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30.12.2015, 21:58 Uhr: Sleepy Hollow: Tales Of Gods And Monsters Cover, Tracklist, Veröffentlichungsdatum

Am 19. Februar 2016 wird das Album Tales Of Gods And Monsters von Sleepy Hollow auf CD veröffentlicht.

Sleepy Hollow - Tales Of Gods And Monsters

01. Black Horse Named Death
02. Sons Of Osiris
03. Alone In The Dark
04. Bound By Blood
05. Goddess Of Fire
06. On Blackened Seas
07. Baphomet
08. Creation Abomination
09. Shapeshifter
10. Time Traveller
11. Shadowlands
Total Playing Time: 49:34 Min

Chapel Stormcrow - Vocals
Rich Fuester - Bass
Allan Smith - Drums
Steve Stegg - Guitars

Quelle: Pure Steel Records

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