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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Sound And Fury (19.01.2009)

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HH: Hi. Congratulations to your new record! How are you?

Luke: Good thanks.

HH: Could you introduce your band with a few words to our readers?

Luke: We're Sound And Fury, punk meets hard rock.

HH: On your website you say "... and I managed to have a hell of a lot of fun." Was it always fun to write and create the album or did you have some bad days, too?

Luke: There were many many many bad days too, but that's life I guess.

HH: It seems school wasn't your favorite place. What do you think: Why do schools have such a bad image? What's wrong with the education systems in our countries?

Luke: Well, in a way school was great because it was bad. It gave me an excuse to act like a maniac partier, hahaha. Really school ended up being just a place to meet up with my friends, which was alright.

HH: Let's talk about your album: How are the reactions about your new album so far?

Luke: Very good.

HH: Did the reviews meet your expectations? Or are you surprised by the feedback that you got?

Luke: We got a variety of reviews, actually its pretty funny, people seem to either love us or hate us.

HH: What do you think about your album? Are you happy with the result? Is there anything that you would change or improve if you could?

Luke: Yeah it turned out great, good music to party to.

HH: The cover artwork isn't typically for a Punk album. What do you want to express with that cover artwork?

Luke: It's more of a 70's style horror punk brought into 2008.

HH: Currently you play some concerts in Germany. What do you think about your German fans and especially about Munich and the Bavarian (and best ;)) fans?

Luke: I wish, no we haven't played Germany yet but would love to.

HH: What are your next projects?

Luke: Working on new songs.

HH: For some musicians their work is their way of life or it is their therapy. What does music mean to you?

Luke: Music should be about having fun, 100%.

HH: What does the internet mean to your work? Advantage or disadvantage?

Luke: There are a lot of pros and cons, its a mixed blessing.

HH: Thanks for your time. Anything else you want to say?

Luke: Never Stop Rockin'!


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