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Deutsche VersionInterview mit The Haunted (29.11.2006)

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HH: Hi, how are you? I hope you feel good after the release of The Dead Eye?

Anders: Yes, we all feel very good so far. This is the record we are most proud of and it turned out to be very close to our inital goal.

HH: How have been the reactions so far?

Anders: Pretty mixed reactions, but mostly very positive.

HH: Are you still satisfied with the result? Or what would you like to change ?

Anders: I am still very happy with everything. We talked a lot to Tue before the recording and we had the same kind of vision. Tue did a good job producing / mixing the album. We were also very much prepared for the studio this time around. All the songs were written in advance and we had a lot of time to arrange them in to their final versions. I think that shows in the result. Usually you always want to change something afterwards, but this time it all fell into place.

HH: The Haunted in the year 2006 sound quite different from the early The Haunted. Was this a kind of natural development or was there a kind of calculation behind the change?

Anders: I think we are back full circle to the first album in many senses. I would say the difference on Made Me Do It and One Kill Wonder are mererly a change of vocalists. We have of course developed a more melodic approach and actually let the songwriting enter a different dimension. The "change" as you call it is not really calculated. We just wanted to change a few things we weren't happy with on Revolver. It just felt natural to experiment more on arrangements. Especially giving dynamics some room in the
sound. Not just full distortion and fast drums all the time.

HH: What kind of influences do you have these days? I think "The Medication" or "The Prosecution" sound a little bit like In Flames....

Anders: We don't listen to new metal. Our influences are old school metal and hard rock mixed with personal preferences that goe outside the metal box. It could be everything from John Coltrane to Tom Waits.

HH: What are the reasons for Peter Dolving's comeback?

Anders: He wanted to join the band, and we thought it was a good idea since the fans knew him from the first album. Bringing in a 3rd singer would have been strange.

HH: What dead eye is meant with the album title?

Anders: "Dead Eye" means "spot on" or "On Target".

HH: What is the process of a songs' creation ? Is every member involved in the writing process?

Anders: We don't really jam out stuff that much. Almost all the riffs are written at home. When somebody has a new riff to show we meet up in the rehearsal place and try to arrange it into a song.

HH: You've been touring a lot in the last years, so can you tell us some strange or funny (or both) stuff that happened to you?

Anders: I don't know. I have been sleeping mostly.

HH: Starting a new band these days is much harder than it was in the past (even if it was hard too). I think about cheaper equipment, the hugh masses of bands and the internet for example, which makes it possible to sell your music worldwide. So, if you had the choice, would you again start a career as a musician from zero today?

Anders: You are right. There are too many bands today. Everybody wants to be actors, movie directors, rock stars or journalists etc.. And I think that the computer age has helped to make it easier to make their dream come true. But if I'd start a band today, of course I would have done it. I love playing music.

HH: There are so much bands and talented musicians in Sweden or Scandinavia. What is the reason for this?

Anders: I don't know.

HH: In Germany, there is always a discussion, if Heavy Metal should be political or not. Some say it should be, others want to separate music from politics. What do you think about this? Has a musician a kind of responsibility in that way?

Anders: If you ask me, politics and music don't match. Although I think that lyrics are important. You can be political without being "preachy".

HH: What about touring? Or festivals in summer 2007?

Anders: We will tour a lot 2007. We will play as many festivals as possible.

HH: What about religion? Do you believe in god? Or something else? What makes in your eyes the life worth living?

Anders: I believe in following your inner voice, goals, ambitions. Try to make an imprint in history by making something. Try to create something useful. I don't believe in higher powers or spiritual bullshit. When you die, you die. There is nothing after this.

HH: How would you describe the sound of The Haunted, only using flavour?

Anders: Sweet.

HH: Thanks for answering my questions, the famous last words are up to you.

Anders: I don't do last words anymore.


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