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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Agoraphobic Nosebleed (04.09.2009)

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HH: Hello from Heavyhardes.de! You've just released your second album, Agorapocalypse, a great piece of total sonic audible madness. Congratulations! Most people wouldn't even stand the 120-second title track, left aside the record as a whole. Whom does ANb play its music for?

J. Randall: We do ANb for completely set centered purpose, our egos don't need stoking about any of it.

HH: Agorapocalypse has been ANb's second album in over ten years. Why do you prefer split singles and other "minor" releases?

J. Randall: Well, we consider Honkey Reduction and Alter States Of America full length records also as they only fall a few minutes shy of Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope and Agorapocalypse. To answer your question about EPs we do prefer them over full length records absolutely because long records are just tiring to make and in our opinion tiring to listen to. All my favorite records are under 20 minutes, that's a perfect record length to me. Splits are awesome because we get to communicate and work on a record with another band we happen to dig.

HH: Does the album, especially regarding the lyrics, have any red line? What are the songs about?

J. Randall: I'm not sure I understand "red line" but with the lyrics I just try and write some cool shit from a first person stand point rather than topical because it's way more interesting and fitting for the music. Trying to write lyrics as hardcore as the music is.

HH: It's hard for me to imagine that your sound could become any more extreme than on Agorapocalypse, by the way a title which sounds as if nothing more was to come after it. Do you agree to that opinion or do you already have further plans for the band?

J. Randall: I was concerned that people might take the title that way - we hope to have another full length out for next year, it's more an new beginning for us than a end.

HH: The record's artwork is fantastic as it resembles your sound quite well and has lots of fancy colours, too. It's a piece of work by Florian Bertmer, who is named among the rest of the band on your homepage. He seems to be more than just your "artwork-guy", right?

J. Randall: Yeah, Florian is the 5th horseman of the agorapocalypse and as much this band as any of us at this point.

HH: Furthermore does Bertmer transport ANb related designs onto skateboard decks for your skate-company Substance Abuse. How did this thing start and how's business been going so far?

J. Randall: Yeah substance abuse is doing really well everybody is really stoked about it. I'm working on this Skatecore comp. for Relapse with bands like ANS, Annihilation Time, Vitamin X with this whole tie in with Creature Skateboards. Working with Creature inspired me to look into what it would take to start my own company and I weighed a bunch of different options and just went for it. I'm already looking into forming a international team of riders, get footage, move into hardware and get distribution into Europe and Japan.

HH: If your music were a person, alive or dead, who would that be?

J. Randall: If our music were a person it would be like Jim Carrey with a major meth problem.

HH: You've only had one live-gig so far. A matter of ideology or just a lack of opportunities? Shall I bury the hope of seeing you in Germany one day?

J. Randall: Dig a hole.

HH: As usual, the final words are yours...

J. Randall: www.myspace.com/substanceabuseskateboards - cheers!


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