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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Delight (17.02.2007)

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Delight from Poland have dared to enter the international stage with their fifth album Breaking Ground. Singer Paula patiently and good-naturedly answered a few slightly critical questions.

HH: Hi, how do you feel after having Breaking Ground finally loosed upon the world?

Paula: Hi! Well, I'm excited! We did our job, now it's time for the feedback!

HH: How did the production of Breaking Ground differ from the production of your previous four albums? Was working with Rhys Fulber very different from working at home?

Paula: It was a completely new situation. For the first time we had someone who was more experienced and for the first time we didn't waste our time on any procrastination. Rhys Fulber is a great person and producer. We shared our vision of the album, so the co-operation went good.

HH: Is there a main songwriter in the band or does the band develop the songs jointly?

Paula: Jaro, our guitar player is the main composer of Delight's songs. We work together, Jaro writes the music, he's responsible for the whole arrangement, and I write vocal lines and I'm responsible for the lyrics. Krystian Aparta, my friend, helps me in writing the lyrics.

HH: Has your style changed over the years or did you start with the Gothic Pop Metal as it appears on Breaking Ground?

Paula: The band was formed when we were teenagers. At the beginning we just wanted to play heavy metal with gothic elements. Our music has always been eclectic, but as time passed we evolved and now we can say that we play melodic rock with metal and gothic roots. In the beginning music was just a place to hide from the real world, now we want it to be a part of it.

HH: What do you say when somebody says that Paula sounds a lot like Amy Lee from Evanescence and some of your songs do sound like Evanescence, as well?

Paula: There must be some resemblance, just look at the line-ups. Guys and female singer playing heavy rock – it sounds familiar. Evanescence is huge now, popular and the fact is that they really deserve their success. On the other hand Delight is almost ten years old now and I was never inspired by Evanescence. I remember a funny situation when their single "Bring Me To Life" became popular. My best friend called me one day and said "Paula I saw a video, there is a girl in it, she sings like you, but she earns dollars". I guess it's not as unusual to play that kind music wherever you live - in USA or in Poland. I think that the main differences are that we are Poles, we come from different culture of post-communistic country, our music is not as "dark" and we use electronics instead of orchestra to enrich our sound.

HH: What do you want to express with the modern sound effects that are strewn about the record? To me they sound a lot artificial, not like parts of the songs at all.

Paula: Some people like a more classical sound in the background for example strings, choir or even the whole orchestra. We think that these elements are too obvious in metal music now and this formula has exploited. We didn't want to put that kind of pathos into our music, as it would be too easy and conventional. Too many bands go this way. I think that the electronic sounds make us sound unique.

HH: You don't have a really fast song on Breaking Ground. Was this a conscious development or did it just come out this way when you wrote the album?

Paula: We had really fast songs on previous albums and now they sound a little funny to me. It is really hard to make a good fast song when you are not a death metal band. I think that on Breaking Ground we didn't have to race with anybody or prove to ourselves that we can play heavy and fast. The tempo is very important but for me it was more important to vary the atmosphere of the songs though my interpretation of the lyrics.

HH: What do you expect from the worldwide release of Breaking Ground and your first international tour?

Paula: I hope that more people will get to know Delight and we will play more gigs than we do. I think that concerts are most important. Meeting new people, traveling sounds fun.

HH: Thanks for answering my questions and good luck for the future! Any last words?

Paula: Thank you too! I would like to invite you to visit our website www.delight.art.pl or www.myspace.com/delightspace. All the best from Delight and see you on tour!


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