Rain - Stronger
Rainspawn - No Escape
Rainstorm Project - Purple Eyes
Raise Hell - Holy Target (Re-Release)
Raise Hell - Not Dead Yet (Re-Release)
Raise Hell - Wicked Is My Game
Raise Hell - Wicked Is My Game (Re-Release)
Raise Hell - Written In Blood
Raise The Human - Raise The Human
Raising Fear - Avalon
Rakoth - Jabberworks
Ralph Santolla - Shaolin Monks In The Temple Of Metal
RAM - Death
RAM - Lightbringer
Ram-Zet - Escape
Ram-Zet - Intra
Ram-Zet - Neutralized
Rambient - So Many Worlds
Ramhorn - Crystal Vanity
Ramhorn - Lykophos
Rammstein - Mutter
Rammstein - Mutter
Rammstein - Mutter
Ramos/Hugo - The Dream
Rampart - Voice Of The Wilderness
Randale - Der Hardrockhase Harald
Randale - Hasentotenkopfpiraten
Random Damage - Human Flytrap
Random Hero - Past Is Prologue
Randy Piper's Animal - Virus
Ransom - Better Days
Rapidforce - Burst Under Pressure
Rapture - Epic Fails In Doom Minor (EP)
Rapture - Peace, Love And Happiness
Rat City Riot - Load Up
Rated X - Rated X
Ratt - Infestation
Rattenfänger - Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum
Rattleshake - Rattleshake
Rauhnacht - Urzeitgeist
Rauhnacht - Vorweltschweigen
Raunchy - A Discord Electric
Raunchy - Velvet Noise (Re-Release)
Raunchy - Wasteland Discotheque
Rauschhardt - Free Falling
Ravage - The End Of Tomorrow
Raven - All For One (Re-Release)
Raven Black Night - Barbarian Winter
Raven Throne - Eternal, Dark
Ravencult - Morbid Blood
Ravens Creed - Albion Thunder
Raventhrone - Endless Conflict Theorem
Raw - Moshpit
Rawboned - Member Of Society (Demo)
Rawkfist - Gardens Of Elysia
Rawside - The Police Terror - VKJ Compilation
Ray Wilson - Live
Razor Fist - Metal Minds
Razor Fist - Razor Fist Force (LP)
Razor Of Occam - Hommage To Martyrs
Razorback - Deadringer
Razorball - Razorball
Razorwyre - Another Dimension
Razzmattazz - Rock 'n' Roll Hero
Ra's Dawn - Unveiling The Grotesque
RC2 - Future Awaits
Re-Activate - Prevailing Of The Unkind Domination
Re-Armed - Ignis Aeternum
Re:Aktor - Zero Order
Re:Aktor - Zero Order (Re-Release)
Reactive Black - A New Dawn
Reactor - No Rest Yet!
Realmbuilder - Fortifications Of The Pale Architect
Realmbuilder - Summon The Stone Throwers
Reap - To All Hated
Reaper - Gardens Of Seth
Reaper's Revenge - Wall Of Fear And Darkness
Reb Beach - Masquerade
Rebel Meets Rebel - Rebel Meets Rebel
Rebellion - Arise - From Ginnungagap To Ragnarök - The History Of The Vikings Volume III
Rebellion - Arminius: Furor Teutonicus
Rebellion - Born A Rebel
Rebellion - Miklagard (Single)
Rebellion - Miklagard (The History Of The Vikings Vol. II)
Rebellion - Sagas Of Iceland (The History Of The Vikings Volume 1)
Rebellion - Shakespeare's Macbeth
Rebellion - The Clans Are Marching (EP)
Rebellion - We Are The People
Rebellix - SerpentÂ's Kiss (EP)
Rebleeding - Bounded In Flesh (Demo)
Reckless Love - Reckless Love
Reckless Tide - Helleraser
Reckless Tide - Repent Or Seal Your Fate
Recognizer - Ditchpig
Red Fang - Whales And Leeches
Red Harvest - Internal Punishment Programs
Red Harvest - Sick Transit Gloria Mundi
Red Harvest - The Red Line Archives
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium
Red Hot Chilli Pipers - Bagrock To The Masses
Red Hot Chilli Pipers - Fresh Air
Red Hot Chilli Pipers - Music For The Kilted Generation
Red Tape Parade - Ballads Of The Flexible Bullet
Red To Grey - Admissions
Red To Grey - Thrash You aLive
Redcraving - Lethargic - Way Too Late
Redeem - Eleven
Redemption - Frozen In The Moment - Live In Atlanta (DVD+CD)
Redemption - The Fullness Of Time
Redemption - The Origins Of Ruin
Redeye Caravan - Nostrum Remedium
Redhanded - Closer
Redkey - Rage Of Fire
Redrum Inc. - Heavy Division
Reece - Universal Language
Reece Kronlund - Solid
Reflected Black - Ascension (EP)
Reflection - Advertising Violence
Reflection - Made In Hell
Reflection (GR) - When Shadows Fall
Refleshed - Collapse
Refleshed - Drown The Sky (EP)
Regicide - Break The Silence
Reign In Blood - Diabolical Katharsis
Reign Of Decay - Perceptions Of Reality
Reign Of Erebus - Humanracist
Reincarnatus - Media Vita
Reincidentes - Cosas De Este Mundo
Reino Ermitaño - Vereracion Del Fuego
ReinXeed - Higher
ReinXeed - The Light
Relapsed - Into A Former State
Relocator - Relocator
Remember Twilight - Musik Über Niedergang
Remember Twilight - Reise In Die Ungewissheit (EP)
Renegade - No Boundary
Reo Speedwagon - Find Your Own Way Home
Replica - Riven By Grief
Replika - Nem Hiszek / I Don't Believe (2-CD)
Reprisal Scars - Dead End Road (EP)
Reprisal Scars - Done Is Done
Reptilian - Thunderblaze
Repuked - Pervertopia
Repulsed - State Of Inner Truth
Repulsive Aggression - Conflagration
Repulsive Creep - Demo
Requiem (CH) - Infiltrate... Obliterate... Dominate...
Requiem (FI) - Mask Of Damnation
Requiem Eternam - Visions Of Eternity
Requiem Laus - The Eternal Plague
Research Turtles - Mankiller (EP)
Research Turtles - Research Turtles
Resistance (FR) - A Tale Of Decadence
Resistance Of Yield - Towards The Apocalypse
Resomus - Meine Welt
Resonance Room - Unspoken
Respawn - Nature's Foul Child
Respawn Inc. - Stone Cold World
Rest In Silence - Mourning After Tomorrow
Resurrected - Fierce
Resurrected - Morbus (MCD)
Resurrection - Embalmed Existence (Re-Release)
Resurrection - Mistaken For Dead
Resurrecturis - Non Voglio Morire
Retaliation - Seven
Retaliatory Measures - MMX (EP)
Retaliatory Measures - Withdrawal Syndromes
Revealing Dawn - Misguided Light (EP)
Revel In Flesh - Deathevokation
Revel In Flesh - Manifested Darkness
Revenant - The Burning Ground
Reverend Backflash - Too Little Too Late
Reverend Bizarre - Death Is Glory... Now
Reverend Bizarre - Harbinger Of Metal
Reverend Bizarre - II: Crush The Insects
Reverend Bizarre - III: So Long Suckers (2-CD)
Reverend Bizarre - In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend
Reverend Hound - Beyond Savagery
Reverend Kill - His Blood, Our Victory
Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - The Wages
Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - The Whole Fam Damnily
Reversion - King Of Deceit
Reviver - Reviver
Revocation - Deathless
Revocation - Existence Is Futile
Revolting - Hymns Of Ghastly Horror
Revolting - In Grisly Rapture
Revolting - The Shadow At The World's End
Revolting - Visages Of The Unspeakable
Revolting Cocks - Cocked And Loaded
Revolting Cocks - Cocktail Mixxx
Revolting Cocks - Got Cock?
Revolting Cocks - Sex-O Olympic-O
Revolution Mother - Rollin' With Tha Mutha
Revolution Renaissance - New Era
Rewiring Genesis - A Tribute To The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
Rex Carroll Band - That Was Then, This Is Now
Rex Satanachia - First Legion Of Hell (MCD)
Rezet - Have Gun, Will Travel
Rhapsody - Live In Canada: The Dark Secret
Rhapsody - Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II (The Dark Secret)
Rhapsody Of Fire - Legendary Years
Rhapsody Of Fire - Triumph Or Agony
Rhetorica - Ganduri (Thoughts)
Ribozyme - Blacklist Mercy
Ribspreader - Opus Ribcage
Ribspreader - The Van Murders
Riccardo Vernaccini - At Last!
Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey - Tears Of The Sun
Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey - The Astral Episode
Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey - The Ultimate Richard Andersson Collection
Richie Kotzen - Bootlegged In Brazil (DVD)
Richie Kotzen - Get Up
Richie Kotzen - Into The Black
Richie Kotzen - Live In Sao Paulo
Richie Kotzen - Return Of The Mother Head's Family Reunion
Richtaste - Lights And Shades
Rick Springfield - From The Vault (A Collection Of Works By Rick Springfield And Jeff Silverman)
Rick Springfield - Love Somebody (Single)
Rick Springfield - Songs For The End Of The World
Rick Springfield - Venus In Overdrive - Live In Rockford
Ricky Warwick - Belfast Confetti
Ricochet - Zarah (A Teartown Story)
Riddick Jones - Die Ärste (EP)
Ride The Sky - New Protection
Riefenstahl - Instinkt
Riger - Streyf
Right Direction - All Of A Sudden
Right Direction - Beyond The Beyond
Right To The Void - Kingdom Of Vanity
Righteous Jams - Business As Usual
Rimfrost - Rimfrost
Ring Of Fire - Battle Of Leningrad
Ring Of Fire - Burning Live In Tokyo 2002
Ring Of Fire - Lapse Of Reality
Ring Of Fire - The Oracle
Ringworm - The Venomous Grand Design
Riot - Army Of One
Riotgod - Riotgod
Rise And Shine - Empty Hand
Rise From Above - Phoenix
Rise To Fall - Restore The Balance
Rising Storm - Initium (EP)
Rising Storm - Tempest
Ritual - Live
Ritual - The Hemulic Voluntary Band
Ritual Dictates - Give In To Despair
Ritual Steel - Immortal
Rituals Of The Oak - Come Taste The Doom
Rituals Of The Oak - Hour Of Judgement
Rival - State Of Mind
Rival Sons - Pressure & Time
Rival Sons - Rival Sons (EP)
Rivera Bomma - I Am God
Riverside - Anno Domini High Definition
Riverside - Second Life Syndrome
Riverside - Voices In My Head (EP, Re-Release)
Rizon - Masquerade
Road To Ruin - Road To Ruin
Roadfever - Wheels On Fire
Roadfever - Wolf Pack
Roadkill - Dark Side (EP)
Roadkill 13 - The Separation (EP)
Roadkill 13 - Triskaidekaphobia
Rob Rock - The Voice Of Melodic Metal - Live In Atlanta
Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe II
Rob Zombie - The Zombie Horror Picture Show (BluRay)
Robbie Dupree - Time And Tide
Robert Berry - The Dividing Line
Robert Plant - Band Of Joy
Robin Beck - Do You Miss Me
Robin Beck - Livin On A Dream
Robin Beck - The Great Escape
Robin Brock - Monsters
Robin Trower - Roots And Branches
Rock Aid Armenia - Smoke On The Water: The Metropolis Sessions (CD/DVD)
Rockblock 3001 - Daydancer
Rocketchief - Rise Of The Machine
Rocky Lewis - Rocky Lewis
Rogash - Malevolence
Rogash - Supremacy Undone
Roger McGuinn's Thunderbyrd - Rockpalast - West Coast Legends Vol. 4 (DVD)
Roger Miret & Disasters - Gotta Get Up Now
Rogga Johansson - Entrance To The Otherwhere
Roine Stolt - Wall Street Voodoo
Rollercoaster - First Contact
Roman Rain - Roman Rain
Ronny Munroe - The Fire Within
Root - Hell Symphony (Re-Release)
Root - Heritage Of Satan
Root - The Book (Re-Release)
Root - The Temple In The Underworld (Re-Release)
Rootwater - Visionism
Rory Kelly - (Don't Shake My) Family Tree
Rosa Antica - Seven
Rosae Crucis - Worms Of The Earth
Rose Hill Drive - Rose Hill Drive
Rose Tattoo - Black Eyed Bruiser (Single)
Rose Tattoo - Blood Brothers
Ross The Boss - Born Of Fire
Ross The Boss - Hailstorm
Ross The Boss - New Metal Leader
Rossomahaar - Quaerite Lux In Tenebris
Rossometile - Terrenica
Roswell Six - Terra Incognita - Beyond The Horizon
Rote Mare - Serpents Of The Church
Rotten Dregs - Rot 'n' Roll
Rotten Dregs - Various Ways To Rot
Rotten Sound - Cursed
Rotten Sound - Cycles
Rotten Sound - Exit
Rotten Sound - Murderworks
Rotting Christ - Sanctus Diavolos
Rotting Christ - Sleep Of The Angels (Re-Release)
Rotting Empire - Sui Generis
Rough Silk - A New Beginning
Roughnecks - Sex, Trucks & Rock 'n' Roll
Roxin Palace - Roxin Palace
Roxxcalibur - Lords Of The NWOBHM
Roxxcalibur - NWOBHM For Muthas
Roy Buchanan - Live At Rockpalast (DVD)
Royal Hunt - Paper Blood
Royal Hunt - Paradox II: Collision Course
Royal Hunt - The Watchers
RPWL - Beyond Man And Time
RPWL - Live - Start The Fire
RPWL - The RPWL Experience
RPWL - World Through My Eyes
RSJ - Gain To Nothing
Rudra - Brahmavidya: Transcendental I
Ruffians - Desert Of Tears
Ruins - Cauldron
Ruins - Front The Final Foes
Rumble In Rhodos - Intentions
Rumors Of Gehenna - Ten Hatred Degrees
Runamok - Back For Revenge
Runamok - Dance Of The Dead
Runamok - Make My Day
Running Death - The Call Of Extinction (EP)
Running Wild - Best Of Adrian
Running Wild - Rapid Foray
Running Wild - Resilient
Running Wild - Rogues En Vogue
Running Wild - Shadowmaker
Running Wild - The Final Jolly Roger (DVD)
Runrig - 50 Great Songs (3-CD/DVD)
Rush - R30 - Live From Frankfurt (2-DVD)
Rush - Rush Rediscovered (LP-Boxset)
Rushmoon - Blood, Tears, Love & Hate
Russ Ballard - Book Of Love
Russell Allen & Jorn Lande - The Battle
Russell Allen & Jorn Lande - The Revenge
Russell Allen's Atomic Soul - Atomic Soul
Russkaja - Energia!
Russkaja - Peace, Love & Russian Roll
Rusted Chains - In Nights Of Nemesis
Rusted Chains - Rusted Chains
Rustinal - Kickstart (EP)
Rustless - Guardian Angel
Rusty Pacemaker - Blackness And White Light
Rusty Pacemaker - Ruins
Ryker's - Brother Against Brother
Rätier - Demo

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