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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Alestorm (23.10.2009)

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HH: Hey, how are you and how is the mood in the Alestorm-camp?

Christopher: Life is good, Alestorm is happy! Just got back from seven days of partying at Metalcamp in Slovenia. I think we might have played a gig there too, but I was too drunk to remember.

HH: Your second album Black Sails At Midnight now is in stores, how are the reactions of the fans and of the press?

Christopher: All the fans love it, the songs are going down fantastically well. I really can't wait to get on the road in the autumn and play these new songs for everyone. We've had a few bad reviews in magazines, but that's just the opinions of some particular journalists. We're very much a band that some people just don't get.

HH: You were on tour with Grave Digger, played on many festivals! So how did you find the time to record a new CD, Captain Morgan's Revenge is just one year back.

Christopher: Well, the songs on Captain Morgan's Revenge had all been completed by the middle of 2007, so we've had a good long time to think about the next album. Saying that, I only started to sit down and write sometime late last year, and then we went into the studio to record it in November. That was a slightly stressful period, you can say. But it was worth it, the end result is cracking methinks.

HH: Do you still know the meaning of "Free-Time"?

Christopher: Hah! Yeah, I've never done an honest day's work in my life. I just party and make music, then play a gig every now and then. I'm not exactly what you'd call a busy man.

HH: How was touring with Grave Digger, any funny stories?

Christopher: It was dreadful, they're really boring guys. It was the first tour with our new bassist Gazz though, so that made it a lot more fun. We got to see some awesome cities and get very, very drunk. Could have been worse, I guess!

HH: Are there any concrete plans for the future? A headlining tour, a new CD, a Live-DVD, the Soundtrack for "Pirates Of The Caribbean 4" or something like that?

Christopher: Haha, we wish. We've got the Paganfest Europe tour starting in September, and we may be heading off to the USA again in November, fingers crossed. But no more albums or DVDs or anything until much later next year.

HH: After touring, recording and drinking all the time, did you all mention to take a few weeks of holiday and chilling out?

Christopher: Yeah, we're all relaxing for the summer now. Life on the road is pretty much a holiday, but it is nice to get back home to spend time with the family and friends. I've started thinking about doing a solo project to pass time over the summer. I want to sing about outer space and the galaxy and stuff like that. Anything but pirates!

HH: Which bands inspired you to take up an instrument and play in a Metal-band?

Christopher: Definitely Bal-Sagoth. After I heard "The Splendour of a Thousand Swords Gleaming Beneath the Blazon of the Hyperborean Empire" on the radio when I was 14 or so, it made me want to write and play epic keyboard-based metal. They're still my favourite band.

HH: Are there some new releases, which you completely like?

Christopher: I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of the "Atheist Live at Wacken" album, they played a fantastic live show when I saw them last. My friend's Powerviolence band "Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair" recently did a split CD with "Harold Shitman", that's also worth checking out. Give it a listen.

HH: So well! Thank you for your time and patience! The last words are yours, cheers!

Christopher: Thanks! Take a beer and party!


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