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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Eyes Of Shiva (06.11.2004)

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Logo Eyes Of Shiva

HH: Eyes Of Shiva is a young band that is not known to everyone, so please introduce yourself and the band to our readers!

Andre: Hi!! I'm Andre "Anheiser" Ferrari, singer of Eyes of Shiva. Well, Eyes of Shiva is a new Brazilian band. We're releasing our first CD called "Eyes of Soul" in this second semester of 2004 by Locomotive Music in Europe and North America.

HH: The name Eyes Of Shiva and the cover of Eyes Of Soul suggest a band from the Indian subcontinent, but your music with its samba and Brazilian folk-elements shows that this is not true. Where does the name Eyes Of Shiva come from?

Andre: Before we were just "Shiva", but it already exists a band with same name, then we decided to add something to change; we didn't want to abandon "Shiva", because it's a cool name, a strong name. We thought Eyes of Shiva sounded well.

HH: From which part of the earth did you get the best reactions to your debut-album?

Andre: Well, we hope to please the whole public rock and heavy metal scene, mainly the ones that wants to hear different elements in the traditional rock/metal. So far the reactions from Japan have been very good.

HH: You differ from other bands because of your Brazilian roots. Which instruments did you use to integrate all these Brazilian elements into your sound?

Andre: We used different percussion instruments, many of those handmade ones (pandeiros, rattles, tamburim...) Flutes or Caipira Acoustic Guitar. We searched for these instruments to add beauty to the sound creating an "Eyes of Shiva's" atmosphere.

HH: What's the difference between Eyes Of Shiva and all the other bands, which play a similar style, in your opinion?

Andre: We're a new band with young musicians and hopefully our own idea as to how we should sound. Besides the sound, we will differ from the really METAL LIVE PERFORMANCE. We can't wait to come out on tour and give you guys a great heavy metal show.

HH: Is Eyes Of Soul a concept album?

Andre: No, it isn't. Besides the ballads, we have some lyrics with specific themes as Eyes of Soul (that tells about the Andean culture), Lampião (about a Brazilian Historical Hero) ... much is in common about a theme: the critics to the men's actions, with its wars and violence.

HH: With what theme does the song "Psychos Of The New Millennium" deal with in particular?

Andre: It's a critic to the current social problems. A "manifesto", questioning the men's actions that destroy, they kill and they don't care with anything else. Sad But True...

HH: On the album there's a cover song called "Alone" which was originally performed by the band Heart. Why did you choose this song?

Andre: Yeah...Ricardo Gil suggested this song. All Eyes of Shiva's member love Hard Rock 80’s songs, and then we chose that.

HH: The producer of Eyes Of Soul was Fabio Laguna from Angra, to which one can surely compare you. Did Fabio have influence on your songs and your songwriting?

Andre: Fabio is a great musician, great personality and an Eyes of Shiva's friend. He was the producer, but he doesn't have any influence in our songs, he just wrote the Essence (intro track). We wrote the arrangements and Fabio has also done some.

HH: Why did Fabio play the keyboards on Eyes Of Shiva? Don't you have a keyboard player?

Andre: We don't have a keyboardist in band. We're the classical Heavy Metal band (Vocal, Bass, Drums and Two Guitars) but we needed a keyboardist to work out the melody lines in the album. Fabio is a great musician, and that's why we decided to work with him.

HH: Do you have one for live-performances?

Andre: For the while not. We are on the search for one, but we will use a MD - Sequencer in live performance until we find the right guy.

HH: Will you be able to play live in Europe?

Andre: Of course. We are very happy with the support of so many people, fans and people with who we worked. We are anxious and excited for soon we begin the tour here in Brazil, and hopefully we can come to Europe later on; we are working for a Great Live Performance.

HH: If you could choose which bands would you want to tour with?

Andre: I wouldn't know to say. There's a lot of bands that we like and for us it would be a honour to play with some of them. As a fan, I particularly would love to be on stage with Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Symphony X, King Diamond, Annihilator, and A.C.T.

HH: Dennis Ward from PC 69 did the mixing. How did this cooperation come up?

Andre: We accompanied the work of him at a good time (Angra, Adagio, Pink Cream...) and we thought he would give his touch to our music and it would be a very cool result.

HH: What would you name as influences on Eyes Of Shiva?

Andre: Eyes of Shiva is a mixture of elements that are part of the musical personality of each member: Heavy Metal, Brazilian Music, Classical Music, Latin Rhythms and the strong Rock'n Roll attitude.

HH: What Brazilian bands should one keep an eye on for the near future in your opinion?

Andre: Sepultura, Shaman and Angra are of course the greatest Brazilians bands now. Today is appearing good Brazilian bands in various of rock and metal - too many to mention, haha.

HH: Imagine Eyes Of Soul is a plant, what plant would that be and why?

Andre: I don't know plants!! (Ahahahah) But I think we're some that is looking for "a place in the sun".

HH: Many thanks for your time! Any last words?

Andre: Thank you very much for the interview opportunity. We want to take our music to the whole world and we have to thank the ones who it has been supporting us. We are looking forward to see you soon in the Eyes of Soul Tour. See ya!!!

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