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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Insected (31.05.2005)

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HH: Hi Tristessa! First of all congratulations to your very good record Killing For Recreation. How are you doing at the moment? How were the reactions on Killing For Recreation?

Tristessa: Firstly I want to thank you and to say that until today we have give more emphasis on Insected and we send the cd to many zine and magazines worldwide to see the reactions and to have official opinions on it. The cd has only positive reviews for example in the Greek Metal Hammer (April issue) we became the demo of the month. Not only magazines but also a lot of fans who have heard our material or visit our site send their positive feedback.

HH: You're known as mastermind of the Greek Black Metal band Astarte; maybe some people know Nikolas from his time as singer of the Greek Heavy Black Metal band Dark Vision. What is he doing now besides Insected?

Tristessa: He takes action on the Greek Metal scene by organizing lives and festivals under the name "SIC Team". You can visit his site: www.sic-team-live.tk Besides this he is also the official singer of my other band LLOTH, where we play experimental Brutal Death and we have already play some lives.

HH: What about the others. Can you please introduce your drummer Ice and your guitar-player Cris Veleris?

Tristessa: They are both very skilled and flexible musicians and we are all satisfied from the final result. The drummer Ice will be also on the new Astarte album and he will play the drums from now on.

HH: Is there a special meaning behind the name of the band?

Tristessa: The band name is a word that does not exist. But we have created it. The meaning behind has to do with the words "infection" and "insect". So, it means "he, who is infected from insects". Another deeper meaning is about "secta". Secta has the meaning of belonging to very strict ideology and belong to persons that follow a strict way of living, thought and beliefs.

HH: What topics do the lyrics deal with?

Tristessa: We present our opposition towards the new life standards which makes human act like machine. We generally speak with aggression of what we believe and what we do not believe and we try to pass some straight messages.

HH: There are not many extrem Death Metal bands from Greece! Can you tell us a reason for that?

Tristessa: Nowadays the new generation mostly concentrates in new sounds and more modern aspects in Metal Music. People here like to listen the Brutal Death, but they do not like to play it. It is quite difficult, according to my opinion, to play this kind of music and to pass all this energy and aggressiveness. Nothing comes accidentally. We feel ourselves very mature and experienced and we know how to pass this music to our audience.

HH: Why did you decide to do this style of music?

Tristessa: We all play in several other bands and in the past we have play many different music styles. Right now with Insected we see ourselves that we can produce something special and different from our past experience. Thus, we end up in playing furious Metal and to form INSECTED.

HH: Who is writing the music for Insected? Is everyone involved in the songwriting process or is there one mastermind who writes all the songs? The music is composed from the drummer and the guitarist. But after all we all put our ideas on the way that the song will be in its final shape.

HH: Which bands influenced your songwriting?

Tristessa: There are no bands. We are mostly influenced from Death Thrash Metal. We try to keep our minds out of influences and we have enough experience to work it out like this.

HH: The songs sound really, really good, everything's good to hear, the drums have much power and the guitars are quite heavy. Was it difficult for you to achieve this pretty good sound? Are you still pleased with it?

Tristessa: At first I need to say that all members are very skilled and this is very important to the style and to the power of their play. Secondly, we have worked, during the recording session, wit very good machinery and sources. Finally and most important, we spend a lot of time to the mix and mastering and at that part we spend more time and we gave our personal effort and opinion for the final sound of the cd.

HH: Who is responsible for the design of the Digi-Pack?

Tristessa: Nickolas SIC Maiis has inspired, create and make the whole photo session and Artwork of the digi-pack. He has tried to adjust the ideas of the music to the whole output of the Artwork.

HH: Whom or what do you want to kill to recreate?

Tristessa: It is an allegoric meaning which describes the circle of life. "The fittest will survive" is a good phrase to describe this title.

HH: The most negative point of Killing For Recreation is the playtime. It's definitly too short! When will we get a full album?

Tristessa: We manage to start work on it in the year 2006 so sooner or later the album will be out.

HH: Will you promote album live?

Tristessa: We have some thoughts to make some lives but right now we are more concentrated in the composition of our debut album.

HH: Imagine Killing For Recreation is an ancient Greek god. Which one would it be and why?

Tristessa: It could be an Ancient God, but it can also be a human being who is enough to destroy or to recreate all of that Gods have created.

HH: Thanks for your time! Any last words?

Tristessa: I want to send my greeting to all those who has support us so far and to thank also your magazine. This period I will announce the new album title and news about INSECTED. Till then: We will kill to recreate...
INSECTED Official site: www.insected.tk

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