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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Dark Funeral (09.02.2010)

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HH: Hey Lord Ahriman! How are you and how is the mood in the camp of Dark Funeral?

Lord Ahriman: I'm doing pretty alright, thank you. It's very busy and there are hectic times right now, especially for me, but the spirit in the band is great.

HH: The new record Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus is just released, how are the reactions so far?

Lord Ahriman: The response has been phenomenally good, I think.

HH: I recognized more changes in speed and a bunch of breaks. Why did you change your style from the high speed-black metal into this more complex direction?

Lord Ahriman: I'd say it's a natural progression. And I'm sure you'll see even more of this development in the future.

HH: The new album was produced by Peter Tägtren in the Abyss studios. Why did you decide against Daniel Bergstrand this time?

Lord Ahriman: Well, there are several reasons, why we didn't return to Dug Out Studios this time, but that's really not of any importance here. This time we simply decided it was about time to once again return to Abyss Studios and work with Peter. And even though it was 8 years since the last time we worked together, it felt like coming home after a longer tour. The atmosphere in and around the studio is very relaxed and inspirational. And Peter is just killer, and very easy to work with.

HH: The limited edition of the new album contains a bonus-DVD. What will be the content of this DVD? Some rest material from Attera Orbis Terrarum?

Lord Ahriman: No. It's a whole new recording that was shot during our 15-years' anniversary show at the P&L festival in Sweden Borlänge, Sweden, June 28, 2008. This was also the very first show we used a professional pyro crew to set off some decent amount of fire and bombs throughout the set. So it was a very special show in many aspects. We definitely got more taste to use pyro at our shows. And we have tons of ideas how to improve it. Be aware!

HH: By the way! You released two parts of Attera Orbis Terrarum due to a bunch of material. Is there further stuff which would allow a third part?

Lord Ahriman: No. Already from the beginning it was announced and set out to be a sequel. And since both the DVD's are based on the worldwide touring we did for "Attera Totus Sanctus", that chapter is now closed. We have a new album out. And if there will be a new DVD, it will obviously be based upon the worldwide touring we'll begin shortly, a whole new chapter so to say. So let's see what the future holds...

HH: How was it to play in Southern America? I mean the people there got a total different view of concerts; they are more euphoric and wilder on concerts. Can you agree with that?

Lord Ahriman: You're absolutely right. South America simply rules! The crowd is just amazing and totally euphoric. This was not the first and only time we toured South America. We've been over there a couple of times. And it's definitely one of our favourite places in the world to tour. We also seem to have a bigger audience over there. Our record at one show is 2800 attendances, so it's pretty sick to say the least.

HH: Back to the album! Attera Totus Sanctus was released in 2006, why did it take so long to release a new album and how much did the change on drums influence the new stuff?

Lord Ahriman: One of the reasons we have such a long gap in-between the releases is due to the fact that we tour quite intensively after we have released a new album. We usually spend 2 years or more touring in support of an album. And when I'm on tour I prefer to focus on everything that comes along with that before anything else, you know. When we eventually decide to stop touring, we all need a long break to gather new energy and so forth before it's even possible to get into the right mood for writing new material. And when I/we finally reach that stadium, it takes another year or so to write and record. I wish we could be faster, but there's no way I'm going to stress out an album. It all has to come naturally. To bring in Dominator behind the drums have surely helped us to improve, especially, the drum side of our music. He's a phenomenal drummer and we're all glad to have him onboard.

HH: Beside your new album, what is THE Black Metal-Album of the year 2009?

Lord Ahriman: Behemoth - Evangelion.

HH: A question of personal interest: What do you think about The Devil's Blood? Do you welcome the new satanic wave this band spreads?

Lord Ahriman: Never heard of them so I can't tell...

HH: So thank you very much for your time and patience! The last words are yours! Cheers!

Lord Ahriman: Thanks man, I appreciate it. For those of you who haven't checked out the video we shot for one of our new songs "My Funeral" you should definitely check it out. You'll find it here: www.youtube.com/darkfuneral. And if you're looking for some new and killer Dark Funeral merch, we have a lot of new killer designs and items available through our webstore www.diaboliswear.com. See you on tour!


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