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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Anterior (28.06.2007)

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HH: Hi, how are you?

Ross: Hi! I'm fine thanks!

HH: Can you tell us and our readers something about the history of Anterior?

Ross: Yeah sure, well we have been together for about four years. We all met each other in secondary school in South Wales and have been playing ever since. We recorded a four- track-EP back last summer with Tim Hamill at Sonic One studios in Llangennech of which we then posted two songs on our myspace site. We were stumbled upon by a management company; Desert Rock USA who in turn shipped our EP to various labels. We then signed with Metal Blade Records last Winter. After being signed we recorded our debut album This Age Of Silence, again at Sonic One.

HH: How would you describe your style of music and what are your main influences?

Ross: Simply Metal. We have many influences such as Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom, In Flames, Yngwie Malmsteen, Racer X. We try to mix as many of our influences together into our sound.

HH: You are quite young. How do older or more experienced bands react to this? Did you come along any prejudices?

Ross: No not at all. We really haven't experienced any reaction from any other bands in this way yet. Hopefully we won't.

HH: Is there a story behind the name Anterior? Why and how did you choose it?

Ross: Ah, and old school story indeed... We first started the band when we were in our teens and were completely stumped for a name. Luke thought it would be a laugh to completely wing it and open a dictionary pointing at the first word at random in it. It happened to be Anterior. After checking that the name wasn't currently occupied by anyone else, it stuck!

HH: I heard that you are looking for a bass player. What happened to your former bass player? Why did he leave the band, and how is the search for a replacement player advancing?

Ross: Well James decided that the band wasn't for him any more. We respect his decision and wish him the best for the future. Our search at the moment is slow but there are a few we have in the pipeline. We are hoping this will be resolved soon!

HH: Metal Blade is quite a big player in Metal Business. How did you manage to get signed there?

Ross: After recording our four-track-EP, Brian Slagel of Metal Blade Records listened and liked the material. Luckily for us, he liked the material and we got signed!!

HH: Did that deal change the way you are thinking about your music and the band?

Ross: Totally! We all packed in our jobs and university courses to concentrate full time on the band.

HH: Let's talk about your album This Age Of Silence. How are the reactions so far?

Ross: Really awsome so far. We have had some great reviews, one or two negative ones, but hey you take them as the come right!

HH: Did the reviews meet your expectations? Or are you surprised by the feedback that you got?

Ross: In certain ways yes, in some ways they outweighed our expectations which is always a good thing! It's really encouraging to see that there are people out there that think enough of your music to give it a really good review.

HH: What do you think about your own debut? Are you happy with the result? Is there anything that you would change or improve if you could?

Ross: There are slight things that we have agreed that could of been better, but the way we look at it is they are only very slight and to be honest you could never be 100% happy with the final result. Its just something you deal with.

HH: What are the lyrics on This Age Of Silence about, and how important are lyrics to you in general?

Ross: Our lyrics on the album consist of many different concepts. There is no one main concept that we cover. Mainly though it is the listener that can judge for themselves what they mean to them and their own life.

HH: You are not playing any of the German metal festivals, when can we expect to see you here in Germany?

Ross: Fucking love to come to Germany!! We are hoping to do an European tour sometime in the future. We are uncertain as to when yet, but we are keeping our fingers crossed!!

HH: Thanks for your time. Any last words?

Ross: Thank you very much! Go grab a copy of This Age of Silence out now!! Stay Metal!!!


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