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Deutsche VersionInterview mit Lord Belial (07.01.2006)

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HH: 2004, you released The Seal Of Belial, 2005, just one year later the sophomore album Nocturnal Beast is available. How does it come that you released two albums in such a short period of time?

Micke: Lots of things happened during and right after the recording of The Seal Of Belial, so the song writing was going fast and quite easy. We wrote the songs in a completely new way this time and it worked really well.

HH: I read that you already write new songs for the next album! You are some sort of workaholic, aren't you? Or do you just want to stay in peoples' mind by releasing one album after another?

Micke: Yes, there are some material done already, and we are quite excited to finish the writing of rest of the songs for our 7th album, it will probably be recorded in the summer of 2006 if things go as planned.

HH: On Nocturnal Beast you continue the way that you "began" on The Seal Of Belial. Dark Melodies, dark atmosphere, even more mid-tempo songs and less blast beat passages. What happened to the fast songs?

Micke: We feel more comfortable playing these mid tempo songs and I think it suits us better. It feels like it is "our" style.

HH: Why did you choose the title "Nocturnal Beast"?

Micke: We think it fits the content of the album really well, both musically and lyrically. It emphasizes the darker, the more epic and heavy direction on the record.

HH: The whole recording session for Nocturnal Beast took only 22 days including mixing and mastering. That seems a very short time for the recording of an album. But these sessions took two more days than that one for the last album. What happened?

Micke: Hehe, nothing happened actually, everything was going just great in the studio. We just used some more time for the mixing and mastering this time.

HH: It seems that Lord Belial and Andy LaRocque are a very good team after having recorded at Los Angered Studios for the fourth time! Do you think you will change this for the next record or is Andy exactly the man that understands Lord Belial best and knows what they want and need?

Micke: We have no plans to record the next album in another studio. We really like the work Andy does for us and the time in the studio is always a pleasure for us, so there are no reasons for us to change studio. Andy understands us perfectly when we tell him how we want the album to be sounding. He also has some great ideas that we use to try and there really is a good cooperation between us and him.
HH: Nocturnal Beast wears the new Lord Belial Logo. What happend to the old one? Why did you decide to change it?

Micke: We wanted a new logo that was made "flat", with no shadows or any other effects. The old logo was drawn with a pencil and it was mainly based upon shadows. And we wanted the logo to be readable.

HH: Who is responsible for the design of the logo?

Micke: The logo is made by Christophe Szpajdel. We also got some really good ones from other artists as well, but the one by Szpajdel became our favourite really fast so we decided to work with that.

HH: Lord Belial was part of the 2004 compilation Voices From The Arctic Circle which featured "the most brutal relentless death and black metal bands that Scandinavia has to offer." With your new album recorded and released, do you think you're still one of the most brutal bands? I think you developed a litte bit away from brutality to a darker style.

Micke: Hehe, no we are not that brutal if speed is what makes a band brutal. ;)

HH: How did you feel to be part of this compilation?

Micke: I have not seen the release since we got ripped off by the label Arctic Music, not only Lord Belial but also my other band Latex that is on the same compilation, so it does not feel that good to be a part of that compilation actually.

HH: Did this have a major impact on the name recognition of Lord Belial?

Micke: I don't think so.

HH: Imagine, Nocturnal Beast is a car. What car would it be and why?

Micke: It would not be a car, it would probably be a big truck... not that fast but it can't be stopped!

HH: Will you promote Nocturnal Beast live? Maybe with a headliner tour?

Micke: Yes of course! We are right now planning a tour in Europe for the spring 2006.

HH: What about festivals? Any plans for the big summer events?

Micke: We will play at the Sweden Rock Festival (June 8-10) in south of Sweden. That is for now the only festival that is confirmed.

HH: What do you prefer, playing a club-tour in "small" locations where you can be in touch with the fans or do you prefer bigger events like festivals?

Micke: I don't care that much about that, I like both small and big stages... I am behind the drum-kit so I don't have to move around anyway hehe. The thing that makes a concert good is the energy between the band and the audience, and it doesn't matter if it is 5.000 people as long as they don't go crazy! Then it is better to play in front of 150 people that really banging their heads and go nuts!

HH: On your website you also have a discussion forum where you talk lots to fans and people. It seems staying in touch with your fans is very important for you!

Micke: Yes, it is important for us. Lord Belial is nothing without our fans and we really love to be in contact with our fans.

HH: What do you think of filesharing and stuff? Is this really the reason for lesser sales of bands and music companies?

Micke: I don't really know about the sales... I think the true fans of music download some stuff to see if it is worth buying the album and then they go buy it if they like it. It saves some time instead of listening to lots of albums in the music store. The main reason for the lesser sales is probably the insane price of a CD today...

HH: I think that's it, thank you very much for your time! Any last words?

Micke: Thank you very much for your interest and support!

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