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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Seventh Angel (09.11.2009)

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HH: How are you doing at the moment?

Ian: Good thanks! We are enjoying being back after such a long absence.

HH: How is the interest in Seventh Angel in 2009 compared to the old times?

Ian: I think there are so many bands around these days, it is really hard to know for certain, but I know some people are really happy to have us back and we have had some great feedback so far; both at gigs and with the new album. As long as some people are enjoying our music, and we still enjoy making it, that is all that counts.

HH: How does it feel to be back with a new record after 15 years?

Ian: Great! We enjoyed making it. We had a very good time for the two weeks it took to record and mix. Greg did a great job producing and also kindly let us stay at his house during the recording. The whole re-formation of Seventh Angel has seemed a bit unreal to us all as we had no idea this would happen until a couple of years ago. I still find it hard to believe we have a new album out even though it is sitting there on my shelf.

HH: The Dust Of Years doesn't sound like if Seventh Angel have attached dust in all the years while being away. Where does the title come from and what does it mean?

Ian: It comes form the song "The Raven Sky", which is on the new album. It seemed appropriate to call it this and it fits with the fact that we have been away from Seventh Angel for so long.

HH: How does the title and the cover correspond?

Ian: Again from the lyrics of that song. If you read the lyrics you will understand the cover more.

HH: Where is the difference in your lyrics between now and then?

Ian: There is a vast difference between early Seventh Angel lyrics and the lyrics these days. Simon, Mark and I wrote the lyrics for the new album. Simon and I wrote the lyrics for The Torment, but it is hard to believe that it is the same people writing. We were very young when Seventh Angel first started and my lyrics were very immature. I look back on some of them in shame and embarrassment now, but I still enjoy the early music we made.

HH: The Dust Of Years features clean vocals which open a enormous range of possibilities to the sound of Seventh Angel. Where do these clean vocals come from?

Ian: Simon sings the clean vocals and I do the growls. I didn't want to sing clean in Seventh Angel as I do this in my other band My Silent Wake (as well as growls) and I wanted this to have a really different sound to My Silent Wake. Simon is a great vocalist and has sung for years in Firefly. He actually did the vocals at the start of "The Charmer" from The Torment all those years ago, so it isn't completely new for him to be singing in Seventh Angel.

HH: Not only the vocals quite good but all the members do a very good job on their instruments. How did you evolve as songwriters and musicians since the last record in you own words?

Ian: We have been through a lot of experiences individually and lived our lives in our own different ways. The experiences and influences from life come into your lyrics and also your playing. I became more of a doom musician after Seventh Angel as I love the music and the emotion you can put into it. The other members took other routes though Simon and Mark did play doom for a while. Doom has definitely influenced the band members and we all enjoy this type of music, so it comes naturally to us to be playing a lot of this in Seventh Angel. We have a very wide range of influences and are all music lovers and we don't want to have to put the band in a box and try to contrive something. I think the music as well as the lyics can express your emotions and feelings and this is something we won't compromise on. As for songwriting: it is something I have always enjoyed and I know this is the same for Simon. We write quite differently individually, but our music works very well together and when we sit down to write together it is like old times again. The lyrics are always written by the individual but some of the music is written together. Strangely, a song that was completely written by Simon was compared to my band My Silent Wake by one reviewer!

HH: Some time ago The Torment and Lament For The Weary have been re-released digitally remastered in a digipack by Metal Mind Productions. Have you been involved in this process?

Ian: Yes I have. They worked very closely with us on these releases.

HH: Are you pleased with the result?

Ian: I think they have done a wonderful job, and they look and sound better than I could have imagined.

HH: What's up next in the Seventh Angel camp?

Ian: A mini European tour hopefully next year. We will also start writing again at some point and hope to record another album within the next couple of years.

HH: Imagine The Dust Of Years is a fruit. Which fruit would that be and why?

Ian: An orange banana. I don't know why.

HH: How do you rate the current Thrash Metal revival with all the young and hungry bands coming up?

Ian: Not really my thing these days, but all the best to them. If the music is what they genuinely like and they are not just jumping on a bandwagon, then that is great.

HH: Thanks for you time and good speed! The last words are yours!

Ian: Thank you! Visit our MySpace Page for up-to-date info on Seventh Angel.

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