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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Norther (18.02.2006)

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HH: Hi Pete! Since your debut album Dreams Of Endless War you have been constantly compared to Children Of Bodom. What do you think when people compare your sound to Children Of Bodom? Is it a compliment for you or are you bored of this?

Pete: We have never cared about that so much, people have their opinion and I personally take that as a compliment cos it would be worse to be compared to some really shitty band!!!

HH: Meanwhile you moved away from sounding like Children Of Bodom. Your third record Death Unlimited was a great step. I think with Till Death Unites Us you've done it and definitly reached your own style. What do you think?

Pete: Yeah, I agree with you totally with that!! This is really the Norther album and we are very satisfied that people have noticed that too.

HH: In the song "A Fallen Star" on Death Unlimited you used clean vocals for a short time but these vocals pale beside the rest of the music and vocals. On Till Death Unites Us you use these clean vocals sung by Kristian more often and equally with the your vocals. I think they sound really well and fit good to the songs! Was this the next logical step of the evolution of Norther?

Pete: On Death Unlimited we had only clean vocals as a back-up vocals and we tried those the first time on the Solution 7 and we liked them so we decided to use clean vocals in a few songs on this one too, they sound way better and those fit even better to these songs than on the Solution 7 so I could say that it was the next step we needed!!

HH: Do you have a clue where the evolution of Norther will lead?

Pete: No, but I know that we will never have country influences in our music!!!

HH: The titles of your albums contain words like "war", "hell" and the last two "death". Seems like you have a sort of affinity to death, destruction and suffering. Where do your influences come from when creating titles for albums, songs and when writing lyrics?

Pete: For albums we try to get a good title which has a catchy ring in it and for songs we usually get the title from the lyrics and when writing lyrics we try to bring the feeling out of the song by the lyrics.

HH: How did the new album title Till Death Unites Us arise?

Pete: We were sitting in a bar close to our rehearsal room and thinking what the fuck we gonna do with this title?!! We had no idea about that so we had pretty shitty titles for this album and after thinking that for few weeks, I came out with this title and it was okay for all of us and time was running out too so we ended up to Till Death Unites Us.

HH: This time you produced the record on your own and you did a great job! Why did you produce Till Death Unites Us on your own?

Pete: We didn't feel that we need a producer cos we can do that by ourselves and that's why this album sounds just like we wanted it to sound, the sound of Norther.

HH: The keyboards are more in the background this time. Was this your intention or did this arise from the songwriting?

Pete: Many times producers like to do so much keyboards to songs that you can't even hear them all, now we did all the keyboards by ourselves and these songs didn't need so much keyboards so they are more in the background but still there is pretty much going on all the time.

HH: What ist the song "Fuck You" dealing with? I think it's a "primitive" title and it's a little bit uninspired.

Pete: That song is to all of those people who think that we have nothing to give and we are just a clone-band...

HH: Since 2001 Norther have constantly released one record or MCD after another. Seems you're some sort of workaholics!:)

Pete: I can only say that we are workaholics!!!!

HH: What's up next in the Norther camp?

Pete: Few gigs coming up here in Finland and just waiting for summer to come to get a tan!!!

HH: Imagine Till Death Unites Us is a car. How would it look like and why?

Pete: That would definetly be that car on the back-cover of Till Death Unites Us cos it is burning like Hell and we like fire!!!

HH: Thanks for your time and good luck for the future! Any last words?

Pete: I hope to see you all on gigs very soon and buy our new album or we will kick our asses!!!

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