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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Blood Tsunami (18.05.2007)

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HH: Hi! How are you? I think that not a lot of people already know your band. So, would you please start telling us something about the band's history?

Faust: The band was formed in 2004 by Pete who has a history in Norwegian bands like Hellride and Datsun prior to Blood Tsunami. My musical history counts bands like Emperor, Thorns, Dissection, Aborym and probably more.

HH: On your homepage I read that your influences are mostly the Bay Area Thrash scene and the German Thrash scene. So, from which bands are you affected mostly? Why are you so inspired from Thrash Metal?

Faust: Pete writes all the music and he has been a thrash addict ever since he bought the first Kreator album in 1986, so obviously that will influence his music. I reckon he don't favorize this or that scene, he is just a thrash metal fan by heart and soul.

HH: On your pictures you look quite young. How did you get in touch with Thrash Metal or Metal in general?

Faust: We look young? As said, Pete bought his first Kreator album in 1986, he is now 34 years old, has four kids whereas his oldest daughter is 14. I am 33, been into extreme metal since 1987 approximately. The other two remaining guys are respectively 30 and 28 so viewing us as youngsters is a compliment by all means... haha!

HH: Norway is normaly known for it's Black Metal Bands and hugh Black Metal scene. Is it even harder for you as a Thrash Metal Band to make progress?

Faust: Not really, since we have a big network with friends, bands, magazines who are always supportive. I realise Norway will always be known first and foremost for black metal but there are a bunch of great death and thrash metal bands here as well.

HH: Please characterise the Norwegian metal scene from your point of view.

Faust: A lot of great bands and in the Oslo area where I live there is regularly gigs and happenings. From time to time there is trends sweeping over the country as every other country but it is not a catastrophe.

HH: A Tsunami is know as a big disaster, even if you think about Thailand, which was not so long ago. Why did you choose Blood Tsunami for your band's name?

Faust: The name was chosen before the disaster in South East Asia. We thought about changing the name but decided not to. The people who are potentially interested in the music know that the band existed before the tsunami in Asia, besides, people forget fast and nobody really cares.

HH: What plans do you have for your future? What is your aim with Blood Tsunami?

Faust: To release shredding albums and do some great gigs. Simply to keep the spirit of thrash metal alive.

HH : What are the songs on your Debut about ? Would you please tell us something about the "message" of each song ? Just fiction or some kind of basic message?

Faust: Well, Pete wrote all the lyrics for the debut. They are basically about death and destruction, most likely words that just popped up for him. In the vein of early Kreator and Sodom lyrics. I will contribute somewhat to the next album and probably tone down the destructive element but still keeping it dark.

HH: What was the reason for the instrumental "Godbeater"? No ideas for lyriks ? J

Faust: We wanted to try something similar to Metallica and what they did with "Call Of Ktulu" and "Orion" which are some of the best metal instrumentals ever written. It's like an ode to Metallica, what they were in the 80ies.

HH: What is the process of a songs' creation ? Is every member involved in the writing process?

Faust: Basically Pete and I create the songs. That means, Pete makes the riff and some rough arrangements. Then we sit together in our rehearsal place, putting it together, rearranging and trying over again. The vocal lines are done at last by Pete.

HH: What reactions did you achive with your debut Thrash Metal. Did you expected them?

Faust: So far we had raving reviews from the English press (Terrorizer, Metal Hammer and Kerrang!), pretty good ones in Norway and Germany as well. We didn't really have any real slagging offs yet, so that is pretty promising.

HH: You played a lot of gigs in Norway. Are there any gigs that are worth to be mentioned in some way? Even funny or embarrassing.

Faust: They were pretty normal so far I think. We will play the Inferno festival tomorrow in fact, then do five dates in England and Scotland with Zyklon in May and probably some more in Norway after that again.

HH: What would you do, if you would not play in a metal band?

Faust: Probably being a common job with a shit job and no fun moments.

HH:Please tell us your All-Time-Favourite metal band.

Faust: Difficult to say. I like a lot Poison Idea which is the perfect crossover between metal and hardcore. Then Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost and Bathory are great. Also classic Kiss, Motley Crue and Iron Maiden.

HH: Thanks for answering my questions, the last words are up to you.

Faust: Thanks for your support. Keep Metal Alive!


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