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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Scariot (21.06.2007)

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HH: Daniel, you are the only founding member of Scariot left. What happend that all other founding members left the band?

Daniel: Scariot was started by me in 1997 and it's only me left from the very beginning. In fact, there's been a different line up on each record, so it's not a new phenomena on Momentum Shift. There are lots of reasons why members have left or been replaced, but most importantly, I've written almost all the music on every album and I'm still here...

HH: On Momentum Shift Scariot did change the musical direction and play progressive Thrash Metal. What's the biggest difference between Momentum Shift and its predecessor Strange To Numbers?

Daniel: Like you said, it's much more thrash on this new one. Especially the drums are responsible for this. Asgeir is a prog/thrash drummer and this has affected the sound in Scariot. Anyway, the biggest difference is the vocal. A new singer is introduced and naturally this is very noticeable in our sound. Anyway, melodies and strongs riffs have always been a trademark!

HH: Scariot released its first record in 2000, the second in 2001 and the third in 2003. Then it took four years to release the fourth record. Why did it take so much time to release Momentum Shift?

Daniel: Firstly, we had a split up after Strange To Numbers. It didn't take very long to write the material and I also gathered new members quite fast, but things had to fit with each one and we didn't rush anything. It took at least one year after the album was recorded until it was released, but that's how this business is...

HH: I would compare the music of Scariot to Realm, Toxik, Control Denied or Death. What do you think of those comparisons?

Daniel: I've only heard Death and Control Denied, and Death being my all time fave band, has influenced me of course.

HH: On Momentum Shift there's an interesting cover version of "Symbolic", which was originally written by Death. It's quite cool in my opinion and it has some extraordinary vocal-lines. Why did you choose this song?

Daniel: Again, Death is my fave band and I've wanted to do this song for a long time. I also wanted to do the opposite and actually cover a song with growling vocals into clean vocals. The result was killer and I even think the solo is better than the original!

HH: On Momentum Shift there are only clear vocals, just regular singing. Many Thrash-bands use very aggressive vocals nowadays. They scream like hell but most of the time it becomes boring after a while. Here you can discover lots of melodies, some of them evolve immediately, for others one has to take time. What do you think of those aggressive vocals that other bands use so often?

Daniel: Well, I like both kinds of vocals, but the truth is that not many masters sing well with a clean voice. Anyway, though we've had growling vocals in Scariot earlier, the intention was always to have clean vocals, but those singers aren't easy to find around here...

HH: Another remarkable thing on Momentum Shift is the amazing bassplay. How did the cooperation with Steve DiGiorgio occur?

Daniel: Asgeir on drums knew Steve since they've played in Testament and Vintersorg together. We simply sent him some songs and asked if he wanted to join...

HH: How did the actual line-up come together?

Daniel: Well, I knew about Asgeir since he made the cover for the Strange To Numbers album and he was involved in our record label. So right after the split up, I immediately thought of him. The biggest problem was the vocals. I had to have someone singing even better than Oddleif, and my only choice then was Řyvind Hćgeland. I've been a big fan of him since the mid 90's and he also plays in Spiral Architect with Asgeir, so it was easy to ask him as well!

HH: Is there a favorite song on Momentum Shift people like best?

Daniel: I really don't know, but I've noticed that some like "Nothing Is Forever" ...

HH: Which song should one listen to to get the perfect impression of Momentum Shift?

Daniel: "Sickening World" maybe...

HH: Which song do you like best?

Daniel: "Slaves" I guess...

HH: Imagine Momentum Shift is a rubber duck. How would it look like?

Daniel: Like Jack Nickolson!

HH: Is there any chance of seeing Scariot live with the actual line-up?

Daniel: I doubt Scariot will ever hit the stage anymore no matter what line-up I'm afraid...

HH: Thanks for your time and good luck for the future. Any last words?

Daniel: Check www.scariot.com and buy albums if you like what you hear! Thanx in advance!

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