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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Amon Amarth (03.12.2008)

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HH: Hey Fredrik! How are you doing? How is the mood in the camp of Amon Amarth?

Fred: Hey, it's pretty good at the moment. We are where we're best fitted right now - on tour.

HH: The reactions about the album are incredible good, did you expect that everybody likes the new album like that?

Fred: Not necessarily, but we thought it was the best we had done so we expected others to like it too!

HH: Did you change something during the songwriting-period? I've heard that Johann Söderberg also wrote some tasty riffs and songs!

Fred: He has always written some parts but in later years Olavi and Johan have started sharing more equally on the riff-making.

HH: Now you are going on tour with almighty Slayer! What feeling is this? A dream come true?

Fred: Of course, it's been a long time dream to tour with Slayer and being offered this spot was something we felt we couldn't turn down even if it meant our fans would have to wait for a headline tour with us.

HH: On the "With Oden On Our Side"-Album there is a track called "Hermod's Ride To Hell - Lokes Treachery Part 1" -> so where is part two?

Fred: The lyrics are written, but the way we work with songs we don't want to release anything we're not 100% satisfied with and the riff ideas we came up with didn't fit to the lyrics so it simply had to wait.

HH: What about your Curriculum Mortis-project? Does this still exist or will this demo be the only one in my collection?

Fred: That was it. It was just a bunch of riffs that I had since my time before Amon Amarth when I was in the band A Canorous Quintet that I wanted to come out. I rarely pick up the guitar anymore.

HH: Which bands motivated you to take up an instrument and play drums in a metal-band?

Fred: All the bands in the 80's. Maiden, Priest, Metallica, Slayer, Death, Sepultura etc.

HH: What's your actual favourite-band and which newer release do you like most (except Twilight Of The Thunder God)?

Fred: I've always been a huge Judas Priest fan so I would have to mention them, but I'm also really into Nevermore and At The Gates to name a few. Newer release except "Twilight"? That would have to be With Oden On Our Side.

HH: Final Question: Will there be a headlining tour through all Europe and especially Germany?

Fred: Yes, early next year we'll return for a more extended set!

HH: So thank you for your time and patience! The last words are yours! Cheers!

Fred: Thanks for the questions, keep it metal! Cheers!


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