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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Ministry (29.03.2008)

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HH: Hi Tommy, soon the last sign of life of Ministry concerning records will be available in shops. How does it feel?

Tommy: I'm not happy about it. Al and I could have pulled together a lot of killer material for a few more future albums.

HH: For Cover Up you recorded eleven tracks of quite known bands. How did you decide which tracks would be on the record?

Tommy: Al and I had been hanging around a lot, listening to the radio on runs to the liquor store and noticed the frequency of certain tracks on classic rock radio. The Louis Armstrong track is an exception obviously, but Al especialy has a taste for the absurd and he had a good take on the ones to be recorded.

HH: Are there tracks which you didn't record because of reverence for it?

Tommy: Oh there was so much to pick from. For instance Al wanted to do a Robin Trower track. But it couldn't be "Ministry-ized". That was the litmus test. How a song could be industrialized was the issue for the most part.

HH: Which track was the most difficult to record? Why that, what made it so difficult?

Tommy: I think "Roadhouse Blues" was a problem for me at least. Overdubbing the guitar at that BPM was a challenge.

HH: And which one was the easiest of them?

Tommy: I don't know totally because Syn Quirin did a lot of work on the record. Al just wanted to have fun so I think tracks that were added after the "Last Sucker" sessions were more lax and easier for everyone.

HH: In my opinion the most interesting tracks on Cover Up are "Under My Thumb", "Space Truckin'" and the final track "It's A Wonderful World". Which one do you like best?

Tommy: I would say "Space Truckin" because of my vocal. That a meant a lot to me. Ian Gillan was amazing.

HH: Do people, fans and press have other favourites?

Tommy: "Under My Thumb " seems to be a fave.

HH: On "Under My Thumb" one can hear Burton C. Bell on vocals while on "Space Truckin'" one can hear you on the mic. How did you decide who will sing on which track?

Tommy: Al does that. He knows how to produce. He's magical when it comes to that stuff.

HH: Imagine Cover Up is a flower. What flower would it be and why?

Tommy: It's a weed not a flower.

HH: Soon you will start the so called C U LaTouR which will be the last tour for Ministry. How do you feel thinking about the last tour? Is there any sadness?

Tommy: Oh yeah it's kind of fucked up for me. I have enjoyed my experience with Ministry like I have said and continue to say I wish it kept on going.

HH: It says there will be two-and-a-half-hour shows on this tour where you will play both: songs of the Ministry records and songs of Cover Up. What else can we expect?

Tommy: Oh you know the classics. I'm not completely sure of the whole production that will take place. Al has disclosed a certain amount of that. But I'm not going to say.

HH: How was the recent tour with Prong? In which country did the most people show up to your shows?

Tommy: The Prong tour in Europe was amazing. Monte, Aaron and I had an amzing time to say the least. Germany is always the best for Prong.

HH: If I'm right, there will be a remix-version of the last Prong record Power Of The Damager. What can fans expect here? Will there also be a Digipack-version?

Tommy: I don't know. There has been discussion about it. I didn't like some of the suggestions on remix engineers that have been talked about. The right guys have to be involved. I don't want obscure versions of the songs. I just want some dudes to make the songs better.

HH: Imagine this remix-version is a flower. What flower would it be and why?

Tommy: I'm not much of a horticulturist. I'm from NYC, what do I know ABOUT FLOWERS???

HH: What's up next in the Prong-camp?

Tommy: I think we should still tour on Power of The Damager. I'm happy that Aaron Rossi is doing the Ministry tour so I don't lose him for Prong. New record is eventual. I'm writing lyrics now. I think we need to stay in the Prong mode. I don't want to do a different type of record. It's just got to be punishing. And raw.

HH: Thanks for your time and good speed! Any last words?

Tommy: Maybe there should be a Co-Conspirators record. That will sort of carry Ministry onward without the Ministry name. And a Tommy Victor solo record.

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