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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Treponem Pal (13.04.2008)

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HH: How are you doing shortly before the release of your new record Weird Machine? Here in Germany the release date is April 11th.

Marco: Well, pretty well and excited to have a new record out after such a long time. We've been busy on other projects and looking forward now to tour a lot and often in Germany where the audience and response has always been very very good.

HH: Some months ago there has been a re-release of your records Treponem Pal, Aggravation, Live In Europe 1992 and Excess & Overdrive by Metal Mind Productions. Have you been involved in designing this re-release?

Marco: Yes we've been involved into this project we built it with the people from Metal Mind in Poland!!

HH: What do you think of this re-release?

Marco: I can say I'm happy of the way we've been working with them!! They've been very honest!! And they have respected everything we wanted!! It's always good to have a box of the three first records we did!! It's a all adventure with some people... we worked together during almost ten years... since then the band has followed a new direction but it's still the same efficient and hardcore psychedelic trip!!

HH: Treponem Pal split up some time after having done the records Higher and regrouped in 2007, if I'm right. Why did you split up?

Marco: We never split up!! We took a break with Treponem Pal to get involved into reggae dub projects: we did an album called Elephant System with a major company... it was Mercury Records. At the same time we developped a sound system called Dub Action and toured with one of the masters in Dub Style called Adrian Sherwood. It's him who produced the Elephant System album which is a reggae punk album. Adrian Sherwood for those they don't know about is was the producer of early Ministry records, Nine Inch Nails and Front 242 but also a real good producer of reggae artists like Lee Perry or The Dub Syndicate. He had his own record label called Onu Sound Records.
After this break we decided with Didier B. to be back on Treponem Pal's sound because we were feeling like an enormous tension inside that we wanted to extract!!!

HH: What happend in the years in between the "split" and the "reunion"?

Marco: I just developed that before but after the reggae project of Elephant System I took a break with the life of group. Three years to do some compilations for record companies and taking some distance with things.

HH: What was the reason to reanimate Treponem Pal?

Marco: As I said everyday you feel something... happiness, anger, sadness.. and then some people they stand it and some don't!! Us!! Me and Didier needed to extract the fucking tension we feel around us!!! The world is getting worst... people are fighting more and more... religion still taking people to wars... the rich are getting richer and the poor still dying... We just feeling like reacting to this through our music!!

HH: Treponem Pal are considered as pioneers in the Industrial Metal-scene because of your early records. Has there been a special pressure on you when you wrote the songs for your new record because of that reputation?

Marco: Absolutly not!!! Pressure?? Ah ah!! NO!! The only pressure was to make a new record that doesn't sound like the others before!! Something new!! And since the album is out we are happy to hear that people found the new songs like a modern version of industrial rock sound...

HH: Where do you see the commonness and the differences between the old and the new songs?

Marco: Well all I can say is that most of our songs old or new they are very efficient straight to the point and in your face!! And psychedelic enough to give you a kind of audio orgasm!!!! That's all about it!!!

HH: "Hardcore Massive Soldier" and "Sonic Life" are my favorites on Weird Machine. I like the chorus in "Hardcore Massive Soldier" very much and the dark tune of "Sonic Life". On "Sonic Life" the vocals remind me of Glenn Danzig somehow. Where did you get your inspirations for those two songs?

Marco: "Hardcore Massive Soldier" sounds a little bit like hiphop beat but still repetitive like we are good to do it!! "Sonic Life" is slow and trippy speaking about what we've got inside secrets and lies!! Inspiration??? Well life everyday...

HH: Which songs on Weird Machine do you like best and why?

Marco: All of them I could say... it's brand new... still powerful efficient (I repeat myself sorry) and now looking to make a new one!!! Quickly!! After a huge tour worldwide I hope!!

HH: Do you have a special formula when you write songs for Treponem Pal?

Marco: Well first the most important is the ambiance!! Each song has to spread a strong ambiance... it is dark most of time!! Like the life we are living everyday!! Keep the writing simple and straight to the point!!! This is just rock'n'roll formula isn't it???

HH: Former Ministry- and Killing Joke-bass player Paul Raven contributed on Weird Machine but died in October 2007. How did you react on his death? Did his death have influence on some songs on Weird Machine?

Marco: Paul was like a brother to me!! I met him in 1992 in USA... since then we always stayed in touch... he came without other interest than the music to work with me. The new album is entirely dedicated to him!!! His death was a fucking shock to me!! We stopped working during two days and decided that we had to finish this record and doing it the best we could just for him!! We'll do a special show in London at the underworld the 28th of may with the band of his brother Daniel Raven called Gundogs and Inertia, a London band, friends of Paul too.

HH: To which songs did Paul contribute his ideas?

Marco: Three songs!! "Dirty Dance", "Revolutionist" and "Human Attack".

HH: Which Treponem Pal do you consider the most important?

Marco: All of our records are important!! They are a part of my life... my favorite until now?? I could say Excess And Overdrive and Weird Machine.

HH: Imagine Weird Machine is an allotment, how would it look like?

Marco: Sorry I don't get it???? The weird machine is us!!! The weird machine is the world around us!!! And it's most of time the way I feel!!! A machine that no one can control...

HH: Final Question: which nation will be European soccer champion?


HH: Thanks for your time and good speed! Any last word?


Lord Obirah

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