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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Enchanter (16.03.2008)

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HH: Hi John, please introduce Enchanter and its members to our readers.

John C.: Hi! We are the band Enchanter based out New England in the United States. Maurice Fauteux - Vocals, Guitars and Keys, John Chouinard - Guitars, John Dennen - Bass Guitar, Ray Perron - Drums.

HH: Your label says that Cirith Ungol, Manilla Road, Brocas Helm, Omen or Warlord have a big influence on the sound of Enchanter. Do you agree?

John C.: No. I wouldn't say that they have an influence. I have heard of most of these bands but not too much of their music.

HH: Is it a good or a bad thing for Enchanter to be compared with those bands?

John C.: I would think it's a good thing. Although I am not so familiar with these bands, for so many others to make reference to them speaks for itself.

HH: Enchanter was formed in 1991 but the debut record Symbols In Stone was recorded in 2000 and released in 2001. Why did it take so much time to do the Enchanter debut?

John C.: Like a lot of unsigned bands, funds were a big contributing factor. For quite a few years we pitched to labels to get a record deal. We were offered a couple but they were not in our best interest. So we decided to go in the studio and record our first cd Symbols In Stone. However we were then faced with manufacturing cost. A private investor had 5000 copies of Symbols in Stone pressed and packaged for us.

HH: Can you tell us what happened in the years 1991 to 2000?

John C.: The band formed in August 1991. In 1992 we recorded a single called The Enchanter that was released through Big Noise Records. It was a most requested song on a local radio station, used on Ticketmaster commercials, and airplay overseas. After the release of Symbols in Stone in 2000 we began to build a good underground fan base. During this time we were playing a lot of shows, large and small.

HH: In 2002 Enchanter recorded their second album Secrets Vol. 1 which was never released. Why did you never release this record?

John C.: Pretty much the same reasons as the first cd.

HH: Who came up with the idea to release "Secrets" and "Symbols" on a single cd?

John C.: Pure Steel Records. Although some of the songs are of a fairly good length there weren't many on each cd.

HH: Enchanter is part of the Pure Steel Records family, how is the cooperation with the record label? Are you pleased with their work?

John C.: Most definitely. They have really worked with us in all aspects.

HH: In my review I described the music of Enchanter as diversified and dynamic with good vocal melodies, classical leads and solos. Music played with heart and a production which fits perfectly to this kind of music. How would you describe your music in three words to someone who doesn't know Enchanter?

John C.: Epic. Driven. Rockin.

HH: And how would the long version sound like?

John C.: We are a very versatile band. We write about anything and everything. You never know what the next song is going to sound like or be about.

HH: What about a new record, will there be a new Enchanter album? I think it's time to come up with new material and I think your fans await it too, don't they?

John C.: Yes. There will be a third album. Yes, we have been asked by our fans about a new album.

HH: Do you have a clue how the new songs will sound like?

John C.: Yes. Our next album will be called Book Of Prophecies and so far all the songs we have written for it are heavy.

HH: What about the lyrics, do you already know what topics the lyrics will deal with?

John C.: Yes. We have written some lyrics that are great food for thought and very controversial. One song is called the "Reign Of Mabus". It is based on the prophecy of the coming of the third antichrist according to Nostadamus.

HH: Which new bands do you listen to at the moment?

John C.: I have been listening to all the bands on Pure Steel Records.

HH: Will we see Enchanter live this year?

John C.: We are working on setting up a tour.

HH: Imagine, Enchanter is something to eat. What would it be?

John C.: A Pizza.

HH: Thanks for your time and good speed! Any last words?

John C.: Yes. We would like to thank all of our fans, our label Pure Steel Records, and you for your awesome review.

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