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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Job For A Cowboy (16.09.2009)

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HH: Hey guys, how are you doing? How is the mood in the Job For A Cowboy camp?

Bobby: Everyone is doing great! We're getting ready to head out to tour with Lamb Of God and Gwar. Everyone's really excited about the album and the upcoming tours!

HH: Ruination is now in stores, how are the reactions from the fans and the media?

Bobby: So far it seems that the reactions have been great! We're all really excited that the album seems to be being received well.

HH: Since your last album Genesis you were living on the road and devastating every stage in the world. How did you take the time to write such a bombastic album?

Bobby: Well we were just coming off of the Genesis-tour-cycle and took some time off the regroup and start working on the next record when Ravi decided to leave. So we asked Al to join the band and started working on Ruination.

HH: On Ruination there a less "frog-grunts" than on your previous releases, is there a certain reason for that?

Bobby: Well Jonny writes all of the vocals so he decided he wanted to try some new stuff and get rid of the things he didn't like anymore.
HH: Did you change something in the songwriting-period, or did everything stay the same?

Bobby: Well we had to adjust to writing with Charn and Al but that was pretty easy. So once we were comfortable it all went pretty smoothly.

HH: What are the plans for the future? A new tour, maybe a DVD or are there some concrete ideas for a new record?

Bobby: We'll definitely be touring a lot and trying to get our music to as many people in as many places as possible.

HH: I saw you on headlining-tour in June 2006 and was impressed how difficult your songs are to play. How do you stand a whole tour with such extreme riffs and drum-beats? Do you need a long time for warming up?

Bobby: I usually try to practice regularly on tour during the day and usually take about 30 to 45 minutes to warm up before a show.

HH: Beside your new album, what are the latest albums you bought and which one can you recommend to our readership?

Bobby: The new Goatwhore-record is incredible. It's called Carving Out The Eyes Of God and if you haven't heard it you need to buy it immediately!

HH: You played a bunch of tours now, so is there a band you want to share the stage with, but you didn't get the opportunity?

Bobby: I would love to tour with Decapitated. I heard recently that they got a new drummer and are getting ready to tour, so hopefully we can tour with them soon!

HH: Well, that's it! Thank you for your time, the last words are yours! Cheers!

Bobby: Thank you so much for the interview! And thanks to everyone that has supported and helped the band in any way!


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