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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Flesh Made Sin (27.02.2005)

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HH: How were the reactions on Dawn Of The Stillborn?

Björn: Very good so far! The reviews are very positive and the thrash maniacs seem to have a good time listening to our album.

HH: Unfortunately I don't have the lyrics. What can you tell us about it? Are they pure fiction or do they refer to reality?

Björn: Our vocalist writes all of them and the lyrical madness consists of suicidal propaganda, serial killings and dead future filosofies. The concept of the album is 'the Dawn of the Stillborn'; A revelation, the dawn when nothing awoke or came to life.

HH: Your sound is influenced by old Kreator and Destruction. What do you think about such comparisons?

Björn: In my opinion it's a big compliment, but Flesh Made Sin is not simply a copy of these bands. I think we created our own sound, though we play thrash metal in the vein of our heroes Also bands like Slayer, Dark Angel and Sadus crosses peoples minds when their listening to Dawn of the Stillborn.

HH: How is the cooperation with the label?

Björn: Very good, Karmageddon is doing a great job promoting the album.

HH: How did you get in contact with Karmageddon Media and why did you choose this label?

Björn: They simply offered us the best deal! We know the label for a while and before we were signed to KM they asked us to join the "Dismember ravages Benelux" tour, after that we stayed in contact and finally we decided to cooperate.

HH: What does Thrash Metal mean to you?

Björn: For me thrash metal is the most intense form of metal! Pure, aggressive and furious. It's the kind of music that makes me smile when I'm listening to it!

HH: How did the name of the band come up?

Björn: Twan (vocals / guitars) came up with the idea of the band name. Lyrically Flesh Made Sin handles about killings, suicide and all that kind of subjects. The band name refers to that; It's human flesh who commit those sins.

HH: What can you tell us about the band formation? How did you get in contact with each other?

Björn: Twan and I know each other for a long time and played in several bands together. We were thinking of starting a thrashband in the vein of our gods for a while. Back in 1999 we did and Flesh Made Sin was born! Soon we found our other two partners in crime; drummer Marco and bassplayer Marc (aka Stip, we did some shows together with former bands). Since then Flesh Made Sin is a pact...

HH: What are the latest five CDs you bought?

Björn: SauroN - For A Dead Race Marilyn Manson - Holywood Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar Death Angel - The Art Of Dying Rammstein - Reise Reise

HH: What can we expect from a Flesh Made Sin gig?

Björn: An aggressive and very intense thrash attack! We're a pure live band that simply belong to the stage.

HH: How do you see the metal scene these days in comparison to the past? What can you tell us about your local metal scene?

Björn: There's a big scene in Holland with countless bands wandering in it. There are some really great bands around. I think it's a healthy scene, were all styles of extreme metal can go together. The most important thing that changed is the coming of the internet and MP 3. Communication is a lot faster due to e-mail and mobile phones. Aaah the good old days... handwritten letters and tape trading.

HH: Imagine, your new album is an instrument. What instrument would that be and why?

Björn: A guitar of course! Would be cool to play on my own album!

HH: Thanks for your time and good luck for your future! Any last words?

Björn: Thanx for the interview, we hope to see you all soon... watch the flesh commit the sin!

Lord Obirah

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