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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Tracedawn (24.02.2012)

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HH: Hi there! Here in Germany it's quite cold, but over there in Finland it's even colder, isn't it? How do you bypass this (a least for us) extreme weather?

Tuomas: Yeah, I think it's the coldest time of the year right now. When it starts to get very cold in December-January it feels like your brain is freezing etc. but you'll get used to it. Anyway I haven't gone out that much lately because of the coldness.

HH: Congratulation to your new record! How do you feel after having done Lizard Dusk? Are you nervous this close before the release?

Perttu: Thanks! It's been a long process to make this album so we feel good. We are very excited and hungry to play new songs on stage!!!

HH: How were the reactions so far? Are you pleased with the reviews or don't you care at all?

Perttu: Reactions have been mostly good so far. We play music because we love it so I personally don't care so much what they write on reviews, although it's always nice to hear if somebody likes our music...

HH: What's the meaning behind the title Lizard Dusk? What do you write about in you lyrics?

Tuomas: Lizard dusk reflects a lot of things but everyone relates to lyrics and the title differently and we don't want to spoil them for anyone. Niko and Pekko are our main lyricists and like Pekko has said the themes of the songs are mostly the traditional life/love/sex/death/chaos themes.

HH: What's the difference in you lyrics compared to your previous records?

Tuomas: I think there is not that much anger in the lyrics this time haha. Song themes are also little bit different. And of course Niko and Pekko have a different style to write than our former singer Antti who did most of the lyrics for our previous albums.

HH: Speaking of singers: Niko Kalliojärvi (ex-Amoral) is your new singer for Lizard Dusk. Who did your songwriting change with this change on the mic?

Tuomas : All of the songs were almost ready for the album before Niko joined the band so it didn't really affect on songwriting. But Niko wrote lyrics for five songs and we got also some new ideas in the studio with him.

HH: I would recommend "Sick Fire" , "You're Fired!" or "Machine" to listen to if someone doesn't know Lizard Dusk. Which tracks would you recommend?

Perttu: I would recommend to listen whole Lizard Dusk. My personal all time favourite is "Your Way Is Not For Me from" Ego Anthem.

HH: The founding name of Tracedawn was Moravia. What was the reason to change the name to Tracedawn?

Perttu: 'Cause Moravia was taken by some big company and we didn't even like the name that much. We made only one demo with that name.

HH: Which bands or musicians had the greatest impact on your playing?

Perttu: Everybody has their own favourites. For me drummers such as Kai Hahto, Marco Minneman, Buddy Rich, Rainer Tuomikanto, Sami Kuoppamäki and Tero Mikkola have been the biggest idols... There are also a lot of other good musicians who I respect.

Tuomas: It's pretty hard to name a few because there are so much great bands and musicians. But lately I have been listening to bands like 30 Seconds To Mars, Comeback Kid, Meadow Island, Skrillex, Profane Omen, Velcra and the list goes on and on.

HH: Youtube, Facebook und MySpace are quite important websites to promote a band. How important are these sites to Tracedawn?

Perttu: Social media is as important than every other medias and I think bands have to be as active as possible on every media.

Tuomas: I think that social media has become possibly the most important media for many bands. It's so easy and free way to promote and share your music and videos and stuff. Also many bands, our band included, have found bandmates from the internet.

HH: Imagine Lizard Dusk is a fruit. What would it be and why?

Perttu: Frozen watermelon and grape. Ummmmm!!!!

HH: How will you promote Lizard Dusk on stage? Will you visit Germany too?

Perttu: We really hope that we could play in Germany, we really like to play in there. People are awesome and metal scene is cool too!

Tuomas: This spring we are touring mostly in Finland but we have plans to head to Europe later this year. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! There you can read the latest news and updates about gigs and everything!

HH: Thanks for your time and good speed! The Last words are yours!

Perttu: Thanks to everyone who has kept on supporting us, some to mention Tracedawn German, Mexican and Israel support groups!!!

Tuomas: See you on the road!

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