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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Destinity (19.05.2008)

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HH: Hi guys, I hope you're doing fine after having done your new record?

Mick: Yes everything is fine, thanks. The new album titled The Inside is now in European stores and we have a lot of interviews and excellent reviews that we are really enjoy! Everything is perfect!

David: A new record is always something weird: Excitation and fear, spawn a new baby is not quite easy, and give it to all this metaldudes can be something terifying... But we are really proud of our work, so let's rock!

HH: Destinity released six records since 1999 including your current release The Inside but Destinity are not well known over here. What's the reason for that in your opinion?

Mick: Destinity was founded in 1996 and we released two demos and four albums so we can't say we are a newcomer band! But we are not so famous in your country so we are a newcomer in a way and it is really exciting to present the band outside France today.

David: The fact is that French metal was not that famous for being such good quality. Since a couple of years, tables are turning, and the wind too by the way. Some bands are crossing French's borders, music's getting better and better, good production start to be more avalaible to musicians... So many factors making this possible. Destinity is on its way, the European distribution, in the past, were really hard to get. In France we have a good reputation, and in a now we have all the keys to do the same all over Europe!!

HH: Your last record Synthetic Existence was released by Adipocere Records, for The Inside you signed a contract with Lifeforce Records. How is the cooperation going so far?

Mick: Our old albums were released on Adipocere records (A French label company) and just before the recording of the 4th and last album The Inside we signed with Rupture Music (another french label company). Finally the story of this album is a bit different of what was expected! We only sent a copy of the album to Lifeforce Records for a possible worldwide licence and they sent us an excellent offer! We are really enjoy to work with them!

David: We would really like to thank Rupture music for putting their trust in The Inside!!! And we would like to thank Lifeforce Records too, for the future waiting us!!!

HH: How long will the cooperation between Destinity and Lifeforce Records last? How many records will you do?

Mick: We signed an European licence for the new album and two albums more for the 100% account of Lifeforce Records.

HH: To describe your music I would refer to Pain, Hypocrisy and some sort of modern Death or Black Metal band like Arch Enemy or Dimmu Borgir because of the melodies, harmonies and brutality. What do you say?

Mick: We listen to these bands and probably they influence the band in a way but we never forget to add our touch.

David: Everyone is listening to something or someone which give influences to his compositions. It doesn't interfere in any way, that we try to do the same thing.

HH: Is it good or bad for you to be compared with those bands?

Mick: Personaly I prefer to be compare to these ones than shitty others. (laughs)

David: Compare or compare not, as long as you listen to our music, enjoying or not, but be honest.

HH: What's your favorite song on The Inside?

David: "The Inside" and "Thousand Falling Skies".

Mick: My favorite song is "Murder Within" but I like "Thing I Will Never Feel" and "Ready To Leave"! I think each song is good with its own identity.

HH: On The Inside I like the raw energy combined with symphonic elements and the catchy melodies and vocal-lines. What do people also like on The Inside according to discussions done or reviews you received?

David: The production is one the most relate point. Most people like the dark feeling coming from our songs which are really personal, and the organic structure of our songs turns them perfect for live performance.

HH: In your early days you played some sort of Black Metal, then Destinity switched to symphonic Black/Death Metal to end in Melodic Death/Thrash Metal now. Is this due to a conscious effort or a natural evolution?

David: A mix of the two to be honest. I mean our personal evolution through the years, bring us to a conscious switch in our will to make ring our music. The black metal era was less personal, now we play what we are today, full of energy, of things personal to say, willing play music we enjoy to perform live more than all. We follow our instinct, not a fashion or business expectations.

HH: Where do you get your inspirations for The Inside?

David: In daily events. If you don't play a music from the guts, it won't sound real, to people and to us even more. We can't play something that doesn't turns our minds off!!! Music is "just" a salvation to all of us at the beginning, it should stay like this, to be always as important to us, and stay true to ourself.

HH: Where are the differences and commoness of influences of your former records?

Mick: Much more Black metal in first releases! But melodies were added in our music since the first demo.

David: Our state of mind is the both (differences and the commonness). Our music is guided and influenced by our state of mind, the situation we go through. Music is simply a reflection of what we are at the moment we create it.

HH: Some days ago you've been on tour in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Slowenia and other countries together with Dew-Scented and Severe Torture. How has it been?

Mick: We have a lot of excellent memories and all the crew and band members were so nice! An incredible tour!

David: Kind of experience we would like to have everytime we got to go on the road.

HH: Where did you get the best fan-reactions?

Mick: I don't know... I have excellent memories of Leipzig and Berlin and of course in France but it was much more easy for Destinity.

David: France is our country, so for sure French people came for us too, but German's, and of course Danemark's shows were really amazing moments.

HH: How was your relationship to the other bands?

Mick: We stay in contact with other band's members! There were so nice and so friendly! We learn a lot during this tour because they have much more experience than our band!

HH: Can you tell us a special moment of this tour?

David: The whole tour was really special to all of us. The worst could be when the bus broke down, in the middle of the night, on the highway, and the best was the last show in Notre Dame de Gravenchon, a lot of fun on stage and the whole day was great.

HH: Will you come back to Germany again this year?

Mick: Yes and we are so enjoy!!! We will be on stage at Filthrock Open Air and ZOA Open Air! We hope to see you guys!

HH: What's up next in the Destinity camp?

David: We are going to do some festivals this summer, and a couple of more shows before starting the writing process for The Inside's successor. We want to take the most time as possible to always create better score.

HH: You have two websites, the official Destinity-website www.destinity.net and a MySpace-site www.myspace.com/destinity. How important is a MySpace-site for a band like Destinity to draw popularity?

David: You know, MySpace is something really important for a band like us. It's a free place, where all the bands are at the same level, and where everyone can check the music, give his own opinion, get contact with the band. This part of the internet's work is really efficient to touch new metalheads.

HH: Which of these both sites is more important for you?

David: Both are important. The MySpace is perfect for "the first contact". You can check music, write about/to the band, make your own idea of what is the band. Then the website is more personal, more informations to get. This two media are working together.

HH: Imagine The Inside is a french cheese. Which one would that be and why?

Mick: SAINT-MARCELLIN! So strong that you can't kiss a girl later! (Laughs)

HH: Thanks for your time and good speed! Any last words?

Mick: Thank you so much for your interest and support and stay fuckin' metal!!!


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