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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Sarkom (06.02.2009)

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HH: Hi! How are you? I think, not a lot of people already know your band. So, would you please start telling us something about your history? What was the reason to form this band?

Unsgaard: Sarkom was formed by Renton and me in 2003 and Sagstad joined the band shortly after. One demo was recorded before we signed a deal with Twilight-Vertrieb, which released our debut album Aggravation Of Mind in 2006. Since then we have played several gigs in Europe, and in November our second album Bestial Supremacy - Precision in pure darkness was finally released. Why we formed this band you ask? I don't know... Why do people start a band? I guess we felt that we had to do something ourselves, instead of just sit at the sideline doing nothing when we actually had lots of ideas...

HH: In Norway it is almost usual for musicians to play in different bands. Also Sarkom is formed by members of other bands. What are the differences between Sarkoms Black Metal and the Black Metal of your other bands?

Unsgaard: Renton has just recently joined Urgehal on drums, but that's the only black metal band any of our members are involved with. In Urgehal, Renton doesn't write any music, so it's very different from Sarkom.

HH: What kind of music do you prefer? What are your influences?

Unsgaard: When it comes to metal, black metal is the only choice for me... Besides black metal I listen to film music, pop/electronica. I guess I'm influenced by all the above mentioned styles, but mostly black metal.

HH: What does Black Metal mean to you? What is Sarkom's interpretation of Black Metal?

Unsgaard: I have listened to this music for many years now, and it has meant, and still does, a lot. Black metal is definitive one of the more important factors to how I have become and developed as a person and mind. Both in good and bad ways... Darkthrone - Panzerfaust is a great example for black metal, I think. Also our new album Bestial Supremacy - Precision In Pure Darkness is a good black metal album, but I don't categorize Sarkom as a black metal band exclusively. We do what we want, and this time it came out to be a more typical black metal sound.

HH: What kind of reactions did you achieve with your album? Have you expected them?

Unsgaard: More or less what I expected... People seem to like it, but I know that it's nothing "new", but that was never the intention with this album. We wanted to do a good quality black metal album and nothing more!

HH: What about religion? Do you believe in God? Or something else? What makes in your eyes the life worth living?

Unsgaard: No. A good question actually... I don't know... But while I'm here in the first place, I want to do something to make a difference, and that's also one of the main reasons I wanted to start a band.

HH: What are the songs on Bestial Supremacy about? Would you please tell us something about the "message" of each song? Are they only fiction or are they referred to reality?

Unsgaard: It's about my own feelings, point of views, dreams, the way I am and want things to be etc etc. Each song does not have any specific message, but in a way, they sort of fill eachother out.. As I said, it's based upon my own mind, so it's more how things have become and how I look upon the future... As many bands intend to do, Sarkom is not trying to spread any certain message, so while reading the lyrics, you won't get anything exciting out of trying to interpret them... Instead you can focus on what you feel if these words were coming out of your mind, not mine!

HH: A new records is typically announced as much better than the previous one. But in your case it was announced as more primitive than Aggravation Of Mind. Should this be a step back to the beginning of Black Metal?

Unsgaard: Hmm... Yeah, I guess you can say that... Stripped down to the bone; this album is more straightforward and easy listening, I think... As it was announced as more primitive, it does not mean that it's not better than the previous. I think Bestial Supremacy is way better than the first one! Colder, Grimmer, Better!!!

HH: Nowadays Black Metal is undercut by the nazi-scene. What is your opinion about this development? Should Metal be political?

Unsgaard: Metal or not... If people want to drag politics into their music, so be my guest... But I would never listen to music just because of their "message"... If the music sucks, it doesn't matter how good the lyrics are!

HH: Are there any plans to promote Bestail Supremacy by touring? Especially here in Germany (except the Ragnarök Festival)?

Unsgaard: Yes. We are going on a minitour with Shining and Koldbrann in February/March. Expect no mercy!!!

HH: The Cover-Artwork shows lots of dead bodies. What is the meaning of this Artwork; Black Metal = Death?

Unsgaard: No, that's not the reason... But in this case, it gave a really good picture to what I had in mind when I was writing the lyrics. Also, as I look upon our music as art, these pictures of sculptures formed as dead people matched the album perfect!

HH:: Thank you for answering my questions. The last words are up to you.

Unsgaard: Make sure to come to one of our shows when touring with Shining and Koldbrann! Check out two of the songs from our new album at www.myspace.com/sarkom, as well as a music video for the opening track "Inferior Bleeding"! I can also mention that both of our albums will be released on vinyl this winter/spring through Bloodred Horizon records, as well as a 7" entitled "To Ruin Something That Was Never Meant To Be" will be out in April through Aftermath Music. Thanks for your time, see you on tour!


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