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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Astarte (16.09.2002)

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HH: Please introduce yourself!

Tristessa: Hello to you and to the readers. My name is Tristessa. I play the bass and the acoustic guitars in my band.

HH: When and why did Astarte form up?

Tristessa: We were formed in 1995 and our first band name was LLOTH. The reason to create this band is very obvious. We wanted to play and to create music.

HH: What meaning has "Astarte"?

Tristessa: Astarte in Ancient Phoenicia, is the great goddess of fertility, motherhood and war. She is associated with the moon and called the Mother of the Universe, giver of all life on Earth. She is ruler of all spirits of the dead, who lived in bodies of light that were representing the stars. She is very popular and she is worshiped in several places under different names like, ISIS and HATHOR of Egypt, KALI of India and APHRODITE and DEMETER of Greece.

HH: How do you describe your musik. What does it stand for?

Tristessa: In our new cd we have change direction. We always move into Black Metal paths like the chaotic vocals of Kinthia, but in general we experiment in a personal way of music directions. In our last album we are more into epic spirit. With more brutal technical and melodic riffs. We give less emphasis to synths and we are more concentrated into the solistic epic riffs. With one word I could say that it sounds like a soundtrack.

HH: Who writes your songs and lyrics (main songwriter)? Do you follow a certain concept when writing your songs and lyrics?

Tristessa: Each one of us writes our own tracks. The whole music is made out from 3 different minds, 3 different moods and this gives a richer output. When someone of us creates an idea for a song, then all of us gather and listen to it. We make corrections we add or erase things and generally we try to make better and better. After we rehearse the song and we still, make new experiments. Sometimes we write long tracks because of this situation. Besides those standards we inspired mostly from our own selves and emotions. Finally some external influential factors are movies and books that we read.

HH: Why do you play melodic black metal and not any other style of musik?

Tristessa: We do not play only melodic. If you notice in our demo and our first cd we have played the most extreme black metal. We have touched the extremes of aggressiveness and speediness. But we cannot play all the time the same things. We find new ways to enter. Besides Black Metal in general, we do not like any other kind to play. Of course we listen too many other kinds of music. But what comes out mostly is this direction. This is the place that we are mostly inspired. We consider black metal as a more open music scene. It can mix thrash, death and more heavy elements. Also besides astarte each one of us plays session to several other Greek bands. But not officially. Just for a change and further experience.

HH: What do you think of current black metal scene?

Tristessa: My opinion is neutral. Black Metal now is in crisis. It has gave everything, repetition has take place, and now we see a huge competition among this huge music scene. Right now I am disappointed with Black Metal. Only few bands have attracted my attention.

HH: What meaning has black metal or metal in general for you?

Tristessa: We will speak generally about music. Above everything the most important for us is the expression and the creation. We feel fulfilled through our band. As you know the word art has a huge meaning for those who serve it and for those who accept it. It is a totally personal expression that can be shared with everybody, no mater sexes, countries and nations. Music for us is a common language of communication, transferring ideas, beliefs, thoughts and feelings.
This is a general view of how we see music. In more depth there are uncountable things that I can say. It is the A and Z of free expression. We feel that we have created a unique world and we live on it. Outside of everyday routine. It is a powerful weapon for us to live inside our creations.

HH: What are your 5 favourite bands?

Tristessa: Iron Maiden, Unrian Heep, Eloy, Summoning, Emperor.

HH: What kind of musik do you listen to?

Tristessa: I can listen any kind of music. There are no special music areas, all that counts is quality.

HH: Do you belive in God, nature or any other supernatural force?

Tristessa: To God!! NO!! but for sure there are supernatural forces. It needs a life time training for someone to understand and control some of those powers. But for sure nature is the most powerful element of what we called world.

HH: What do you think about death?

Tristessa: It is the end of a life and maybe a start to something new. Soul has for sure a kind of energy which is goes somewhere!!

HH: Imagine: you're invisible for a whole day, what would you do?

Tristessa: I would suffer!! I would be around people but I would not be able to live with them.

HH: Name us three CDs you would take along to a lonely isle!

Rotting Christ- Dead Poem Limbonic Art- Moon in the Scorpio Emperor- Night side eclipse.

HH: Imagine: your stuck in an damaged elevator, what celebrity should be locked in with you?

Tristessa: Zakk Wylde!!!

HH: When will we see you live on tour especially in germany?

Tristessa: For now we do not have plans to play live. But we will see in the future!!!

HH: Whats your favourite festival?

Tristessa: I do not go to festivals outside of Greece, so I will concentrate only to the Greek ones!!

HH: What are your dreams for the future?

Tristessa: Concerning music, well dreams are always a high target and better cds.

HH: Some final words to munich and the rest of the world?

Tristessa: We thank our readers and your magazine. We will soon have something new for you. Until then our Darkest Hails to you!!!

Lord Obirah

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