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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Celesty (05.11.2006)

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HH: Hi guys! How are you?

Juha: I'm fine thank you. Busy with the band, we are waiting album release and also we are practicing new songs to live shape.

Jere: "Great", just came from a dentist, and they took my wisdom teeth away!! Aargh, waiting for the recovering, taking some PILLS for the PAIN!!!

HH: Congratulations to your new record! How are the reactions up to now?

Juha: Thank you. So far, really well. Reviews have been great. So far I think that 7/10 is worst, so it seems that we have done something right with this album. Can't wait opinions from the fans.

Jere: Yeah, it really feels good, there was one review where they said something "bad" about the album sounds, but I think they still liked the songs and the concept very much...

HH: I think not everyone knows about you, could you please tell us something about the band history?

Jere: Well, those who want to read more about our history, visit www.celesty.net and see the biography, but I will tell some "recent history" to you. We are about to release our 3rd album - Mortal Mind Creation - in 30th of October here in Europe. The album has already been released in Japan and the USA/Canada release should be in early November. I think this album includes aggressive drumming, massive keyboarding and do not forget the guitar and bass sounds offered by Hughes & Kettner!! In this album Celesty is stronger than EVER BEFORE, this time Antti shows some serious BALLS in his singing.

HH: What's the meaning of your band name? Is it based on the word 'celestial'?

Jere: Actually no, it has nothing to do with the name "celestial". Celesty is a colour - Marble blue sky - Celesty is based to world of Cryon or should I say The Land Of The Cryon which is the main place of our album theme!

HH: Who is responsible for the song-writing?

Juha: This is first Celesty album, where the music is by the whole band. So there is everything from everyone. Of course most of the music is written by players, 'cause during composing, there is not that much for the vocalist to do. When music was ready, our singer did vocal melodies. Jere did all lyrics for this album, beside Japan bonus. This album is the most comprehensive in Celesty's history. Celesty is six members and we have very different taste of music in some parts. That is only great thing, 'cause we all know what kind of music Celesty is, so we all can add our personal styles and influences to music.

HH: Who came up with the idea for the quite dark cover artwork?

Juha: Artist Marko Jakobi. We knew a long time ago, that this album is going to be a lot darker than previous one. We told him, what we want and what cover we want to have. Marko worked based on those needs. We all are very happy with the result. The cover gives a good idea, what kind of music album is.

Jere: Yes, we dropped our idea from the cover to our label DY1, they found us the illustrator and Marko already had something what he had done before he even knew our idea, so he just asked that if the sketch what he had done ages ago was anything what we thought the cover to be and it was. Marko started to create finalize the picture and you know the result!

HH: Could you please tell us something about the storyline of your lyrics. They are a part of a fantasy story, aren't they?

Jere: Yes, like I told before we have a concept in our albums and Mortal Mind Creation continues there where Legacy Of Hate ended. This time I wanted lyrics to be something more than just a fantasy tale what we tell and create. Of course I wanted to continue the story but I also wanted the lyrics to tell something about this world where we are living and you know, like everyday living, so that those people who don't like to read any stories or fantasy could find something from the lyrics.

HH: What are your musical influences? Do you have any idols?

Juha: I personally have lots of idols, but the biggest for me are Freddie Mercury and Queen, Jean Michel Jarre, Dave Mustaine and Richard Andersson. They all have big role in my musical history. Best way to check every members idols, is to visit on our website, where are very detailed lists.

Jere: This kind of questions are difficult, because my "personal" hero changes every week or so. What music I listen to depends so much on my mood. Usually when I reach top level for example in sadness, aggression or even happiness I start to compose some own songs and listen to those about one day or two then I take my ideas and show them to the band or I throw those on my trashcan and start to listen At The Gates, hahaha.

HH: Are you full-time musicians? Or do you have a fix job?

Juha: We all do have fix jobs. Band is like a very serious hobby. But we work so much for it, that I could call it "part-time-full-time job". Of course we hope, that we could be full-time musicians someday. We are working hard for that dream.

Jere: Yeah, great question, how is it possible that we all are working at the same time when we work fully to our band. Strange...

HH: Do you have a tour in the making? Which band would you like to support?

Juha: These things are something, that it is better to talk after when everything is 100% sure. There has been some chats about tour and stuff, but nothing is sure. Megadeth, Time Requiem, Adagio, Vanden Plas, those are first bands, that come to my mind, what I'd like to support. Of course, Stratovarius etc. would also be awesome. Finns conquering the world. I personally think that support(s) and headliner should be close to each other musically. Not 100% same, but close, so that the audience can enjoy every band during the night. I have seen gigs, where some kind of pop band has been supporting metal band. Even that they would be good, audience won't enjoy that much. Try to imagine Celesty supporting Britney. Audience is waiting for "Born To Make You Happy" and we are offering "Demon Inside".

HH: What about your plans for the future? What do you want to reach with the band?

Juha: Tour would be perfect. We are not a lazy band, so we are writing new material already also we are practising new songs for set lists. For example, for Mortal Mind Creation we wrote 14-15 songs and album includes nine and one bonus song. I think that those songs that were left over, at least two songs are going to be on our next album. Those are not bad songs, those just did not fit to MMC. We hope that we can someday make our living with this band. That is our dream. Compose music, make albums, make tours and see a lot of fans around the world.

HH: Thanks a lot for the interview! Good luck to all of you! Do you finally want to say some words to the fans out there?

Juha: Thank you for your support and hopefully people out there will enjoy music that we offer with Mortal Mind Creation.

Jere: It was our pleasure to answer your questions and we hope that you readers are satisfied to our answers and of course, SATISFIED TO OUR NEW ALBUM! Hope to see you on tour someday, till then, Keep the metal flame burning and STAY METAL!


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