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05.03.2018, 22:23 Uhr: Thrust: Harvest Of Souls - Cover, Tracklist, Veröffentlichungsdatum

Am 27. April 2018 wird das neue Album Harvest Of Souls der US-Band Thrust auf CD veröffentlicht.

Thrust - Harvest Of Souls

01. Deceiver
02. Immortal
03. Kill Or Be Killed
04. Sorceress
05. Shadow Of The Cross
06. Blood King
07. Possessed
08. Feel The Pain
09. End Of Time
10. One Step From The Grave
Total Playing Time: 44:22 Min

Eric Claro - Vocals
Ron Cooke - Guitars
Ray Gervais - Bass
Joe Rezendes - Drums
Angel Rodriguez - guitars

Quelle: Pure Steel Records

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