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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Battleroar (03.09.2008)

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HH: Where are you and what are you doing at the moment?

Gus: Hello mate, this is Gus from Battleroar and I'd like to thank you for this interview. Well things are very quiet for the band at the moment. We're having a long break for the summer and starting slowly working on some ideas for our next album.

HH: Please tell us some words concerning the band. What was the reason to form Battleroar?

Gus: The band was actually formed back in 2000 and we were no different to any other new band... we just wanted to play the music we love!!

HH: It's said your roots lie with bands like Brocas Helm, Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol, Omen or old Manowar. Do you agree?

Gus: I'd say that our roots and influences musically are coming from the entire heavy metal genre but in terms of lyrics I do agree with you!

HH: To Death And Beyond sounds more mature than your previous releases. You developed in vocal style, sound and songwriting. Where did you develop most in your opinion?

Gus: I think there is a general development and improvement of the band in every part of it. The reason for it is that we all try hard and we're very focused on the band and our music. It's very difficult for us you know living in three different countries to make everything happen but I believe that we're doing great so far and I hope we'll carry on for a long time!

HH: Where do you see the biggest differences and similarities between your new record and your previous releases?

Gus: I'd say that the most common thing is the epic feeling that there is in every Battleroar album... but the differences between the previous and this one is for me the improvement of the band and the songs themselves. The Age Of Chaos was more mid tempo and darker in many parts of it and you had to listen to it a few times to get into it. The new album is faster, heavier in my opinion with more catchy songs and I think that this is the main difference.

HH: On To Death and Beyond one finds both slow and epic songs and fast and straight songs. What do you love more: To compose and play slow epic songs or to compose and play faster and straighter songs?

Gus: Personally I love playing faster, galloping and straight songs. This is where my influences as a fan and a bass player are coming from... it doesn't mean that I don't like slower songs though!

HH: The lyrics deal often with battle and fighting. What's the fascination of these topics for you?

Gus: There is always a fascination when people are fighting for their country, their freedom and for a better life. There were and there'll always be heroes everywhere in the world who are fighting for all these things and this is what the lyrics are about. On the other hand there is nothing fascinating nowadays where a push of a button from one idiot or a stupid religious person can kill hundreds of innocent people and battles are about petrol!!

HH: "Born In The 70's" is a song which stands out because of his lyrics. What's the intention behind this song?

Gus: This is another thing I like about our new album. A song that has nothing to do with battles and epic lyrics. I know the title of the song might sound a bit childish or silly. Written to pay homage to all the things that were a product of the 70s and early 80s and influenced our childhood and teenage years. The message of the song is about living for today, since this is our time. A good part of our sensitivity is a direct product of those years and the optimism we had about the future. We looked at the future with amazement and great hopes and we thought that the young generations could unite and fight for the right, by the power of electric guitars and heavy metal music. Those times will never come back but as long as our generation lives, some of us will fight to keep those feelings alive.

HH: Where do you get your inspirations for your songs?

Gus: Marco, our singer, is responsible for all the lyrics and his inspiration comes from movies and fantasy and historic books usually.

HH: The sound of To Death And Beyond is very good in my opinion. The songs have power and one can hear all the instruments clearly. Are you pleased with the production?

Gus: We're very pleased indeed with the production although after a while you always think that you could do better!! Considering the time we had though I think we did a really great job production wise.

HH: Did any problems occur while producing To Death and Beyond?

Gus: No major problems at all. We really loved the whole process and it helped us a lot that the production and mixing took place in Athens the guys had all the time to focus on it!

HH: To Death And Beyond is released by Cruz Del Sur Music while you old records have been released by Black Lotus Records. How's the cooperation going?

Gus: Right, our first records were released by Black Lotus Records which was the top Greek metal label. They had some serious financial problems though and eventually they went bankrupt! It took us quite long to sign a new deal but I thing it was worth the wait... the guys from Cruz Del Sur are doing a great job so far and we're very happy to be on this label with so many great bands on it.

HH: Imagine To Death And Beyond is something to eat. What Greek specialty would it be and why?

Gus: Hahaha ... Greek salad, rich in olive oil and nice warm bread!!! Fresh, always tastes great and it is very good for your health!!!

HH: In April you played on the German Keep It True X-Festival. I think you played a really good gig. How would you rate your performance?

Gus: I couldn't agree with you more... I believe it was one of our best performances ever and despite the fact that we were the opening band of the festival I think the fans really enjoyed it!

HH: What was the best band on the Keep It True X in your opinion?

Gus: Hmmm... not easy to say... I really think it was the best KIT ever and the billing was amazing!
If I had to choose though I'd say Omen, Jag Panzer, Manila Road, Crescent Shield and Pharaoh as my top 5!

HH: On the Keep It True you had to play as the first band on Friday. Is it a handicap to play the opening slot or doesn't it matter on a festival like this?

Gus: To be honest with you we didn't have any stress although we were the first band of the festival and I'd say that there were many fans inside the hall already... but I think that no matter what time we had to play, being part of such a great event is all that matters and we were very proud and honored to be part of it.

HH: What about live-promotion of To Death And Beyond? Will the German head bangers see you live over here?

Gus: We have already played at KIT and Up The Hammers festival and we also did a mini tour with Manilla Road in Switzerland and France. We're planning to do a headline show in Athens later in October and we're going to play in two festivals in Italy and Spain in November. Unfortunately I'don't know anything about Germany yet but I hope something will be arranged because we really like playing there!

HH: Thanks for your time and good speed! Any last words?

Gus: Wish all the best to you and your readers! Thanks a lot! Cheers!

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