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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Born From Pain (04.01.2007)

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HH: Hello from Munich, how are you?

Dom: Hey there, this is Dominik. Everything's fine, the end of the year is very close and I'm looking forward to christmas which means I can see my family again.

HH: You're actual album War sounds like if it is full of anger. What enraged you in that way?

Dom: Well, Born From Pain has always been a band putting all their frustration and anger into their music. Of course we wanted to continue that way with War, trying to take all the aggression, groove and heaviness to the next level. I guess that's what hardcore and metal always was about, no matter what style you play. The band is still an outlet for anything that bugs us in our lives, personal or global issues.

HH: Does the album title concern with today's reality?

Dom: Yes it does. The whole concept of "War" is based on today's twisted society, unnecessary wars about religion, politics, power, economy. It seems that our world is about to blow up and we try to make people realize again that we need to make a change, even if it's just on a small personal level. We can only improve if we're aware of what's really going on on our planet. It's getting harder to provide ourselves with what we need, also being a reason for the world to turn colder and more selfish. This is where we try to give people, especially younger people, hope and courage for what lies ahead of all of us.

HH: What are the songs about? Unfortunately I don't have the lyrics, so would you please tell us something about the songs?

Dom: Our bass-player Rob (who is responsible for all the lyrics btw.) made a nice effort explaining all the songs in detail. Let me give you some examples:
The first song, "Relentless" more or less says: the more relentless the world is, the more relentless the will is to fight it and make it better. It's a song about determination.
"Behind Enemy Lines" describes how our governments try to make us believe we have an enemy to fight. In fact, they're the ones causing trouble and actually fighting its own people.
"Stop At Nothing" is one of those songs with a positive message, taking fate in our own hands and basically trying to make the best of our short lives, no matter what someone else wants to tell you.
"Bury Me Fighting" explains how the western world tries to push its beliefs on the rest of the world, no matter if it's religion, politics, economy and so on. We should look beyond the ways we got raised, claiming those to be the only right ones.
"Crusader" deals with a similar topic. Western imperialism all over the world, wars against terror misused to destroy and rebuild countries, taking their natural resources and creating big profits.
A growing despair in our own society is the center-part in "Grey Life". Not knowing if I can provide myself, my family, if I can make a difference not knowing what the future holds for us...
"The War Is On" doesn't have any lyrics, but also transports a feeling of tragedy, hopelessness and bitterness just with its music.
The shortest Born From Pain song ever, "Scorched Earth" basically deals with lost love and friendship and how to overcome the pain.
"Eyes Of the World" deals with the lack of natural resources and us exploiting planet Earth as if there's no tomorrow.
On "Doomsday Clock" the question is raised how close we are ahead of annihilation, being threatened by economical powers defending their own profits and willing to kill for it.
Last but not least "Iron Will" tries to give a positive outlook throughout a mainly negative record. No matter what's ahead of us, an Iron Will should give us courage to overcome anything in our way.

HH: These days, the Metal and Hardcore scene ist overflooded with bands, so earning enough money is much harder these days than it was in the past. But you decided to quit your jobs and have the focus on the band. Was this a hard decision and how are the things going?

Dom: Well, money-wise that was a hard decision, yes. Like you say, it's not easy these days to make enough money to live off your music. Then again, we all have small part-time jobs we work for when we're not on tour. While bigger bands can stay at home doing whatever they want after a tour, we have to do some shitty jobs. But we know why we do it, and I think no one Born From Pain would prefer a regular 9-5 job over the band. You won't get the opportunity to travel the world that often again in your life, so I'm more than glad to be part of this.

HH: You've been on the road for a lot of time and you met different fans from different countries. If you compare these different fan-cultures, what are the (main) differences?

Dom: The differences are not too big I guess. From what I can say, hardcore, punk and metal kids are basically the same all over the world. Freaking out on shows, obsessed with heavy music, records etc. The only thing I noticed is that western Europe and the US maybe are a little spoiled, because kids can see so many bands and shows during the year. When we played Brazil or Eastern European countries for example, you could tell that people were very very grateful that the bands would have taken the long trip to play for them. They weren't concerned about the clothes they wear or what certain scene they might belong to, they just went completely nuts! One of the best experiences I had on the road so far!

HH: Again touring: you did a lot tours and you will do even more. So, is there still time for family, friends etc?

Dom: It's tough sometimes. Like I said in the beginning, I'm really looking forward to Christmas, not too much because of the actual occasion, but that usually gives me the chance to meet my whole family. Luckily enough, my girlfriend moved to my place this summer, so I can basically see her whenever I get back home. But being away for five weeks and more makes you homesick sometimes, of course.

HH: Should Heavy Metal be political or not? Some say, it should be, others wants to separate music from politics. What do you think about this? Has a musician a kind of responsibility in that way?

Dom: I think bands should do whatever they want. Music is still a form of art and a way to express yourself. I mean, bands do have responsibility, especially bigger bands that reach a lot of younger fans. But as long as they don't spread right-wing propaganda or some dodgy bullshit, it's fine with me. People should make up their minds themselves, not because band xyz said so. I respect a lot of political bands as well as bands that maybe just sing about aliens or whatever.

HH: War is the second album on Metal Blade records. How is the cooperation going? Everything at it's best? What are the main differences between Metal Blade and Gangstyle Records?

Dom: Yes, everything at it's best! The label's doing a very good job promoting the new record. They know that we put 110% into the band and therefore Metal Blade puts a lot of trust in our work as well. It wasn't that different with GSR music though, Theo (who runs the label) did everything he could for Born From Pain and often enough even more, but Metal Blade has just more capabilities to support its bands.

HH: In an interview I've read that you think, the metal scene is one step ahead comparing to the hardcore scene. In what kind of way did you mean this statement?

Dom: Well, it's not a quote from me, but in a way it's probably right though. The metal scene is just bigger and in some way still attracts more people I guess. A band like Maiden for example, they're huge. I doubt that you'll ever see any hardcore band that can sell out any stadium or big hall on its own. It's just not as compatible as metal music can be. Of course, a band like Hatebreed is probably more well-known than tons of bands from the metal-underground scene yet it still seems that you can reach way more people with heavy metal. But that's alright, hardcore was, is and always will be a sound from the underground. I just hope that both scenes will become even more open minded in the future, because I love any hard music and like the crossover between genres.

HH: Are you still a fan or just a musician? What bands are worth to be mentioned in your opinion? What kind of music are you listening to while not being on stage?

Dom: Still a fan, of course. I'd even say that I'm more of a fan than a musician. Like I said before, I like all kinds of hard music, I grew up with Metallica, Slayer, Entombed and the likes as well as Integrity, Cro-Mags, Ramones, Social D. and what not. There's way too many bands that should be mentioned, but Metallica will always be my favorite band, no matter what. I still listen to them so much, Ride The Lightning is probably the perfect metal album for me. Other than that I like to relax with The Cardigans, Further Seems Forever, Ladytron, Nine Inch Nails, Johnny Cash and hundreds of other good bands.

HH: You want to see Born From Pain not only as a member of the hardcore scene, but also in the metal scene. Ar you planning to change your style? I hope not.

Dom: We are a hardcore band, there's no doubt about that. Lately though, a lot of people also from the metal scene gave us a lot of credit, especially for the live show, since it's hard and no artsy fartsy bullshit. They compared us to death metal bands for example. Well, we have a lot of metal influences in our music anyway, so I guess it's not far from the truth anyway. But you don't have to worry, as much as we wanna progress in a way, heavy and grooy hardcore will always be a foundation of our sound, of course added with a good portion of hard-hitting metal. Anything else people wouldn't buy from a band like us anyway.
HH: I want to ask your about some headwords. Please tell me the first thoughts, that are in your mind. And please be honest J

Dom: USA - nice country to visit, I wouldn't wanna live there though. Then again, San Francisco is probably the most beautiful city I've seen so far.

Dom: Metalcore - Some good, some bad. Integrity is still the most original and best metalcore band up to date.

Dom: Embarrasing Moments - With Full Force 2006: didn't use a wireless, ran to the other side of the stage and by that unplugged my guitar cable. Shit happens...

Dom: The Netherlands - same here, nice country to visit, but wouldn't wanna live there. Since I'm the only German in Born From Pain, this answer is problably not representative for the whole band though :-)

Dom: Best Movie - too many to mention. Omen, Lord Of The Rings, The Silence Of The Lambs, Doc Snyder - Texas, lots of Disney stuff, lots of Horror. Can't specify that one sorry!

HH: Where do you see Born From Pain in five years?

Dom: That's a tough question. I don't really know, but hopefully we're still doing the band by then, have toured the world several times, have put out one or two more great records and maybe have played one show with Metallica. We're still growing as a band and we attract more and more people, so hopefully that's gonna continue.

HH: Please try to describe your music on War as a woman. How would she look like?

Dom: Hmm, if I compare our opening track "Relentless" with her face she'd be goddamn ugly! Actually, I don't think the music on "WAR" should be used to describe a woman... probably any woman in the world is more beautiful than our music hahaha...

HH: Thank you for answering these questions, the famous last words are up to you.

Dom: Thank you very much for this interesting interview and keep up the great work! Anyone who likes Born From Pain should check out www.bornfrompain.com or www.myspace.com/bornfrompain for the latest news and tour updates. And check out our new CD "WAR" if you're into very ugly women! Cheers!


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