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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Crystalic (18.08.2007)

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HH: Hi, how are you ?

Frank: Hi, fine, thank you, I just woke up.

HH: Congratulations to your new record Watch Us Deteriorate that I really like. How's the feedback so far?

Frank: The feedback has been great. So far there are no bad reviews at all. Media and public have taken this record very positive.

HH: Is there something that you would like to change or improve on Watch Us Deteriorate if you could?

Frank: We did a huge amount of work with this record. We mixed it four times! We are really satisfied with the outcome. There is always something you want to improve, but I think that's just evolution. Only thing that really pisses us off is that the symbals are on little too low volume compared to the other instruments. That was the fact that we could not improve much during mixing. We should have recorded drums again and start the whole recording process from the beginning. Of course you can use computers and samples to repair this problem but we did not want to.

HH: I think you guys will have a prospering future. What do you want to tell us with the album's title "Watch Us Deteriorate"?

Frank: Thank you, lets hope so! All the lyrics are about human mind. The title describes how decayed and selfish people are nowadays.

HH: I heard that Crystalic has already existed for some years now, why did it take you so long to finish your first record?

Toni: Yes exactly, it has been a very long and winding road to this point when we finally released our debut album. I think we had some serious bad luck with several different things like labels were not interested about our demo-cd's or maybe they even didn't listen that stuff. However at least we didn't get any feedback from there. And also every now and then we were looking for new band members. Actually, at the moment our second guitarist has decided to leave Crystalic and now we're looking for a new one. So, that's how it goes.

HH: Did you play in other bands before starting this band?

Frank: Yeah, Arto has been in Korpiklaani. That is the most famous band of all I guess. All of us have been playing in other bands. We are not so young buddies though this is our debut album, whoahahah (laughing).

Toni: Yeah, and for a long time ago some years after founding Crystalic 1998 when band was put on ice we had a band called The Prophecy. And then there was me, Frank and Arto and we played for some years in that band until we wanted to play more technical stuff and revitalized Crystalic. By the way, that was the title of our demo 2002, Revitalized.

HH:How would you describe your music, and what are your main influences?

Toni: I think our music is versatile and does not give bored feelings to the listener. Those songs really won't open up on a first time when you listen to them. And that's because there are little hooks and technical parts in songs although they are however kind of catchy songs including reasonable chorus. Main influence is Death but there are others as well. Bands like Old Man's Child, Sadus, Nevermore, Dimmu Borgir etc. And I think Tony MacAlpine has also been little effective at least to my guitar work.

HH: A lot of people compare your music to the American band Death which was also known for technical death metal. What's your opinion about that?

Toni: In a way they're right!! But we do that with respecting touch and never copy things or try to be Death, truly not. We have our very own Crystalic sound what goes on its own paths. It's just all about respecting Chuck and what he has done with his music in this world. And that's something I would call undying.

HH: What kind of music do you currently enjoy?

Frank: Now I have been listening to new records from: Nile, Entombed, King Diamond and Dimmu Borgir. Today I also listened to old Queensryche.

HH: Have you ever been to Germany? And far more important... when will you come to play some gigs in Germany?

Frank: Yes I have been in Hamburg. Just a short one day visit during my holiday in Europe. I really liked your country and I'm coming back for a longer holiday someday. Crystalic will play in Germany as soon as somebody invites us. Lets see how things go! That would be awesome and we'd love to perform there!

Toni: Well, I have not! I haven't been much abroad yet. I would love to come, and hopefully we get a chance to perform there a gig someday!! And I've also heard that you have there Germany HUGE size of beer pints, at least a litre size!!! HEHEHEHEHE!! Damn I can't wait to get there.


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