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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Revocation (10.10.2009)

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HH: Hello to Boston! Let's talk a little about your new CD. I'm sure that a lot of our readers do not know the band Revocation up to now. Therefore I ask you to introduce the band to our readership. Who are the musicians and which circumstances led to the formation of Revocation?

David: Hello to Germany! Revocation consists of Phil Dubois (Drums), Anthony Buda (bass/vocals), and myself (guitar/vocals). In high school the three of us started a thrash band called Cryptic Warning. Over time our sound evolved and we felt the need for a name change so in 2006 we changed the name to Revocation. Our self released debut CD Empire Of The Obscene came out in 2008 and got us noticed by many prominent metal labels. After some negotiations we signed with Relapse in 2009 and our label debut Existence Is Futile just came out worldwide.

HH: Existence Is Futile reveals a lot of routine - your technical work, especially at the guitar, is really impressive. I guess you earned your spurs in other bands before Revocation...

David: Thanks, I used to practice a lot growing up and in addition to playing in Cryptic Warning I also played in various jazz ensembles and big bands in high school. Playing different musical styles helped me develop a lot as a player.

HH: How has been the US press about Existence Is Futile?

David: Press has been good so far, we had a little feature in Decibel which is a big metal magazine in the states and a lot of the blogs have been raving about it so we're pretty stoked so far.

HH: Are you satisfied with the result of the production or do you already know what you will do better the next time?

David: We're very satisfied with the production, Pete from Damage Studios did a great job once again.

HH: How would you describe Existence Is Futile? What can the listener expect?

David: If you put Exhorder, Gorguts and Megadeth into a blender, season liberally with Death and Morbid Angel and add a pinch of Atheist to the mix you have a delicious slurry known as Existence Is Futile.

HH: There is a lot of Thrash Metal in your Songs. Have you not been afraid that the people might say you just jumped on the train that is currently driving in top gear?

David: No, we've been playing thrash since before this whole revival started so it hasn't affected us one way or another. Plus we don't think we have that "thrash revival" sound, I mean we're influenced by Exodus and Testament and all but we try not to directly sound like them.

HH: One number is standing out on the album, the instrumental "Across Forests And Fjords". What idea stands behind this song?

David: This is one of our "epic" songs on the album and has a nod to Immortal in some of the riffs. This song it conjures up images of vikings and shit like that. Its just a fun song to raise your beer or goblet of mead to.

HH: What other subjects is the album dealing with? When I look at the title of the album, I guess nothing all too positive...

David: The lyrics on the album are quite varied from song to song. There are songs about the economic collapse, post-nuclear war, and a giant sea monster.

HH: Did you set yourselves a target with Revocation? Whereof are you dreaming at night, I mean apart from beautiful girls and groupies.

David: No not really, just world domination... Is that too much to ask?

HH: Do you already know when you will get the occasion to have some live gigs in Europe?

David: No plans yet but we really want to cross the pond and tear it up over there!

HH: With which band would you prefer to go on tour, if you had the choice?

David: Metallica, I mean come on what metal band in their right mind wouldn't want to tour with Metallica?

HH: Are there any German bands you're counting in your favourites?

David: Kreator and Destruction are two of our faves.

HH: OK - last question: when I come to Boston one day - in what clubs do I have to go and where will I get the best beer?

David: There's this place called the Publick House that has amazing beers. If you like Belgium style beer thats the place to go.

HH: I say thank you for the interview. The last words belong to you.

David: Thanks so much for the interview. Existence Is Futile out now worldwide on Relapse Records!!!


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