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Deutsche VersionInterview mit The Fading (02.11.2009)

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HH: How are you doing at the moment?

Elad: Hello! Everything is great, our album is out to really great reviews, and we couldn't be more happy about it. We are also looking forward to tour Europe in 2010.

HH: Recently you've won the Wacken Metal Battle. How does it feel to win such an important contest?

Elad: It was a truly wonderful experience, like nothing we ever imagined. We were very pleased to see our hard work grant us a contract with Wacken Records, but I think the most satisfying part was the honour we brought to the very modest Israeli metal scene. It was a great celebration for us and for our fans and friends back home.

HH: What else can you tell us about this competition? What has a band to expect and consider when participating in this contest?

Elad: When a band comes to participate in the Metal Battle, they should do their best to blow the crowd away. If a band made it to the finals they probably have a couple of good songs, but as far as the live shows are going - the band who will give it all on stage will hit the jackpot.

HH: You received very positive review for In Sin We Find Salvation from all over the world. Did you expect such a positive feedback?

Elad: We were definitely hoping for this kind of reviews. As the album started to build up when we were writing and then recording, we figured that our feelings regarding the album are like every artist's feeling when creating new music - we were all sure it's the best album we would come up with. But we weren't really sure about it until we got the first reviews from very professional magazines.

HH: Listening to you music without knowing your origin one would assume that you're a band from Scandinavia. Why don't you work with influences of music of your home country like Orphaned Land or others?

Elad: Being an Israeli metal band doesn't automatically mean we should play middle-eastern melodies and instruments, although we do carry an occasional oriental-influenced riff once in a while. Our love for the Swedish metal scene of the mid-90's got us to make our music in that style, and in these days when we feel that melodic death metal is a little left behind, we want to revive this genre and bring it back to its glory days.

HH: In Sin You'll Find Salvations sounds very Swedish with lots of melodies and an very aggressive note. What is the special formula that makes a song a The Fading song?

Elad: Listening to our spiritual mentors since day one, but making sure to keep up with all that is new and modern these days.

HH: What topics do your lyrics deal with?

Elad: Ilia (vocals) is in charge of the lyrics. He mainly writes about the issues a man deals with in his life - the struggle to cope with society, the environment and himself, and the will to survive on our insane planet.

HH: Which tracks of In Sin You'll Find Salvations do other people like best so far?

Elad: Naturally, the two songs we've released to our MySpace page - "The Sin Collector" and "Age Of Phobia" - are the most popular so far.

HH: What do you think about websites MySpace and YouTube? Do these pages offer a good opportunity for young and unknown bands to spread their music and become known in the scene?

Elad: Of course! Underground music wouldn't have been what it is today if it wasn't for the internet. MySpace and YouTube are a true blessing for music and musicians worldwide, especially for unsigned bands that want to promote themselves.

HH: Does a band need a "normal" homepage in the times of MySpace and YouTube?

Elad: I don't think an actual website is necessary, when MySpace gives a band everything it needs. Although you can never have too many information sources - when a band makes sure to spread their music all over the web they just have better chances to get to bigger crowds.

HH: What can you tell us about the metal scene in Tel Aviv. What band does one have to watch out in future?

Elad: The metal scene in Israel is very small, but has many good bands. Some bands you might hear about in the future are Phantom Pain, Immaterial, Ferium, Negative Projection.

HH: What about heavy music in general in Israel? What problems have bands to deal with?

Elad: A lot of Israeli bands can't seem to break into the European market because of the geographic obstacle. We can't just get on a bus and play shows in neighbour countries. I hope the younger Israeli metal bands could get recognition in the next few years when competing in the Wacken Metal Battle, if not by other means.

HH: Where do you see The Fading in five years?

Elad: Still doing what we are doing today, but in a bigger circulation, hopefully. Performing all over the world and keeping on releasing quality metal.

HH: Imagine In Sin We'll Find Salvation is something to eat and an Israeli speciality. What would it be and why?

Elad: I spent a hard time thinking about this one and came up with nothing... sorry!

HH: What's up next in the Fading camp?

Elad: We can't wait to get on the road with this album. With the response we're getting about the album so far, I'm definitely sure we will be well-accepted in any city in Europe. Soon we'll start writing material for our second album, we have some pretty great ideas already and it would be really exciting to work on them.

HH: Thanks for your time and good speed! Any last words?

Elad: We recommend to anyone who cares for some high-quality metal to pick up a copy of In Sin We'll Find Salvation! We can't wait to hit the road with this album, meet new people and see new places. Thank you for this interview and take care!

Lord Obirah

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