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Deutsche VersionInterview mit The Ugly (07.11.2008)

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HH: Finally, after two demos, your first full-length album Slaves To The Decay is going to be released on November, 14th. Its release had to be delayed for some time as you had had problems with the production. What where those problems?

Ingemar: It was mainly problems with artwork and the printing house.

HH: You've chosen quite an unusual artwork for a Black Metal Band, it seems to be influenced by the Hardcore-scene. Does anyone of you have such a background?

Ingemar: I was into hardcore for a brief period when I was like 13-14 years old but it's nothing I listen to much these days.

HH: When listening to Slaves To The Decay, I was under the impression that you've been influenced a lot by Naglfar and the later Satyricon. Do you agree to that? Who or what else has influenced your music?

Ingemar: A lot of people say that we sound like Naglfar but it's isn't a band that we listen to much so it must be more of a coincidence! I really like their Diabolical-album, though!
The main influences for The Ugly are classic bands like Dark Funeral, Marduk, Immortal and Mayhem.

HH: You've titled your record "Slaves To The Decay". Why did you choose that title?

Ingemar: It is taken from the text to our song "Hierarchy Of The Undead", and I also like the philosophical aspect of it. You can see it as a sort of "memento mori" statement. We shall all die and we shall all rot. The process of decay is a beautiful thing.

HH: You're not that ugly (no, honestly), so why did you choose that name for your band?

Ingemar: If you could look inside our heads, you would understand.

HH: Track number nine of your album is called "Black Metal Punks". Do you see yourself in that role?

Ingemar: In some way I guess we are misfits in the scene, 'cause the way we look and the band's name and logo. But we don't give a rat's ass about what other people or bands think, so I guess you can call us punks in that way.

HH: Who are the crooked serpents and which kind of salvation do they offer us?

Ingemar: The crooked serpent who dwells deep in the abyss is no other than the great Leviathan and with that said, I think it's quite clear what kind of salvation he offers us.

HH: Who is Otto and why does he want to fuck life? Where've you got that sample in "Diggin' Graves" from?

Ingemar: The sample is taken from the great movie Flesh for Frankenstein, with Udo Kier. Frankenstein tells his assistant Otto: "To know death Otto... You have to fuck life! In the gall bladder!" right after he has fucked a dead girl.

HH: Are you going to embark on live activities to promote your record, left aside the release party?

Ingemar: We have a couple of gigs booked around Sweden but hope to be able to play out in Europe after the record is released! It would be an honor to play in Germany!

HH: As usual, the last words are yours...

Ingemar: Hail Satan.


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