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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Falconer (11.09.2008)

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HH: Hi , how are you? Quite busy by promoting the new album?

Stefan: No worry, I still got plenty of time over for daily life.

HH: Two years have passed since the last album Northwind. What happened during that time?

Stefan: We did some festivals during 2007 and then started writing new songs. Some of us has been occupied with getting family and children and that takes some time.

HH: How satisfied are you with the reactions on the new album so far?

Stefan: I'm not surprised of the reactions. Well, this time I see many reviews contradicting. For example where one review say that we have released the best album since the first two and gotten back that feeling. Others say that it's worse than Northwind and constantly move away from what we were good at. So one say left and one say right.

HH: What are the main differences in your opinion between Northwind and Among Beggars And Thieves?

Stefan: I think Northwind had easier and simpler songs. The new one is faster and a bit more riff oriented and has more complex and theatrical elements. Over all it's also a darker album.

HH: I think, Among Beggars And Thieves is a little bit back to the roots, do you agree? Or do you have a different opinion?

Stefan: I certainly agree with you. Some aspects of the album is back to the roots while other are looking ahead. For me we have taken the good parts from the past and added stuff to it. I wouldn't like to do an album or write songs as I did for the first album, nowadays I have learnt more things that I want to use.

HH: Some songs are sung in English, some in Swedish. What are the reasons for the language you choose in the songs?

Stefan: Some songs just sounds so Scandinavian within the music that I feel that they really deserve a Swedish lyric to fulfil them. Since we did "Per Tyrssons döttrar in Vänge" on the first album fans has asked for more and honestly I don't think they differ that much from our original songs so keeping the Swedish language has been quite natural.

HH: What are the songs on the new album about? On which topics did you work on for Among Beggars And Thieves?

Stefan: I wouldn't really call it a concept album although the lyrics are based upon a common subject or era if you want. When people say concept album I think of something over the top like what the prog metal bands are doing. I still want the album to be listenable without analyzing and pumping the album over and over again.
I think most of our lyrics in the past have also dealt with the hardship of the common man instead of the knights in shining armour or fair maidens. This time we draw it a bit further. Some songs are based upon true events and others are just describing the era. Some topics are the situation of the slaves in the 11th century or the life of a beggar roaming the roads. Freedom fighters in the 15th century or the witch burnings in Sweden. History is my second interest and I'd like to keep the lyrics as realistic as possible and not to fall into the usual topics of other metal bands.

HH: The most "strange" song (but not strange in the meaning of bad) ist "Dreams And Pyres", which includes many different parts and influences. I would like to describe it as a mixture between soundtrack and musical. What can you tell us about this song?

Stefan: Quite a good description. A metal musical is what I use to call it. I wanted to do something even more epic and grandiose. Although the theme of burning witches isn't the most original I had this true story in mind that I wanted to write a song about. It just fit perfectly with more than one lead singer and the theme was so theatrical that I did it in this kind of operatic way. I love that song so it's not gonna be the last one in that style although we won't dedicate an entire album to that kind of writing since it isn't really 100% Falconer feel over it.

HH: After all the years in the music business, where did you take the inspiration to carry on?

Stefan: My love of writing music and my interest in history I would say.

HH: In our last interview you mentioned some albums that were not as good as you wanted them to be. What albums are this and what would you change, if you had the possibility?

Stefan: "Sceptre Of Deception" - Bad sound, bad guitar playing, bad guitar sound, bad vocals, to many bad songs.

HH: You had such a great debut album, so almost everyone compares the new albums with the debut. Are you annoyed about this?

Stefan: Yes. Especially since you don't have the same goals or intentions as you had back then it feels like you're not evaluated in the right way but by measured by out of date means. My intention is not to make the first album again because I have more knowledge and visions now.

HH: For the song "Carnival Of Disgust" you made your very first videoclip. How was the recording of that clip? Do you expect to see it on TV?

Stefan: The one responsible for it is our photographer who really has an eye for the visual equivalence of Falconer's music I think. It was shot in a medieval castle. What we wanted was a video that portrayed the lyric and not just a band playing in a dark room for five minutes or having a naked girl running through the forest even if the lyric isn't about that. A video should enhance the lyrical concept, this time the situation of a executioner forced to chose the job or serving his own sentence... death penalty. I think the video turned out great. Trivia: the guy playing the executioner is Karl Beckman from my old band Mithotyn. We realise that the only place that people will see it is on YouTube or on the digi pack version of the album. MTV... yeah sure!!

HH: You once said, Falconer was not created for playing live. So, what were your impressions playing in Wacken Open Air last year? And are there any planes for promoting the new CD by touring?

Stefan: No. Shows like Wacken are really enjoyable to play but that's the kind of shows we'll play. It's not really worth the time, money and energy to run around playing small club shows when you have a family and a full time job. I still see Falconer as a studio band that happens to play some shows every year. My first priority is writing songs and recording albums.

HH: Are you a spirituell person? Do ou believe in in god or anything else? What makes in your eyes life worth living?

Stefan: In my eyes life is about recreation of the human race. I'm not spiritual or religious in any way. Afterlife, ghosts, souls is all bullshit and wishful thinking to me.

HH: When you see some new bands, that are really been pushed to the top, what do you think about this? Especially when you look back and to all the work you put into Falconer, does this make you angry? Or is this just business to you?

Stefan: It really depends on the band. Some bands deserve it while other are just "polished shit" so to speak. Shit sells with the right promotion and money behind. I think there are bands that really put more time and energy into the music than Falconer and then they deserve it. Bands that are hyped I have a very hard time liking, it kind of has the opposite effect on me.

HH: Thank you for answering my questions. What is left to be mentioned?

Stefan: What you forget to mention is that our new album is our best.................... except for the first album I guess. Hehe!


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