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18.05.2021 October Tide
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22.05.2021 Enforcer
24.05.2021 Enslaved
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R.I.P. Records
Radiant Records
Rage Of Achilles Records
Ranch Records
Ranka Kustannus
Rape Of Harmonies Records
Rastilho Records
Ratzer Records
Raven Flight Records
Razorback Records
React Records
Reality Entertainment
Reaper Metal Productions
Reartone Music
Rebel Records
Rebel Youth Records
Rebellion Records
Rebirth The Metal
Recent Records
Recital Records
Record & Play
Record Heaven
Red Cat Records
Red Farm Records
Red Pulse Records
Red Stream
Redblack Productions
Redfield Records
Refused Records
Regain Records
Regimental Records
Rel Records
Relapse Records
Relativity Records
Relentless Records
Remedy Records
Remission Records
Remote Music
Repertoire Records
Reprise Records
Reroute Records
Response Records
Restless Records
Restrain Records
Retribute Records
Retroactive Records
Revelation Records
Rhino Records
Ring Of Fire Records
Riotstarter Promotion
Ripple Music
Rise Above Records
Rising Force Records
Rising Records
Rising Sun Productions
Rising Works Records
Rivel Records
Roadrunner Records
ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records
Rock Company
Rock Estatal Records
Rock It Up Records
Rock The Earth
Rock Works Productions
Rockin´ Nation Music
Rockphone Records
Rockshots Records
Rockville Music
Rodeostar Records
Roll Above Records
Roll The Bones Records
Romulus X Records
Rookie Records
Rookies & Kings Records
Root Of All Evil Records
Rotten Records
Rotten Roll Rex
Rotten To The Core Records
Rough Trade
Roughtone Records
Round Records
Rowe Productions
RSR Music
Rude Records
Rundown Records
Running Pulse Records
Ruptured Silence
Rusty Cage Records
Rusty Diamonds
Rusty Knuckles Music
Ryf Records
Rügencore Records

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