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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Darkane (12.03.2009)

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HH: Hi Klas. How are you right now?

Klas: Fine, thanks.

HH: How did you spend your time since the release of Demonic Art?

Klas: Well, we've done a couple of smaller tours in Europe after the release of Demonic Art, and then of course spending time with our families at X-Mas and all that. Then we started to rehearse for the US tour in February to March, which we are on right now.

HH: Andreas left Darkane just before the recordings to the new record. Can you tell us about the reason(s) for this?

Klas: Andreas didn't have the time for Darkane unfortunately. The decision on him leaving the band was a decision from both parts.

HH: How long did it take you persuading Jens to become your new singer and for him to blend into the band?

Klas: He accepted immediately after we asked him to join the band. We knew him from before, especially I since he sings in my other band Defaced. But it took a while to adapt to our way of working with different things.

HH: How did you get in contact with him?

Klas: As I said before he sings in my other band and I've known him for at least 5-6 years.

HH: Are there any difficulties/problems to be expected because of Jens playing in three more bands?

Klas: No, Darkane is pretty much his priority right now. But if one of the other bands makes it big there might be a problem, yes. But he's only in three bands totally. Neither Constructed nor Defaced rehearse much or anything like that, so there's no problem with that.

HH: Demonic Art has been release and licensed by Massacre Records, while you have a record deal with Nuclear Blast. Why this combination?

Klas: That's a decision NB Europe did. They didn't have any time to promote us I guess so they license us to Massacre which is their sub-label I guess. Now we're more of a priority, so that's good. But I don't know it has become better.

HH: You recorded, mixed and produced Demonic Art all by yourself without the help of an "external" producer. Do you see any advantage in that approach?

Klas: Well, sure. We could spend as much time we wanted to and all that. But for the next album we might consider using a producer next time. The downside of doing it yourself is that it so much time. The money issue is of course another thing to consider doing it yourself. We'll see for next record.

HH: If you had to book a producer for your next record, who would it be and why? On the contrary, with whom would you never like to work?

Klas: Uh, that was hard. But we have talked about using Daniel Bergstrand again for the vocal production, but we'll see. And maybe someone else to mix the album. Tracking bass, guitars and such we do better ourselves.

HH: Although you released quite some really good records you did not have kind of a breakthrough up to now. What are the reasons for this in your opinion?

Klas: I really don't know, but one reason [it's getting better] is probably that we've done a little bit more touring, especially in the States.

HH: Would you make any admissions to your kind of writing music in order to be even more successful?

Klas: No.

HH: What is for you as a musician and for the band Darkane the next logical step to take?

Klas: Maybe to become heavier as a band and maybe to slow down stuff a little. Demonic Art just became so fast as a record. But I don't know. We just try to do the best music we can every time and not think too much of that.

HH: Thanks for your time. The last words are yours...

Klas: Well, thanks to everybody that have bought Demonic Art or any other Darkane album, and of course a big hail to all readers of Heavyhardes. Stay Metal!!!


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