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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Dreamland (29.01.2007)

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HH: Hi! Congratulations to your new record! How are you?

Jake E: Thanks man! I'm just fine, maybe a little restless, and I think that I speak for the whole band when I say that I wanna get out and meet our fans and play our new songs live!

HH: Have you already received reactions for Eye For An Eye?

Jake E: Yes we have, and most of them have been damned good actually. But I think we have to wait and see until the album has been released until we can say something about the reactions that mean most for us, and that's of course the reaction from our fans.

HH: How long did it take to do the songwriting?

Jake E: Hard to say, we started to write new material in February/March and then I really had an hot streak, I think I wrote 14 songs during a very short period of time, but then a couple of months went by until we listened to it again, and we all realized that some of the songs weren't good enough. At that time I had no inspiration at all but Eric and Jesse had a lot of ideas so we recorded a couple of new songs, but there was still a lot of work to do with the vocal lines and lyrics, but I couldn't get anything out of my head. So I took my stuff and moved to Italy for a month and that really helped me to get my inspiration back! When I got back home in late September we finished the pre production, and then a couple of weeks later we started the real recording together with Andy and Joacim.

HH: There's a little change in your sound, in my opinion it's darker and more progressive, and there's no real ballad on your record, was that an intention of you?

Jake E: Yes I agree, I think the answer to that is that we are more confident in what we wanna do now and at the same time it's gone two years since we recorded Future's Calling and I think that's a natural development of our music. We actually had some ideas for a ballad but we decided to skip that for this album.

HH: Even the cover is more blackened, is it from Marko Jacobi once again?

Jake E: Yes It is! We really love what that guy works! And I think the cover represent the music on the album in a perfect way!

HH: I think on the cover is the same young woman like on your debut album, isn't it? Will she be a kind of mascot to you? :-)

Jake E: Of course it is :-) As long as she stays in that shape I see no reason however to have someone else on our covers? Do you? :-)

HH: The new drummer is Jesse Lindskog, how did it come to that change in your line-up?

Jake E: We've knewn him for a couple of years, we share the same rehearsal room as his other band Dragonland and after we finished the recording of our last album our former drummer Marcus Sköld got a query to be the lead singer in a Swedish Rock'n'Roll band called Reissue. And because he's a singer from the beginning he's chosen to put the drums aside and be a front man instead! Then Jesse was a given choice for us. Mats, Eric, Jesse and Oscar Dronjak from Hammerfall also have a tribute band together called Metal Monarch so some of the members already knew what a great drummer he's to play with!

HH: Did you notice this personal change in your song-writing? Or did everything stay the same?

Jake E: Yes Jesse got two of his songs on this album actually and he really knows how to produce great metal songs, Jesse is a big Iron Maiden fan and that's maybe something you can notice in his songwriting.

HH: Can you please explain the meaning of the record title?

Jake E: You'll have to ask that question to the girl on the cover, she's the one with a gun! Seriously speaking, we're fighting to stay in this business and I think the name of the album is great in that fact.

HH: What are you songs now about? Could you please tell us something about each song?

Jake E: I usually prefer when the listener gets their own opinion regarding the lyrics but I will share my thoughts for you.

Eye For An Eye: If you're addicted to something it's an hell to get out of it! When it came to me I was addicted to the pinball machine. But I've seen people fighting against worse things than pinballs.

Carousel Of Pain: Where ever you go your past will always haunt you if you do not deal with it.

Reverse Deny: About someone that have made a great mistake coursed by his/her selfish actions, which not only includes him/her but also drags more people in its surrounding. And when you realize your mistake it's too late to make it right!

Secret Signs: Religious differences are solved by killing your neighbour. World leaders start wars to save the world from weapons of mass destruction to get fuel to their cars. It was fifty years ago when World War II ended but it seems like we're still back on square one!

Chosen Ones: If you decide what you wanna do in life, fight for it even though you meet repeated setbacks. Your day will come!

Spread Your Wings: You're lonely, sober and shy and you're watching this super model at the bar but you don't have the guts to ask her out, so you decide to take twenty beers and with a blank memory you wake up the next morning side by side with someone's grandma. :-) Simply a song about regrets :-)

Shadows In the Night: I think every one wants to have a secret place where you could go and where all your problems disappear! At least I would.

Heavenly Designed: There are people in this world that have everything you can ask for, but still they want more!

Children Of Tomorrow: We are all aware of the environmental problems but we hope that someone else will take care of the problems but in the end it will be our children that has to clean our mess!

Forever And Ever: A tribute song to Heavy Metal.

Revolution In Paradise: This one will be a gift to the listeners to find out!

HH: Do you have concrete plans for a tour?

Jake E: We have nothing booked at this moment but if someone wanna see us don't hesitate to contact us! But hopefully we will play on some of the summer festivals this year!

HH: Thanks a lot for the interview! Do you finally want to say something?

Jake E: Thanks to you for super questions and a great interview! I wanna say hello to our fans out there, and I hope that you'll like our new album. We do! Hope we'll see you all on tour!


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