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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Masterstroke (03.04.2008)

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HH: Hi, how are you?

Jussi: Hi! I'm fine, thanks.

HH: How are the reactions to Sleep so far?

Jussi: So far the reactions have been mainly positive and encouraging. In my mind, some of the reviews have been somewhat reserved perhaps. As in, no one is quite sure how to react to us as we're a new band and all... Maybe I'm totally off the mark, but that's what I get from reading the reviews.

HH: Did you expect the success that you are having now with this record?

Jussi: What success?? Honestly, it's (still) too early to say how much of a success it has been. We're not rushing out to buy new Ferraris, that's for sure...

HH: Are you satisfied with the record?

Jussi: Fairly pleased, yes. There are always things to be done better and/or differently, but I think it turned out ok. I haven't actually listened to the record since after the mastering session, I got my fair share while making it!

HH: What are the lyrics on Sleep about?

Jussi: There isn't a single unifying theme on the album, if you don't include the stupidity of mankind somewhat. Some of the lyrics have a basis in real-life events, but twisted and only used as a starting point to get things started. As for the song Sleep itself... I have no idea! I had an idea and a ... feeling when writing the lyrics, but I've since forgotten what it was... Make your own interpretation!

HH: Do you have a favourite song on it? Why is it your favourite?

Jussi: I've been liking the last track, "Final Journey", since it has a great mood to it.

HH: What about your first record, does it sound like Sleep?

Jussi: It's a more "traditional" power-metal album, I suppose. We've been going towards more darker grounds, so maybe Apocalypse isn't a good representation of where the band is at the moment. That said, it's still our history, and I'm proud of it.

HH: Why has it not been released all over Europe?

Jussi: In short: our label back then went bankrupt. Maybe one day...

HH: I heard some of you played in a band called Crystalic before. Are you still in contact with those guys?

Jussi: Yeah, we're great friends with the guys! And.. well, see below.

HH: What do you think about their latest record Watch Us Deterioate?

Jussi: I think I should probably abstain from answering, since I recorded and mixed it! The next album is also going to kick serious behind, check out the new songs we did for their promotional demo. Now there's a good band without a label!

HH: Are there any other bands beside Masterstroke where any of you have played?

Jussi: There are some, all of them local, not all of them metal. One I'd like to single out is Status Minor.

HH: Which bands did influence your music most?

Jussi: Not bands as such, but I've been mostly influenced by the likes of Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield, etc... You know, "synth music". Lately bands like Evergrey, In Flames and Nevermore have been on heavy rotation. Some common names come up within the band, like the ones mentioned before, but also the likes of Symphony X, Dream Theater, Ayreon, Tarot...

HH: A very important question: When will you come to play shows in Germany?

Jussi: We'll be coming this spring (April/May) on tour with Jon Oliva's Pain and Manticora. There are a few dates in Germany and around. Oh, and then later on in the summer, there's Dong Open Air festival and maybe a mini club-tour or something. Details are still out there. But we're coming to Germany!!

HH: Thanks for your time. Any last words to the readers of Heavyhardes.de?

Jussi: See you at the gigs! Keep it metal! (Oh crap, I actually said that.. :D )
Jussi Kulomaa


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