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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Bloody Hammers (24.10.2013)

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HH: Hello and greetings from Bavaria! Spiritual Relics is your second full-length album, but I think in Germany the Bloody Hammers are still some kind of secret tip. So would you please introduce your band to our readers in a few words?

Anders: In the beginning it was only me and my wife Devallia who plays organ. We did all the recording but since then we have assembled a full band with Zoltan on guitar and Doza on drums. It's working out great so far!

HH: The thing with occult rock music that is having its roots deep in the seventies is currently very popular. In my opinion the Bloody Hammers are at least a little bit part of this subculture and also have this discreet retro-touch. What do you think are the reasons for this trend? What does it make so fascinating... even for you?

Anders: If we seem to fit in this genre then it's probably because classic metal and hard rock is our favorite era of music. We're a little older so we're only doing what comes natural because we were all born in the 70's. I think the trend is happening because it needed to and I hope it will continue. For a while metal got too predictable and so many bands sounded the same. For those of us who love classic metal and rock, we needed something new because the stuff we've been listening to for years is getting a little played out. It's nice to discover new music that has a familiar style with singers who sing and not growl... songs with attention to melody.

HH: The Bloody Hammers actually are much more than a mere repetition of something long familiar. You find Doom, Sludge, Stoner Rock, Gothic and also Groove Metal in the songs - you do not even limit to one special genre...

Anders: I write songs and just go with whatever comes out. I grew up listening to so many different styles and loving them all so that comes out in my writing.

HH: Which bands would you call your most important influences?

Anders: Favorites are Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Misfits, Roky Erickson, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, The Cramps... I tend to be drawn to rock with a horror influence.

HH: On your first album named Bloody Hammers I found some clear links to Black Sabbath, who are of course and still one the most important idols for today's Doom and Occult Rock scene. I guess you already heard their new album. Do you like it?

Anders: I actually do. Honestly it took me a few listens but it really grew on me and now I love it. I see lots of hate online about it but I'm just happy these 3 guys got together again.

Foto von Bloody Hammers

HH: Other inspirations for your music?

Anders: I'd definitely say pretty much all horror movies from the 70's and early 80's.

HH: This is confirmed regarding song titles like "Night Of The Long Knives" or "Color Me Blood Red" that somehow seem to be... murderous. About what topics are your songs?

Anders: I tend to find inspiration for lyrics in local urban legends and folklore. I like to tell stories which are usually inspired by horror.

HH: O.k. - just imagine your album Spiritual Relics shall be the foundation of a movie. Who would be the best director for this movie?

Anders: Lucky McKee, Jennifer Lynch or Ti West do no wrong in my opinion. These are some of my favorite newer directors.

HH: Talking some more about movies. In the press information sheet it can be read that you've been hand selected by Phil Anselmo as live act for his Housecore Horror Film Festival in Austin. What kind of event is this exactly? And how did it come to this invitation?

Anders: It's primarily a film festival because Phil is a big Horror fan but they also decided to have bands to try something different. Phil's original partner, Corey Mitchell found Bloody Hammers and liked it enough to invite us to play. We're very honored.

HH: Do you already have plans to come to Europe, too? Maybe Germany? Maybe Bavaria?

Anders: Oh yes all of this is in the planning stages. We hope to be over there quite a bit in 2014.

HH: Sounds great! We're coming to the end and I want your recommendation for our readers. What is the right mood to listen to Spiritual Relics?

Anders: Spiritual Relics is some older material so the self-titled has newer songs. I think both albums are great around Halloween but especially the self-titled.

HH: Thanks a lot for your time. And all the best for the future!


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