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Kingdom Of Salvation



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Deutsche VersionInterview mit White Skull (03.05.2009)

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HH: Buongiorno ragazzi! Come state?

Tony: Bene grazie, e un piacere che parli Italiano...

HH: Vabene, il mio italiano e non cosi bene, perche parlo in inglese adesso! First of all I would congratulate you for this new refreshing album! How were the world-wide reactions on the new output?

Tony: Ah ok e durata per poco la chiacchierata in italiano. Thank you for your congratulations, we appreciate it. The comments about and the reactions since now are really good. Few reviews are not so good but it doesn't matter!!!

HH: After releasing The Ring Of The Ancients your former Singer Gus left the band, what were the reasons for the split?

Tony: Gus wasn't the former singer, originally we were a female-fronted band. Gus left the band before the album was released, he got a lot of job problems and the only way to solve that problem was to leave the band.

HH: How was the search for a new member and why did you took Elisa in the end?

Tony: When Gus left the band we thought immediately to go back to a female voice. A lot of guys got an audition with us and Elisa was the best, we were looking for a voice like Elisa'a voice.

HH: Were there no concerns that such a different singer would anger the old fans?

Tony: A lot of the old fans were angry with us, because when Federica (the first female singer) left the band we changed to a male singer. Now all our fans are really happy about our choice. Since Elisa got in the band more people come to our shows.

HH: How was the work with Elisa? Was she integrated in songwriting and did you change something in the way of recording a CD?

Tony: Good, really good. She works a lot since she started with us for live shows and for the new songs. She wrote all the lyrics part and all the melodies, we didn't change any part. She is more professional and perfectly integrated in the band.

HH: What are your plans for the future? A tour, a live-DVD or a new album?

Elisa: Well, I would say "all these things"! First of all the tour to support the new album, we have already started the first dates and we're planning others for the future. I can tell you we've thought about a live-DVD and probably we'll release it in the next months. Then maybe a new album, who knows. (laughs)

HH: In the last months I got a lot Italian albums from Hard Rock to Death/Black/Grindcore. Did the scene there grow that fast in the last years?

Elisa: Probably yes. More bands have grown up in Italy in the last few years, playing many more genres than before. It's good that metal grows in Italy, even if I would save only heavy and thrash, haha!

HH: What are your favourite Italian bands and can you recommend some unknown bands to our German readership?

Elisa: Well I obviously suggest to take a look at the Etherna band, the other band of Alessio, our keyboard player (www.etherna.net).

HH: Which bands made you to pick up an instrument and to play in a Heavy Metal-Band?

Elisa: Iron Maiden and Overkill über alles!

HH: Which are your five favourite records, which are masterpieces in your eyes?

Tony: The Number Of The Beast and Powerslave from Iron Maiden, Wheels Of Steel from Saxon and many more records and bands from the 80's...

Elisa: Peace Of Mind and Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son - Iron Maiden; Feel The Fire and Horrorscope - Overkill; The Dark - Metal Church.

HH: Allora, mille grazie per il tuo tempo! May the force be with you and the last words are yours! Cheers!

Tony: Thanks for all, hope to come soon to play in your country. See you on the road!


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