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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Blood Tsunami (09.05.2009)

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HH: Hi, how are you? Two years have passed since your Debut Thrash Metal, so what happend during that time?

Faust: Well, a lot actually. We have been gigging a lot in Norway, doing a UK tour with Zyklon and Dead Beyond Buried, a small Norwegian tour with Satyricon but first and foremost we have written and recorded our follow up, called Grand Feast For Vultures.

HH: In your point of view, what are the main differences between the debut and Grand Feast For Vultures?

Faust: Well, the songs are simply stronger. It's all faster, heavier and darker and the arrangements are also better thought through this time around. Production wise we are closer to what we really want now than on the debut which was a little too nice sounding maybe. This time it sounds rawer but still quite controlled and big if you get what I mean. We don't want the necro sound, haha!

HH: In my opinion, on your new album there are some big Iron Maiden influences, expecially "Laid To Waiste" and "Horsehead Nebula". Do you think the same way or different?

Faust: Yeah, especially on the Horsehead Nebula track, which is entirely instrumental Pete's big fascination for NWOBHM and especially Iron Maiden really shines through. Anyway, I think this suits the music well and it has already become a sort of trademark for Blood Tsunami I think; to mix brutal thrash which some NWOBHM parts.

HH: You achived only good reviews as far as I can say. Do you feel like a leader of a new norwegian Thrash metal scene?

Faust: Yeah, the there have been plenty of good reviews so far: Kerrang!, Terrorizer, Metal Hammer, Rock Sound and Powerplay have been great, as well as Norwegian press. The only mediocre review so far was in Sweden Rock Magazine but hey, we can take that, haha! Anyway, I don't think we are any kinds of leaders of Norwegian thrash. There are plenty of good bands, like Aura Noir, Audiopain, Manifest, Imbalance, Nekromantheon, Nocturnal Breed. Anyway, some of these bands are blackthrash whereas others are more American inspired. We might fall on the more Amerian inspied side maybe.

HH: The third album is always known as make it or break it. What can we expect from you on your next cd?

Faust: We didn't really sit down and contemplate upon that yet really. I reckon the pieces will come together as we start making it but I know that Pete has already tons of riffs and arrangements so we are really eager to start putting songs together.

HH: In the last interview you told me that you want to do some lyrics to attenuate the destructive meanings. Were you successful?

Faust: Well, we didn't use any of mine this time around, but we might use them next time. But it was only my intention to relief Pete a little of the lyrical burden, for me it is not a disaster if we don't use my lyrics.

HH: What was the reason to do a track for Onslaught Tribut album? Why did you choose "Steel Meets Steel?"

Faust: Well, we were simply contacted by an English guy who is putting together a Onslaught tribute album. "Steel Meets Steel" was one of the few "vacant" tracks after other bands had picked their favourites. Anyway, I think the track turned out killer really.

HH: Are you going to promote the new cd by touring?

Faust: Well, we hope so but it certainly ain't easy when we have jobs and some of us have kids as well. But for sure we are gonna do as much as we can. The first now is Odense Metal Fest in Denmark in the middle of May. We are really looking forward to our first gig in Denmark.

HH: Can we expect to see you live on stage in Germany?

Faust: I would hope so really because Germany is a potentially good market for us. We will at least do what we can to get to play there.

HH: If you should discribe Blood Tsunami as a meal, how would it look like, how would it taste?

Faust: A big, bloody steak with some tastefully fried vegetables aside, accompanied with tons of beer!

HH: The famous last words are up to you.

Faust: Please check out Grand Feast for Vultures if you're into brutal thrash or even some NWOBHM. Give us a chance and check it out. Stay true to yourself.


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