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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Bloodbath (19.08.2008)

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HH: What's up in the other band-camps at the moment like Opeth or Katatonia?

Jonas: Opeth just released the Watershed album and are about to tour for it. We're trying to get in the mood for writing and recording the next Katatonia album.

HH: Bloodbath just release the live CD/DVD The Wacken Carnage. This gig on the Wacken Open Air dates back to 2005. Why did it take so long to release The Wacken Carnage?

Jonas: Because we didn't know what label would be able to release it properly.

HH: What is the fascinating thing of old-school Death Metal for you?

Jonas: It's not just about old-school, it's the music itself and the spirit of Death Metal. It's the music I grew up with and it's still important to me.

HH: Who was involved in mixing and mastering the record? Did the whole band participate?

Jonas: We were just there to say "Ok/not ok" when the mix was about to be finalized. The mix was taken care of by David Castillo who also did the sound for us at Wacken.

HH: What about the design of the whole CD and DVD. Was the band involved here?

Jonas: Yes, Anders put it together with Travis Smith.

HH: The last Bloodbath record Nightmares Made Flesh dates back to 2004. When can fans expect a new record?

Jonas: We released the mini album 'Unblessing The Purity' in February or March and we're about to unleash the third full-length in October.

HH: On the first EP and on the first record you can hear Mikael on the mic, on the second record there's Peter Tägtgren on vocals. What's the difference between these two guys in your opinion?

Jonas: No big difference except that we know Mikael better since we've been friends for years. They have different voices but both are elite Death Metal vocalists.

HH: Which of the two is the "easier" guy in studio?

Jonas: I'd say both have certain qualities. They're both easy going. Mike is maybe more relaxed since we're close friends. Peter is more of a maniac, haha!

HH: Who will be doing the vocal-job on the next record?

Jonas: Mike is singing on the new album The Fathomless Mastery.

HH: Listening to the record Mikaels seems to have lots of fun performing this gig. Watching the DVD the others definitivly have fun too. How did you feel performing in front of the Wacken-crowd?

Jonas: It was excellent. Never thought that we'd even play live, and doing a debut gig like that... what can I say. Perfect!

HH: Why did you choose the Wacken Open Air to perform your first and only gig so far?

Jonas: They gave us an offer and we thought it'd be killer to debut at one of the biggest and most respected metal festivals.

HH: What does the Wacken Open Air mean to you? Which other festivals do you like?

Jonas: I have only been there once, and it was with Bloodbath. Very nice festival. Otherwise I have my favourite festivals in Finland. Tuska and Ilosaarirock to name a few.

HH: Is there any chance to see Bloodbath live on tour or maybe on other festivals in the future?

Jonas: We're playing this years Party-San open air and a finnish festival called Pellvarock the day after that.

HH: On the DVD there are no bonus features like on many other DVDs. Don't you have no backstage footage or other gimmicks?

Jonas: Well, we didn't really think much about that. Next time!

HH: Imagine The Wacken Carnage represents a country. Which country would that be and why?

Jonas: Sweden, because most of the great Death Metal from back in the day came from Sweden, and that was a sound we were trying to copy when Bloodbath was still just an old-school tribute kind of thing.

HH: Thanks for your time and good speed! Any last words?

Jonas: Thanks! The Fathomless Mastery is grasping for your soul already...

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