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Deutsche VersionInterview mit The Haunted (06.01.2006)

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HH: When did you arrive here in Munich?

Peter: We got here at 6 this mornig which I know because I don't sleep at night. I sleep during the day.

HH: In the evening you play the gig and then go party at the bus?

Peter: No. No parties for me. I do the gig and then read a litte bit, draw and do stuff on the computer. I don't sleep very well when the bus is rolling so I should stay awake. I can't relax.

HH: What kind of books do you read?

Peter: I've been reading lots of sociology stuff and journals. Lately I try to get out of that and get into poems and novels. And I started reading the guy who wrote Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk, he's done a couple of novels, he's a brilliant writer. Reading is a good thing to pass the time. Also video games. But I don't have a computer at all.

HH: No? Not even for recording or stuff like that?

Peter: No! I'm not a high tech person.

HH: But you don't have to be a high tech person to go to the internet like you do on your website.

Peter: No. I stay in contact with The Haunted Fans.

HH: What was the last record you bought?

Peter: I bought Bubblegum of the Mark Lanegan Band, Mark Lanegan of the Screeming Trees. And I bought a record from My Bloody Valentine but I don't remember the title. I bought it in England, the prices are quite ok. They had a special offer, four albums for about fourteen or twenty pounds. It was at a megastore, they start to comprehend. Virgin is dropping prices too because nobody can affort buying records any more.

HH: In Germany they don't understand, here they raise the prices.

Peter: That's ridiculous! As a band I really appreciate it if you can afford to buy our records but if you really want the music and you can't get the music I'd say steal it! Or buy the record and record it and spread the cd. I know that this is not what record companies like to acknowlege. But the record companies have to accept the fact, that it's too expensive. They live in a world that is made for the upper middle class. Everything is designed for them, all over Europe, a small group of people that's making good money. It's unnatural. But that's not reality, normal people are not that rich, they don't have that much money. And not to enable that to people is not fair, it's not democratic. You can call that what you want, call it neo-liberalism but not democracy. You know I really don't like the new download laws and all that's related to it. It's there to increase corporate power, they are consolidating their power over the product. They're like in Dune of Frank Herbert. He who controls the spice controls the universe, controls the product, all products and takes away peoples' liberty.

HH: That's right, but music is not essential for life. I can't eat it.

Peter: Yes, it is! Music is essential for life. I wouldn't be alive if there would not be music in my life and I didn't pay for many of those records. Music is for everyone, music is for every mood. Music is essential because it enables the emotions to break out. We need music, we need music like air. We don't need cool T-Shirts and we don't need cool cars, we don't need fancy hair-cuts or great muscles. We don't need that but we need music because music is something that enables us to sort our feelings and sort out things and gets us some place to rest emotionally. It gives us an inspiration to do other things. You get strength when you are tired, it boosts joy when we're having fun. So music is essential and it shouldn't be expensive.

HH: Explain that to the label bosses. At the beginning of 2005 when the success of Apples iTunes grew some labels started to think that the prices for musicdownloads are too low because of the big success. It must have a reason that they are selling so many mp3 so they planned to rise the prices.

Peter: Capitalism will kill society. Capitalism will murder society. Capitalism has no moral. Capitalism has no conscience. Capitalism doesn't care about anything but capitalism. We cannot hold it but we can change it. We can all do that, it can be done. We have to do it little by little, we can't do it like: "RIGHT NOW!" That doesn't work. People need to talk about it, what is wrong with capitalism, what is good with capitalism. I'm sure we'll do it. We have to talk about the word "capitalism". We're talking about left-winged or right-winged, we're talking about extremes in the one way or the other way. That's out-dated, we live in 2005, today we have capitalism or not. We have the choice. People need to put that in their mouth and speak about it. We live in a capitalism society be that if you live in Bangkok, in Mexico or you live in Germany or in Canada, it doesn't matter where you live in capitalism. The society is run by a few the politicians, politicians make their choices out of money not out of people. It should be the people, we are the people, all of us. We needn't that talking in terms. We can't go on talking about us and them because we don't understand who are "us" and "them". You can't blame someone from Turkey because he took away your job. It's not their fault. It's someone at Braun or someone at Volvo or someone at General Motors who is responsible for bringing the cheaper labor. That's dangerous and we have to understand what history has done before. The problem right now is capitalism.

HH: Earlier this year you've been on tour with Cradle Of Filth and Moonspell. How has this been?

Peter: It's gone really well. We have done headlinershows for six weeks in Scandinavia and the UK and then we joined the Cradle tour. It has been a good tour mainly the German shows. It's weird to play for Cradle Of Filth audience. They don't know us and at the last couple of songs they start realizing, yes this is good music. But until then they don't get into it. It's really hard work to convince them.

HH: How is your relationship to Cradle and Moonspell?

Peter: The Cradle Of Filth crew was just terrible, they were treating us terrible, they were just crappy. They had no respect. We have been longer around as musicians than Cradle Of Filth and we watched them in diapers and it's really respectless, it's really low. But you can't have it all and it's ok. We won't employ these guys. The thing with this tour was, this tour was an experiment. We tried to reach a different audience. We have our audience and we thougt, well let's try to reach other people as well. It's easy to reach a certain group of people. I mean it's been alright, we did some shows that turned out really really well after a couple of songs. It's really hard work as I said. The tour in Poland have been great and all shows outside Germany went very well because the scenes there have a wider spectrum. It's one of those things with The Haunted as a band, we're not reaching for one certain audience because we know that our music is for everyone who likes any kind of extreme music. We did this a year ago when we played in the UK with a band called Funeral For A Friend which is almost a Pop band. But that went down great. I never thought it would when we have seen all these thirteen year old pop kids. All these young people in front of you, it was really scary, but it went cool!

HH: Before that tour with Cradle and Moonspell you've been on tour in the US together with Damage Plan, right?

Peter: Yes, it was a great tour, we had so much fun, we had a really good time!

HH: So you've been a sort of witness to the murder of Dimebag Darell.

Peter: In a way yes. Well, you have to look at it from a positive kind of view. It sounds crazy but it was a really really good rock'n'roll way to die because it was quick, it was extreme. It was kind of like an traffic accident.

HH: Hmm, right, he died when he was doing what he loved to do.

Peter: Yes and that's the best way to go if you have to go. That or making love with your wife, those two ways. You know, death is a terrible thing and we all have to die. He's dead, he's gone and it's up to us to share his memory and I do that by doing my job.

HH: Did this affect you when you enter the stage?

Peter: No! You can't let that happen. If you let start paranoia getting influence on what you do you're not going to be able to perform well. So I think we have to accept that we're all mortal. That is a little thing to understand. Mortality is a gift.

HH: Like in the Lord Of The Ring, men were gifted with mortality.

Peter: Yes, it's a good thing, it might sound strange but it is a good thing. We have a limited amount of time and if we cherish that time and live freely I think you sleep better. And if you die it is ok to die.

HH: Speaking about good things, what was the most positive thing in 2004 for you?

Peter: The birth of my son! It was on February, 23rd. I was there when he was born, it was a hard time but when he was out it was an incredible feeling. Meanwhile he can walk and it's amazing watching him grow up! It's a great thing!

HH: Final question: imagine Revolver is a piece of furnature. What would that be and why?

Peter: Äh... it would be a trampoline! Because a trampoline is good for you and you can play with it and you can rest on it. It's good for you body and it's good for yourself. It would be a trampoline.

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