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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Unleashed (01.06.2008)

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HH: Hey Anders, how are you doing? Are you a bit nervous because of the soon release of the new album?

Anders: Greetings! All good here! And well, nervous is not the right word, but of course we're all really excited and awaiting the release! Looking forward to the reactions!

HH: How was the work on the album? Did you change something during the song-writing period?

Anders: The last couple of albums have been really smooth recording-wise. Ever since Fredrik got his studio together the recordings have been more creative and without the preasure of time to set you back. As for the writing process it's been about the same as before... not much to explain really... we just write songs and share ideas until they are ready.

HH: How would you describe Hammer Battalion in your own words?

Anders: I would say it's a continuation forward in the spirit of Unleashed as always! We strive to move forward and progress without compromise!!

HH: Did you change something during the recording-sessions? Are there some funny anecdotes out of the studio?

Anders: No extreme changes as we've found a good way to work. But we do have the time and possibility to work more on the songs once in the studio nowadays which makes the finished product way more complete and thought through. We do have fun and strange things sometimes occur while recording but it's mainly hard work and a lot of focus! You can check out some studio photos at www.unleashed.se.

HH: Are you totally satisfied with the result or is there anything you'd like to change at Hammer Battalion?

Anders: We are extremely satisfied with the result and I can't think of anything that would need to be changed!

HH: What are your live-plans? I've heard, you will make a big Europe-tour! Give me some information, please?

Anders: We have a lot planned and already confirmed! There will be a bunch of festivals played through the summer and in September/October we will head to the states together with Obituary! And following that the first European leg
will kick off in November together with Krisiun and the One Man Army!
Plans are already being made for a second euro run probably in January as well!

HH: How was the last tour with Marduk and Vreid? Are there some funny stories you'd like to tell?

Anders: It was truly a great tour! Great bands and a great turnout at the shows! I would say one of the better tours ever! Indeed there are stories... but on a tour with Scandinavian bands... these stories can be hard to remember, haha!

HH: Anders, you are from Sweden, so which kind of Death Metal do you like more; the Göteborg-style or the Stockholm-way?

Anders: Stockholm all the way! This is our legacy and what we are still a part of since we were kids!!

HH: Could you imagine to form a new Sweden-Death-Tour with other bands?
Or maybe again with Dismember, Grave and Entombed?

Anders: Sure! That was an awesome experience, like a three week weekend with 20 of your oldest friends... pretty hard to beat that! It would be great to do something like that again!

HH: Is there an undiscovered, really good underground-band from Sweden, which you'd like to present to our readers?

Anders: There are a lot of them I'd say! As for what signifies underground I don't know but a great band which may not be too well known to the major audience was Malign!!

HH: Back to the album: In your opinion, how will the fans react on Hammer Battalion? It contains trademarks from Sworn Allegiance and Midvinterblot and also offers some new aspects! How do you think about it?

Anders: Well so far reactions have been great! As you describe it pretty much covers it I would say! We strive to progress within ourselves and the music while still always staying true to our past!

HH: Again Hammer Battalion got a brilliant cover, which says nearly everything about the album. Did you use the same artist like on Midvinterblot?

Anders: Glad to hear! Yes we did use the same artist, our good friend Sebastian from Necrophobic/Nifelheim! He truly is an amazing artist!

HH: Some questions to yourself: Which bands did you hear at your youth and which bands made you to play drums in band?

Anders: Damn there is so many to mention! Hard to say exactly what or who made me start playing, but as soon as I started getting into and understanding metal as well as punk and hardcore I know I had to be a part of it!

HH: Which bands do you hear nowadays? Are there some new releases which are kicking ass?

Anders: I listen to a lot, both new and old... wouldn't even know where to begin! But for instance the last albums by Vomitory, Grand Magus and Primordial are great!

HH: Well, that's it! Thank you for your time and patience! The last words are yours!

Anders: Thanks a lot for the support! We look forward to getting the new album out and to see everyone out on the road!


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